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Friday, 26 February 2021

Bharat ko jano mahiti books pdf

 Bharat ko jano mahiti books pdf  

DD Girnar March 2021 Home Learning Time Table Announced this Gujarat Government has launched a home learning program from today to ensure that is students from grades 1 to 12 receive home-based education while at present the increasing prevalence of corona virus School colleges are closed to prevent . The event will go live on DD Girnar. In which all subjects from 1st to 12th grade will be studied.

Home learning material is available on DD Girnar as decided. GCERT and the team have prepared video material for students of STD 1 to 8 and 9 to 12. The video content is available on DD Girija channel. Students can get education on their TV sets on DD Girnar channel.

The Department of Education has organized a "home learning" program for STD students. 3 to 8 and STDs. 9 to 12 to 15/06/2020 so that students can study at home due to this corona epidemic.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી 

Gujarat Home Learning STD List

  • Home learning for STD 1
  • Home learning for std 2
  • Home Learning for STD3
  • Home learning for std 4
  • Home learning for std 5
  • Home learning for std 6
  • Home learning for std 7
  • Home learning for std 8
  • Home learning for 9 and 11 std
  • Home learning for 10k std
  • Home Learning for 12K STDs

DD Girnar Channel Number for Home Learning [Cable + Channel]

     1. GTPL Cable DD Girnar Number - 275

     2. Airtel DD Girnar Channel Number - 589

     3. Tata Sky DD Girnar Channel Number - 1749

     4. Videocon DD Girnar Channel Number - 878

     5. Dish TV DD Girnar Channel Number - 1279

     6. Sun DD Girnar Channel Number - 660

"Home Learning" for March Month 2021

This includes the program of broadcasting educational programs for the month of September. In which the students of that standard will be able to watch the progress of their academic work without any mistake as per the date and time shown in the program and the principals and teachers from their level should be informed immediately and necessary arrangements should be made for the same. Program success.

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Download DD Girnar March 2021 Home Learning Time Table

As of the date and time indicated, students of that is standard will be able to follow this program without fail and to progress in their academic pursuits, they will immediately inform principals and teachers from their level and make the necessary arrangements for success . Of the program.