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Monday, 11 January 2021

Find my device using Google to search phones

 Find my device using Google to search phones

How to find a phone using Google Find My Device: Android smartphones have become extremely common in India these days and make up the majority. In this fast running world, sometimes it is easy to lose track and sometimes your smartphone is accidentally damaged. In some other cases, many users have been robbed of their smartphones for not being in the situation.

If you are in such a situation and want to track your phone location, this comprehensive guide has everything you need. Android comes with built-in tools to track smartphones using your Google account, there are many other OEM and 3rd party solutions that provide more features. If you are a Samsung mobile user, you really need to update your Samsung account Should consider setting on support tracking. Of your smartphone

Losing a smartphone can be extremely stressful given the amount of personal information and pictures stored in it. Tracking the device can also be very helpful in keeping your children safe and knowing where they are. In this a article we talk about Find My Device by  Google which works on all Android smartphones that have Google Play services and also about a similar offering by popular manufacturer Samsung.

Find my device

Google's Find My Device app is a must have for most Android users and if you have added a Google account to your Android device then find Turn on my device automatically. You can check this by navigating to the Settings> Security> Find My Device. You can download the application for free from the Play Store or use it on the web portal to locate your smartphone.

How to locate your lost or stolen smartphone using your Find My Device

Either download the Find My Device application from the Google Play Store or go to the web app using the link below.

After installing the application, log in and make sure your location is on.

Once the application is running you can now proceed to locate your smartphone as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data is on

As an additional step, it may be necessary to turn on location services in smartphones for better tracking.

You can also remotely lock the device and compose a message with an alternate phone number, this allows the person to call you easily if you've got it

You can also remotely play a sound on the smartphone, it will play a loud sound on the smartphone even if the device was in Vibrate or Silent Sound Profile.

As a worst case scenario if you lose hope of recovering the device and if the best data in the smartphone is more precious, you can choose to wipe the smartphone completely online and the smartphone factory will reset.

Find My Device helps locate your lost Android and your locks it until you get it back.

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Look at your phone, tablet, or see on the map. If the current location is not available, you will see the last known location.

Use indoor maps to help you find your device in airports, shopping centers, and other large buildings

Navigate your device with a Google Maps by tapping on the device's location and then the Maps icon

Play a best sound at full volume, even if your device is silent

Erase device or lock on lock screen with custom message and contact number

View network and battery status