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Saturday, 13 June 2020


Simultaneous training - More organized form of training, where students come online at a specific time and can communicate directly with the instructor and each other. This type of training usually takes place in a classroom to students through audio- or video-conferencing, Internet telephony, Internet Web sites, or two-way live broadcasting. Knowledge database - the most basic form of e-learning. These are usually reasonably interactive, meaning that you can type in a word or phrase to search the database, or choose from a list arranged alphabetically.

Online support - e-learning has its own form and functions similar to an information database, but relatively more interactive. Although e-learning offers a great range, in general, your e-learning course can fall into one of the following three types:

Text Driven - The content is easy and includes text, some audio, graphics, and test questions. The Accord courses are excellent examples of lesson-driven e-learning that typically have a principle or purpose: to present knowledge and to rapidly assess content. There is rarely any interactive mechanism in lesson oriented courses, no use of gaming and imagery of any kind is done very carefully. PowerPoint files often fall into this class.

Interactive: An interactive e-learning course is similar to a text-oriented course, with the only difference being that more focus is placed on interactive components to promote learning. Good use of images in general (graphics, charts, diagrams), all of which are an interactive feature.

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What is e-learning? Full information in Hindi- A few years before today, perhaps it could not have been guessed that such a revolution could come in the field of technology education. But this became possible and the way e-learning is expanding rapidly is in front of everyone. The future of online education is brighter. More and more educational institutions are adopting e-learning as it is providing children with the latest education high level technology and students are also looking for this new technology, as well as it is quite Is one of the beneficial. E-learning, the electronic way of giving education, due to the increasing means of e-learning (importance of e learning in education), learning and teaching (e-learning lab) has become much easier. Be it school, college, office or home, people are taking help from these new tools to learn or improve their skills. Seeing the needs of e-learning (e-learning se aap kya samjhte hai), some IIT students along with Bias Dev Ralhan launched a company called Next Education.

What is e-learning? WHAT IS E-LEARNING -?
Reading and learning through electronic media such as on the Internet as well as e-learning also depends on the self-motivation of individuals to study effectively. This is called e-learning.

Understand the CONCEPT of e-learning. E-LEARNING TRENDS CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS-The way of learning e-learning was quite autonomous and tedious, but the concept of new e-learning is quite different. E-learning has become an enthusiastic concept. Also, when the essential focus of the class is on the objectives, we can easily obtain knowledge from the field of convenience at that time.E-learning also has many benefits. E-learning helps students learn how to learn in a digital way that opens doors to autonomous learning that do not really interfere with grades as it is a traditional learning method (because it is a traditional learning method) on students. Generates interest between In this way, students can move towards innovation rather than just study.

Benefits of e-learning FOR STUDENTS-
Seeing the need of the hour, the E-learning program has been started and is continuously gaining popularity in E-learning. When one uses the word e-learning, it seems that the word e-learning has become a very good replacement for the teacher. Words like teachers, teachers and coaches are taken as a means to guide us through the path. It also influences the "trainer" to feel as a focal piece of nature and purpose.

Some of the benefits of e-learning include content and trainers worldwide. In some cases, without the need of students to leave their desks without aircraft, it is quite beneficial when only in-time information is required, E-learning can be considered as one of the beneficial.

E-learning benefits are linked to real money savings and can also be seen as benefits. But keep in mind that all valuable material should be available.Drawbacks of e-learning HIDDEN ERRORS IN AN E-LEARNING COURSE-A well-crafted training program has a similar online. Success lies in preparing and optimizing yourmaterials, transforming an eight-hour onsite training program into online training.

The concept of discreet-program development using an ADDIE-like model is still critical to success.
People's growing interest in the field of e-learning POSITIVE IMPACT AND EFFECTIVENESS OF E-LEARNING-Open Education Resources -Open Education Resources (OER) is developed for the purpose of teaching and learning and is also available for free. This digitized content facilitates open development. The OER includes special education courses and subjects, digitized textbooks, videos and other materials that are being used for studies.