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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Pravasi teacher nimnuk babat latest circular

A teacher makes a person a skilled citizen. The teacher is the light who fills the light in everyone's life. A teacher is a light of knowledge in the form of a candle that takes people out of the darkness and leads them to light. The role of the teacher is not hidden from anyone. The teacher builds the person, society and nation through his education. Because of his education, there is a sense of confidence in the person, due to which he wants to do something in his life. The teacher is like a beautiful mirror from which a person is able to identify his existence. Education is the strong force through which we can lead the society towards positive change.

The teacher builds a civilized society. His parents are his first teachers in the life of a child. Education is the foremost parent. After that, the child meets the teacher in the school who imparts knowledge related to every subject to the children. If the student deviates from the path, the teacher, with his knowledge, leads him to the right path.

The teacher is the guide of the students. When we deviate from the difficult path of life, some person plays his role as a teacher. At an early age, the life of a child is like wet soil. Then the teacher, like a potter, gives him a strong shape with hands as an education.

Teachers prepare students for a better future to come. If any topic related and life related dilemma comes in the mind of the student, then the teacher makes every possible effort to solve that dilemma. Due to the hard work of the teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a pilot, a soldier, etc., become. If there are no teachers, no person will be able to work in this position. Teachers teach man to distinguish between good and evil. They teach students to stay away from these bad habits, iniquity, hatred, jealousy, violence. Teachers teach them to overcome life's struggles with poise, tolerance, patience.

Teachers teach us the lesson of discipline in life. The human being able to organize time properly touches success in life. We teachers teach to know the time.

Therefore, time table is very important in student life. In future also man never forgets this learning. With this he can coordinate the work. The teacher teaches the qualities of leading a state or any region in a person. The education given by the teacher helps in building the entire nation. The teacher always has to follow his duty. Their education creates an educated class and society. Students grow up and never forget their teacher. The bond between teacher and student is unbreakable. This bond is of honor and trust. The students never forget to respect the teacher by touching their feet.

Today's education system has changed a lot. In earlier times teachers used to use blackboard. The children then hesitated to question the teacher, but today the change has changed. Today the child is curious and curious. He asks the teachers questions which is a positive change. Today, teachers use smart boards to teach. Smart board has made learning easier. To teach and explain the topics related to education, teachers combine them with real-life examples so that children can understand all the facts very well.


Like our breathing is necessary. We cannot live without its bagger. Similarly, a student is incomplete without a teacher. If there is no teacher, then he will be unable to attain learning. Teachers' Day is celebrated on 5 September throughout India. Different types of cultural programs are organized.

 All children express their feelings by giving cards and flowers in honor of the teacher. When students become successful citizens in life, the teacher is most happy. The teacher's happiness does not remain when the student does not forget what he has been taught even after years. Even after years, students do not forget to respect the teacher by touching their feet.


Teacher is the ocean of knowledge. The teacher's contribution to riding the future of children is incomparable. If not a teacher, then the progress of the country is also not there. Teachers dedicate their whole life to the development of children. Students will be respected by them. The teacher is the light of knowledge who rips the path of darkness and fills the light of knowledge.