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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Gujarat mulki seva niyamo 2002 - musafri bhaththa

Employees and officers admitted in government service in Madhya Pradesh on or after January 1, 2005 will now be able to withdraw money from their contributory pension if needed. Till now this arrangement was not done under National Pension Scheme. After this decision of the cabinet, more than one and a half lakh officers and employees of MP will be benefited. They had been demanding this for a long time.

- The provisions of Rule 44 of Madhya Pradesh Civil Service (Pension) Rules 1976 are applicable to government servants who are appointed under civil service and civil posts under the state government.

Under this, death-cum-retirement benefit (gratuity) will also be approved. Similarly, the provisions of the Government of India Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority notification dated 11 May 2015 will cease the facility to withdraw advances from the accumulated pension funds and the deduction of contribution 3 months before retirement.

- There will be separate rules for nursing and paramedical staff.

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  • rajana niyamo -
  • pagar na niyamo -
  • prnshan na niymo
  • nokarini samany sharto -
  • musafari bhaththa -
  • faraj mokufina niymo -
  • pagar aadharit bhaththa -

  • In another decision, the cabinet has also given relief to 50 to 60 lakh tendu leaf collectors. Right now they used to get 26 thousand rupees on accidental death or accident, the state government has increased it to two lakh rupees.

    - State government spokesperson and Public Relations Minister Narottam Mishra told the media that these two lakh rupees will be different from the relief from all other schemes. For this, a provision of Rs 12 crore 45 lakh has been made for the next three years.

    Important decisions of the cabinet

    Sanction of new offices and 84 posts of malaria officer in Burhanpur, Anuppur, Ashoknagar, Agar-Malwa district headquarters. {300 crore rupees will be spent in three years for promotion in tourism sector.

    - Gwalior Trade Fair Authority will be given four crores for the financial year to build the Convention and Exhibition Center. {Sports academies will cost Rs 236 crore 56 lakh 92 thousand in three years.
    - 163 crore 1 lakh 75 thousand rupees will be received for stadium and sports infrastructure development. {1% exemption in cotton tax on mandi tax will continue for one more year. The cabinet has extended it for a year from January 2018.

    Direct recruitment will be done in medical college, applications can be made by deciding the qualification itself

    Cabinet approved the direct recruitment rules for other academic posts including Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor in six government medical colleges and 7 newly proposed medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

    - Now the person who fulfills the qualification can apply for that post. For this, recruitment from MP Public Service Commission will not be required. The new terms and conditions of promotion, reservation and service will remain the same. Medical council rules will also be applicable. It is definitely necessary that there will be a committee under the chairmanship of the Commissioner for direct recruitment.

    These major provisions in the new rules

    - There are rules of service for 65 years. It can be extended on contract for 70 years, provided the medical college concerned considers it necessary. There will also be no rules for deducting pension amount in the contract. There will be an option that the commissioner and the contract appointee can negotiate the salary.

    - Transfer will not take place after appointment to the Medical College. If a person wishes, he can go to another place on deputation for 3 to 6 years.