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Monday, 27 April 2020

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Contacts

Recover deleted files in hindi - has your importent data been deleted from your phone? And you want to bring it back. But you have no idea how to bring it back. So friends, there is no need to worry, you have come to the right place. Because Nayaseekhon has brought a usefull information for you this time like how to Recover deleted files, with the help of which you can easily recover your deleted data. To know this, just keep reading this post till the end, you will get the answer of all your questions in this post.

Friend’s Many times our phone accidentally deletes any data (contect, music, photo’s, videos, mails, massage etc.). Or due to some technical fault, the data of our phone crashes. Because of which our important files are deleted. And we are also ready to spend money to get it back. And then we can get those lost files. But the way I will tell you that it is absolutely free, on which you will not even spend 1 rupee and you will be able to easily delete, recover the files.

By the way, many apps are available in the play store. But the app I will tell you about is quite popular and also very easy to use. The name of that app is GT Recovery. With the help of which you can recover deleted files of your android phone. But before that one important thing is that it is very important to have your phone root to use this app. If you do not know how to root the phone, then read this post.

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⇒ How to Root your Android phone?

If you have this question in your mind, why is it important to root the phone for this. There is a logic behind this too. When we delete a file from our phone. So it is not completely deleted from our phone. Rather it is saved in the system folder of our phone. But we cannot see it until we root our phone. But as soon as we root our phone. So in a way we break this security. And you can easily backup these files. According to one account, all the awesome here starts only after rooting the phone. So let's now know how we can recover deleted files of our phone with the help of GT Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Files from GT Recovery

GT Recovery recovers deleted files of our Android phone. With its help, we can backup our contact, photo’s, music, video’s, massages,.


STEP 1 👉 First of all download the GT Recovery app. You will find this app easily in the Playstore.

After opening STEP 2 GT open GT Recovery, such a page will open in front of you.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 3 👉 You will get many options in it like Recover photo, Recover sms, Recover contact, Recover txt, Recover Wifi, Recover whatsapp, etc. Now select any of your files which have been deleted.

STEP 4 👉 Now a page will open in front of you, you have to click on start new scan on it.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 5 👉 Now GT Recovery will scan your deleted files and after some time a popup will open in front of you.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 6 👉 Now all your deleted files will appear in front of you, select the files you want to back up.

RECOVER deleted files app
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 7 👉 Now click on Recover deleted files, after waiting for some time, your deleted files will be recovered.

● This was the way to recover the deleted files of your android phones. If you still cannot do it. So with the help of your pc you can also recover deleted files of android phone.

Recover deleted files with computer in Hindi:
Following the some step- to recover deleted files of your phone with the help of pc

STEP 1 👉 First of all you have to take help of a computer. On which you can install this app.

STEP 2 👉 Now search on google, download recovery program by potatoshare and install it in your computer.

After installing STEP 3 👉 open it in your computer.

STEP 4 👉 Now you have to connect your android phone to computer with the help of USB cable.

STEP 5 👉 Now open the Potatoshare software in your computer. As soon as you open it, your phone will start showing in the software.

STEP 6 👉 Here you will get two options.

1} ■ Scan contacts, call history and massages.
2} ■ Scan photos, videos or other files.

● Now whoever you have to backup. Select it.

After selecting STEP 7 👉 click on start button.

STEP 8 👉 As soon as you click on select, then Potatoshare software will scan your deleted data. After waiting for some time, it will show all your lost data which was deleted in front of you.

STEP 9 👉 Now select any file you want to recover, select it and click on RECOVER BUTTON, Recover your deleted files.