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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Gujarat HSC and SNS Exam Time Table

 Gujarat HSC and SNS Exam Time Table

The number of villages with a population of more than 300 in the residential area in Gujarat is 1 to 1 primary schools with STD: 6.03%. In an area up to 1 km from such a residential area, the standard: 1 to 4 primary school facilities percentage is 98.32%.

In the field of higher primary education (standard: 5 to primary education) Gujarat 09.97% of Gujarat's population has been provided with the facility of primary schools, in which 5 to Primary class 5 km away from the residential area. is. Gujarat is second only to Delhi in providing schools up to seventh place in all states of India (except Union Territories).

Gujarat has 16,662 villages with a population of 500 or more. Out of which 92.30% villages have primary school facilities, ranging from standard 5: 7 to 3 km from residential area. In the area of   pre-primary education, Gujarat has a total of 19,672 kindergarten-anganwadi institutes for imparting pre-primary education in Gujarat, of which 2,247 kindergarten anganwadis are located in rural areas.

In addition, the other 1404 institutions imparting pre-primary education in Gujarat run the pre-primary department and primary department simultaneously. A total of 14,52,361 children are receiving pre-primary education in Gujarat. Gujarat ranks second in the whole of India. Children receiving primary education in Gujarat: According to the 6th All India Educational Survey, 78.82% of children enrolled in the first standard in Gujarat receive education up to the fourth standard, while 10.32% of the children study up to the seventh standard.