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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Online Study Mate Adarsh Paths Taiyar Karva Mate Upasthit Raheva babat..

Education also contributes to the development of an individual and the prosperity of the community. E-learning is a form of distance learning, where the teacher has less of a tutor role and the student's contribution to his or her education exceeds the status of general studies. Below are some benefits of online education

Improve the quality of education

Online education provides computer-based adaptive testing and promotes alternative learning and ideas. It encourages collaboration between students, teachers, parents, alumni, activists, and institutions and continuous improvement by statistical feedback. Online education provides a continuous grading system to measure and rank students, teachers, and schools and universities, and to reward all-round development of students

Improve accessibility

The online and open information portal is accessible from anywhere at any time. It not only brings books and other resources (lectures, speakers' videos) but also promotes distance education initiatives to spread education in rural areas. It also offers online courses to students with special needs. For example, 24 × 7 schoolings for those who cannot attend regular schools during the day.

Online Study Mate Adarsh Paths Taiyar Karva Mate Upasthit Raheva babat..
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Reduce the cost of education

Online education provides services at a low cost through online solutions. It encourages "learn yourself" and "community education" through online systems and promotes volunteers by providing common infrastructure at a low cost. It provides tools for teachers, schools, and examination boards to provide syllabus and conduct and evaluate exams at a low cost. It also gives insight into the measurement of returns and guidance on future expenses.


The online education system creates an engagement model anytime, anywhere. Online learning from home opens doors for girls to receive an education if social and cultural reasons are preventing them. It also promotes vocational curriculum and self-paced learning for adults. It helps bring culturally diverse India to a common learning platform, which is offered in all languages.
Opportunities for instructors

Through online education, teachers will have more participation from more students. They can experiment with new teaching techniques using techniques that will work for their online courses and face-to-face courses. This enables students to reach those who might not otherwise take their courses. The diversity of students in online courses can be one of the most rewarding aspects of online learning. Online learning is flexible and convenient. Anyone can read anywhere, where you can access the Internet. Most online instructors believe that they become better teachers in general because of their awareness of what they do in the classroom. There are various types of communication opportunities with students.

Opportunities for students

This gives them control over learning and provides increased interaction with the instructor and other students. Online education is convenient and flexible, especially for non-traditional students for jobs, families, etc. Students do not have to drive anywhere, find parking, wait outside the instructors' offices, take tests on campus, etc. and the lack of travel saves time and money. It also provides a safe environment for students who do not normally attend to join.

The entire education system like primary education, secondary education, and higher secondary education has been divided into three parts. All levels of education have a special significance and place. We all want to see our children going towards success, which is possible only through good and proper education.

The knowledge gained during the entire learning process makes all of us and every person self-reliant towards their life. It opens various doors for opportunities to achieve better prospects in life which will lead to career development. To promote the importance of education in rural areas, many awareness campaigns are being conducted by the government. It brings a sense of equality among all individuals in the society and also promotes the development and growth of the country.

importance of education

The importance of education has increased greatly in today's society. There are many uses of education but to give it a new direction