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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Chandravanshi rule in ancient India

There is a description of two sons of Brahma in the Puranas. Marichi, 2. Atri. Suryavansha starts from Marichi and Chandra Vansha from atri. According to both the Puranas, the Aayan dynasty of the Aayas established the traditions of the kingdom. We have presented the description of Suryavansh. Here the description of Chandravansh is given.

Chandravanshi rule in ancient India
Chandravanshi rule in ancient India
Atri's son was Chandra. Prajapati Brahma made him the master of all Brahmins and medicines. Chandra decided to perform the Rajsuya Yagna by expanding the empire immensely. He thought that this would bring glory to his family. Chandra once killed Tara, the beautiful wife of Jupiter, the sage of Devajati, in his youth. At that time, the Devas had told him a lot to return to Jupiter's wife, but he did not pay attention to anyone. When this situation happened, Devaraja gathered the army and landed in the battlefield. Of asuras
Guru Shukracharya had an old hatred with Jupiter. He sought to take the side of the moon in battle with the army of Asuras. In this way, a situation of fierce fighting arose in the asuras and notes regarding Tara. In the end, Brahma created a settlement in the middle and returned the star to Jupiter. But one of the moon from Tara
A bright and beautiful son was born. It was named Dhruva.

This description is rhetorical and makes it clear that the sun and the moon began simultaneously. But the fact is that after 35 generations of Suryavansh, the Dynasty started. Presumably, during the time of Maharaja Sagar, Chandravanshi Maharaj Pururava established his kingdom in the establishment due to no known time being known, the presumption is being made the basis.

Mercury, when young, married Manu-Kanya Ila. This Manu was one of the majestic kings of the time of Suryavanshi King Ambareesh. The name of the son of Mercury and Ila was Pururava. Pururava was a great donor and majestic ruler. Ila received the kingdom of the city called Pratishthan from Manu. Ila proclaimed his son Pururava as the king of the same place. This city was the capital of the reigning Chandravanshi kings. The bending place near Prayagraj was called the establishment. Once an Apsara, whose name was Urvashi, was freed by Maharaja Pururava from the captivity of an asura. Urvashi became indebted to Maharaj's benevolence. Maharaj also could not live without being impressed by the form of Urvashi. The two fell in love. Once it happened that Maharaj got Devbhoomi because of him
Had to go Maharaj got knowledge of the art of igniting fire by Arani there. He spread that art in the land of India.

Maharaja Pururava gave birth to six sons. Their names were Ayu, Dhiman, Amavasu, Vishwas, Shatayu and Shrutayya. Age was also the eldest and the best. The dynasty he founded, his kingdom lasted forever. He married Rahu's daughter Prabha who gave birth to five sons. Nahush was older among them, so he got the right to the state. Nahusha was an influential ruler. Once in the absence of Indra, the gods chose him as their king because they were impressed by his administration skills. Nahusha left his country and went to the land of the gods. After going there, when he saw Rani Shachi, Indra's immensely beautiful wife, he became fascinated by her. Seeing this situation of the gods, they tried to explain them a lot, but there was no effect to explain them. He tried to get him to explain, he raised his sedan from the Brahmins and headed towards the palace of Shachi. To complete the gap quickly, he ordered the Brahmins to move fast. He became so eager in this task that he kicked Vipra named Agastya. This angered the Brahmins and they knocked Nahusha down and, after consulting the gods, drove him out of the Devbhoomi. This incident led to the downfall of Nahusha.

Your Majesty Yayati
After Nahush, he was succeeded by Yayati. He arrived at a well for water after a day, filled with thirst. In that well he saw a living girl. Maharaj gave her support with her hand and pulled her out of the well and asked why she had fallen into the well.

The girl told, 'My name is Detayani, Maharaj! Sharmishtha, the daughter of King Vrishaparva, has miraculously buried me in the well. You protected me by giving me hand in hand. You became my guard. I remember you as a husband. Maharaj hesitated at first because of being a Brahmin-girl, but he accepted the request of Devayani and his father Shukracharya. He could not invalidate Shukracharya's request.Devayani ordered the culprit Sharmistha to be with him as her maid. Sharmishtha's father Vrishaparva considered this punishment of his daughter's crime appropriate. He forced his daughter to obey Devyani and Sharmistha left with Devyani. Devayani married Maharaj Yayati and gave birth to two sons. The names of those sons were Yadu and Turvasu.

Sharmistha resides near Devyani and starts laying her illusion on her husband. He laid such a web of his beauty-madhuri that Maharaj subdued Yayati. Maharaj got trapped in Sharmishtha's trap and married her to Gandharva and Sharmishtha gave birth to his three sons, 1. Drusya, 2. Anu and 3. Puru Devayani also got knowledge of this policy of Sharmishtha and he asked his father for it Said concerning