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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

My Name Ringtone Maker Best App

 My Name Ringtone Maker Best App

Make my name ringtone

My Name Ringtone Maker is used to make your name ringtone as your favorite caller tune.

Just skip boring and regular ringtones and can make ringtones using any name. Mera Naam Ringtone Maker is the best app to make voice name ringtone not only for your name but also as your favorite tune. You can make a ringtone using any name and use this name ringtone maker application for anyone.

Now, there is no need to browse online websites to make ringtones, you can use this My Name ringtone maker to create the ultimate and innovative customized tones. Create a ringtone with your text or you can choose from the default text. You can select prefix and prefix as per your choice. After choosing this expression you can play it to listen, so you can decide to correct it or replace it. For example, you can create  Dear, call for a you Please pick up the call Buddy is calling and more.

My name ringtone with music has inbuilt background music. So, you can specify that tone in the contact. After creating the ringtone you can set the repetition of the speaker how much you want to hear the caller's name. By using My Name ringtone maker you can know the name of the caller, My name ringtone maker will tell you the name of the caller when you are busy and not able to take the call. You can create new ringtones and instantly assign them to Contacts or set as the default ringtone.

There is also a voice option to change the voice from male to female or female to male. You can also set a language for your text ringtone as there are different languages   to set. Create a ringtone for personal contacts and set it to those contacts. Save ringtones in the app and share ringtones with your friends, family or etc.

App Features:

- Make your own name ringtone

- Option to select prefix and prefix

- Inbuilt music for background

- Male - choose voice option for female

- Maintain voice volume

- You can allow the number of repetitions to the speaker to speak your name

- Choose different languages   for voice

- Listen after creating ringtone

- save to app

- Display all created and saved ringtones in the app

-  Share with your friends

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Create many free ringtones using different combinations.

Surprise everyone and have fun with your creative and awesome a ringtones