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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Gujarat mulki seva niyamo 2002 - Rahenak na makanoma vasvat

Agriculture and its allied sectors are the main source of livelihood for most of India's population, especially people from rural areas. It also contributes significantly to the determination of gross domestic product (GDP). In the context of food security, rural employment and environmental techniques such as soil conservation, management of natural resources, etc., sustainable agriculture is essential for the development of the entire rural area. For overall rural development, the Indian agriculture sector has been a symbol of Green Revolution, White Revolution, Yellow Revolution and Blue Revolution. Information about products, machinery, research etc. related to agriculture is provided in this section. Detailed information about various policies, schemes, agricultural loans, market value of agricultural products, animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, loans and credit, sericulture, etc. are given here.

  • rahenak na makan na niyamo -
  • rajana niyamo -
  • pagar na niyamo -
  • prnshan na niymo
  • nokarini samany sharto -
  • musafari bhaththa -
  • faraj mokufina niymo -
  • pagar aadharit bhaththa -


    Gujarat mulki seva Niyamo 2002 (GCSR) 2002 Volume 1 to 8

    Gujarat Mulki Seva shisht ane apil niyamo 1971

    Gujarat Mulki Seva Vargikaran ane Bharti Niyamo 1967. .... 2005 Mar 13, 2014 · Gujarat rajya seva (shist ane apil) niyamo 1971; SSC to conduct ... Gujarat Rajya Seva Vartnuk Niyamo GSFC Various Posts Vacancies 2014; .... Multi Purpose Health Worker (MPHW), Female Health Worker (FHW) & Gram Sevak Exam 2017

    Gujarat mulki seva Niyamo 2002 (GCSR) 2002 Volume 1 to 8