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Monday, 27 April 2020

G shala application

G shala application

A campus in relation to a school
Directorate of Public Education, Madhya Pradesh has taken an important step in the direction of school management under the Education Department as "One campus is one school", letter no / F 44-19 / 2018 / of MP Government School Education Department 20-2 Bhopal dated 05-09-2018 (one campus one school circular no. 1) as a school (integrated school) integrating various level schools (PS / MS / HS / HSS) operated in a campus It has been decided to operate in

Regarding the implementation of a campus one school by DPI, order number / EPES / A / C on 03-07-2019. Detailed instructions were issued by / 2019/20.

After integration, the school will be called Integrated School in the name of senior level school. Senior School means the school in which the highest level classrooms are run on the campus. The school with more enrollment (session 2018-19) in the same level school has been nominated as the main school. Instructions have been issued by the School Education Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, for maintenance of records related to operations in integrated schools, the main features of a campus - a school are as follows -
A campus - the main points of an epes
The name of the school will be the same board
Single Teacher Meeting (Staff Room)
Unified teacher attendance register
Integrated time table
Teacher sharing
Scholar Register Integrated
Integrated library
Integrated stock stock register

Detailed instructions issued by the School Education Department regarding the above arrangements are as follows -
1. Board name of the school: - After the integration of different level schools in a campus, there will be a board named after the senior level school of the integrated school in which the name of the school will be written with 'integrated school'. The board of the name of the other school will be painted white and the name of the school written on other buildings should be removed. In the integrated school board, from which class the school is operated, it should be mentioned that along with it, a school should also be mentioned on the board of the integrated school.

2. Teacher meeting arrangement: - After the integration of different level schools operated in a campus, the seating arrangement of teachers in the integrated school will be in the same room (staff room) which will be of senior level school. Similarly, the in-charge of the included schools will not have separate rooms, the senior-most level in-charge (Principal / Pr) will have only one room.

3. Teacher attendance register: A single staff attendance register will be maintained for all the schools covered under one campus in which the names of all teachers / other staff members will be written in the order of post seniority.
Example: - Lecturer, Senior Secondary Teacher, Senior Teacher (if any), Principal is a post of equivalent school, so the names of public servants coming from the appointment / promotion to the said posts should be written in the order of seniority of appointment / promotion in the said cadres. will. The same principle will apply in cases of high grade teacher, secondary teacher, teacher (if any), exercise teacher class 'B'.

Similarly, in case of integrated school, names of assistant teacher, primary teacher, assistant teacher (if any) will be written. Subsequently, the names of non-teaching staff, such as accountant, clerk, and the name of the devotee will be mentioned.

Under no circumstances, in the Teacher / Staff Attendance Register, the designation classification of teachers will not be written as Primary Department, Secondary Department, Higher Secondary Department, Higher Secondary Department, even if they teach in any kind of classroom.

4. Integrated Time Table: - Integrated time table of different level schools should be prepared in a campus, in which there will be a single time table starting from the highest level of the class to the lowest class, in which the scheduling of time blocks will be done by the Directorate of Public Instruction. According to the educational calendar issued by the state, but for classes 1 to 5 and classes 6 to 8, the time table will be followed according to the subject suggested by the State Education Center, Bhopal. Suggestive time table for integrated school from class 1 to 12 is being attached with the letter. Schools can change the time table as per their requirement.

5. Teacher Sharing: After the integration of different level schools operated in a campus, arrangements should be made for teaching work in integrated school as follows -
1. If the primary teacher / assistant teacher is a graduate, then according to the subject, from class 6 to 8, teaching work will be done as per the requirement.
2. Similarly, secondary teacher, upper class teacher will do teaching work in class 4 and 5 as per requirement.
3. Secondary teacher / Uth grade teacher will do teaching work from class 6 to 10 according to the subject.
4. Secondary teacher / Higher grade teacher / PR. If it is postgraduate, then according to the subject, from class 6 to 12, teaching work will be done if required.
5, Higher Secondary teacher / lecturer will do teaching work from class 9 to 12, teaching in class 6 to 8 as per the requirement.
According to above, the Principal of the Integrated School / Pr. This will be done keeping in view the availability of teachers in the integrated school. In unavoidable situations, the Principal / Pr. Teachers of integrated school will be able to take decisions for teaching work in any class. But before taking such a decision, it will be mandatory to take care of the prescribed educational qualifications for teaching that class.