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Friday, 26 June 2020


STD 4 HOME LEARNING ALL VIDEO MONTH-JUNE: how we know that Modi government has announced the lock down due to biggest mahamai of Corona and all the student Have and the government also decided that we have to learn at home meaning of form learning we also know that when we study at school and also the picture is given that this is your home lesson and harmless and its meaning is running at home the help of brother father's sister grandmother and also any member who is bigger than you and also educated than you so the meaning of learning there are so many available with different languages and different types look deeply but this on the track and innovative ideas

When we hear about home learning that are so many questions are coming in front of us that why on learning is why I improve my own learning...?, is needed then there are only a few days and only answer that home learning is to lead an important in this period of Lucknow if you don't teach if you don't learn and if the contact each than knowledge will destroy. Known as having the biggest to do that with the time if you did not realize the knowledge will come fast .forward it and also implement ideas are some that if you learn anywhere if you teacher anywhere then this is the biggest Idea always floor with your knowledge as a type of river.


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we know that many of the student and many of the teacher don't have Smartphone and all the father and mother and all the family did not have belonged to take a specialist smartphone for student but we know that this is the technical time and Technology time is a technology will not got why you then you will believe and do you have to come progressed we are not talking about especially that you have to purchase new from phone for online learning but we know that all the people and preserves the student to check the number is it will also come from a middle class family and poor family yeah.

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HOME LEARNING high master people in the world targeting, Vishisht biggest news of home learning which is important for student how to learn and how to make superb knowledge in few minutes in few time how learning is the new invention of Government of India and

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