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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Gujarat mulki seva niyamo 2002 - pagar aadharit bhaththa

The quality of education is not hidden from any human being. The fragrance of the importance of education creates a cultured society. A civilized society is made up of an educated class. The first responsibility of the parents is to provide good education to the children. If the children are educated, then the family and society will be educated. Children get first education from their parents. After that, the children start from the first stage of education as soon as they step into school. It is said that

Guru Gobind Doo standing, Kakya apply
Balihari Guru should tell his Govind.

That is, if you have Guru and God standing near you, whom will you bow to? In such a situation, you will pay first respect to your Guru because the Guru has taught us about the importance of God. That is, if there are no teachers, then we will be unable to identify God.

School education is most important for children. Schooling is very important to be a good citizen. The teachers in the school impart education to the students with all their efforts. In school, the student receives practical knowledge in addition to subject related knowledge.

The student regularly follows discipline each day in school. Every day begins with a prayer meeting in the school. Along with studies, students participate in sports and cultural events. Competitions related to each region are organized. Educational, cultural etc. competitions are organized so that children can make their full development. Identify the area they are interested in.

Students get personal and mental development because of getting education from school. Qualities like every big and minor aspects of life and taking right decisions definitely come in them. With education, students learn well from childhood to respect teachers and elders.

Nowadays education of private big English medium schools has become very expensive. Some lower middle class people do not have enough money to teach their child in these very rich schools. Families living in the poverty line are able to raise the money for education of their children from difficult to high school. In such a situation, the student has to compromise his life and work after twelfth.


But right now many children are getting education under the scheme of free education in government schools. Government schools are providing food, bicycle, dress free of cost. People of rich category have no problem in teaching their children in expensive schools. But the country will be educated and developed only when every child gets good education with admission to school.

  1. rahenak na makan na niyamo -
  2. rajana niyamo -
  3. pagar na niyamo -
  4. prnshan na niymo
  5. nokarini samany sharto -
  6. musafari bhaththa -
  7. faraj mokufina niymo -
  8. pagar aadharit bhaththa -
The country will be educated only when every child has a pen in his hand. The literacy rate in India is 74.04 (2011), which was only 18% in 1947. India's literacy rate is lower than the world literacy rate of 84%. We have to increase this literacy rate. Nowadays many such education schemes have been made where education is being given to children for free. But even then it is not enough. In many villages, children are still not getting school education due to poverty. The government and the president of many schools have started scholarship schemes in schools so that needy and smart children can study further.

The need of education will always be in man's life. The student progresses to higher education after receiving school education. After that he can make his career according to his ability. Many employment options will open up for him so that he can be self-sufficient and take care of his family.

People who are unable to take education due to their difficult circumstances. Sadly, they do not get a good job. An illiterate person has to face difficulties at every turn in life.

The conclusion

 Education is the ever sinking sun which can spread its light all around. Every person needs to be educated. Every child will study only then India will be able to move forward on the path of progress. Education institutions and society should also constantly try to ensure that every child in their street, locality is not deprived of school education. The country will develop and progress only if every one of its citizens is educated.