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Monday, 1 June 2020

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The number of Hindi films made in Bollywood annually exceeds 350. Whereas in India, more than 1500 films are made every year, including all languages.

  Seeing the number of films produced every year, it seems that making a film is easy but it is not so, having enough money to make films, it is necessary to have a passion and an understanding of the process of film making. Otherwise the chances of the film being canned increase as a waste of money.

    Normally, we only get to know about the films that are able to reach theaters in a complete way, but there are many films which are not complete due to various reasons and are incomplete and canned.


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     In fact, filmmaking is a costly and labor-intensive work that takes a lot of money and many people's hard work. Even after this, it is difficult to say whether the film will be liked by the audience or not. It takes several months to make a two-and-a-half-hour film that appears on screen. It has different stages.

   The production of a film is mainly divided into 3 parts - pre production, production and post production.

Major Stage of Film Production
1. Pre-production -
A. Story Development -
In the first stage of making a film comes the concept of making a film, a story and script that is most necessary to make a film. What kind of film is to be made - a story is made according to comedy, action, horror or social issues or will be based on one's life. This is the base of the film in which story, screen play, dialogues are all done in the development stage.

    Many times a producer or director gives a concept writer to make a film, which is developed to create a story and script. The writer shows it to the producer director with the final script prepared after necessary corrections. The dialogue writer then creates the dialog.

    A good script is one that can keep the audience tied throughout the film, ie the story of which people of all ages are liked.

    Screenplay gives complete information about the age of the characters and the costumes worn by them, from the properties that are required at the time of shooting. Apart from this, technical nuances like camera angle are also written in the script.

   Some writers prepare the script according to their own and narrate it to the producer director, if the producer feels that it can make a hit film then he buys the script.
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B. Determination of budget -
A budget is made for the film. It will depend on what the story demands and how grand it is to be presented. The budget of the film is affected depending on how big and grand the set will be and what the outdoor location will be.

   When making a budget, all expenses, such as the cost of the artists, their cost of living and marketing of the film have to be taken care of.

C. Creating a team for the film -
Filmmaking is a teamwork. This requires a team of many technical people like director, casting director, composer, choreographer, action director, cinematographer. These are selected based on the budget of the film.

   The casting director auditions the cast according to the character depicted in the story, then selects some good actors from it. Which is finalized by the producer director. The fees and dates of major artists are decided, they are signed and an agreement is made.

D. Getting the film set done -
Where the film will be shot, the location is searched according to the choice of the director. The houses, huts or palaces shown in the film are mostly built in studios. This job is done by the art director, also known as production designer.

    According to the story of the film, they are required to be produced before shooting. Many times according to the director's thinking, be it a slum or a palace or any other scene, it is also filmed going to a real location. It is planned in advance and necessary permits are taken.

E. Getting the costume ready -
According to the characters depicted in the script, it is the job of the costume designer to get the main actors ready. In this, clothes are designed according to the scene, like the clothes worn in the hero's action scene will be different from the clothes designed for the song scene.

   People from the costume department are present on the sets at the time of shooting and provide the artist with the clothes needed for the scene.
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F. Film Music -
Songs are kept in the film as per the demand of the story. Her music plays a major role in Hindi films becoming a hit. It is the composer's job to vocalize the lyrics written by the lyricist.

   The songs are recorded before shooting by selecting playback singers who match the voice of the film's protagonist - Nayika and can sing a particular song correctly.

G. Scheduling -

The director of the film decides the schedule of the film with the help of his colleagues. Sometimes the film crew has to be taken out for outdoor shooting for 15 days or a month.

   It is seen that in an outdoor location or special place