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Thursday, 21 May 2020


ghana divas thi badha shikshako ne ek prashn thato haase ke temni badli kyare thashe te ange sangh dwara prathnik shikshakoni badli ange rajuaat karvama aavi chhe jena thaki tuka bhavishyama prathmik shikshakoni badli hath par lai shakay tem lage chhe. pahela vikalpna kemp ane pachhi op thata shikshako ni badli tyarbad jilla fer ni badli hath par dharvama aavnar chhe 

Preparations for transfer of teachers of government schools have started. A list of teachers has been prepared on the basis of zones in every district. The districts in which the list of teachers has not been prepared so far, directed them to prepare the list before June 15.

In the list, information is being taken about the names of teachers, date of contribution, which school is presently in place, before when and where they were, and in which zone. The teachers will be transferred from the end of this month on the basis of new transfer rules.

Teachers of primary, middle and high schools will be transferred at the district level. In this, teachers who have applied for inter-district transfer to the Department of School Education and Literacy can also be considered. Inter-district transfer of state teachers has been pending for the last two years. Now, after the list of teachers is finalized on the basis of the zone at the district level, the headmaster and assistant teachers will be transferred.

To be dominated in 5 zones
Zone- 1: District Headquarters, Urban Schools of Municipal Corporation Area
Zone-2: Schools within 10 km of District Headquarters, Municipal Corporation
Zone-3: Block, Municipal Council, Nagar Panchayat Rural Schools
Zone-4: remote schools within 5 km from the block headquarters
Zone-5: Schools in remote and Naxalite affected areas more than 5 kilometers from the block headquarters

Teachers will have to provide service in every zone
Government school teachers are to be transferred in five zones. Teachers will have to work in all zones during their entire service. Teachers who have contributed only in urban areas and have been for more than five years will have to work in block, panchayat headquarters, remote villages and Naxal-affected areas.