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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Good news Government Will Give More Sallery To Employee

New Delhi: Amid the Koro crisis, the Modi government is preparing to increase the salaries of central government employees. The government may change the Consumer Price Index-Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) base year. The government will announce a new CPI-IW. 

The base year will be 2018. If this happens then the DA will increase. This will benefit 3 lakh central employees and 20 lakh central employees. There will be a direct increase in the salaries of the employees. The massive pay hike for all state government employees will come from a decision by Modi's BJP government at the Center. Ordinary people in the country, on the other hand, are suffering from inflation and unemployment.

The base year change has a direct effect on DA. There is a big difference between the prices of items from 8 or 10 years ago and the prices of items from the current New Year. Union Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar may announce the new CPI-IW index on October 31. 

This is the support of the government for the calculation of inflation allowance i.e. DA. The increase in DA has been postponed till June 2021 as the government's revenue is declining. At present employees are given an expensive allowance of only 15%. The change in the base year will also increase the minimum wage for private sector workers. In March 2020, the DA of employees has been increased by 3%. Therefore, an employee got an average financial benefit of Rs 1.5 lakh