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Monday, 19 April 2021

Big money is being reimbursed for LPG gas bookings

 Big money is being reimbursed for LPG gas bookings

The digital platform Paytm has brought a special cashback gift to customers who book electric cylinders. You can get this offer until April 30 for just Rs.

Get a cheap gas cylinder

 Paytm has brought offers

 You will get a gas cylinder for only Rs

 Get a refund of Rs 800

The price of a cylinder has dropped by Rs 10 since April 1. The price of an unfunded gas cylinder is now Rs 809 but the cylinder can be bought for Rs 9. Only Paytm has brought you something special for this inflation.

His name is First time. Based on that you can get a great refund on cylinder booking with the help of the Paytm app. For this you can get a cylinder of Rs 809 for only Rs.

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Who will benefit from this provision?

 Only Paytm users will benefit from this offer. This is until 30 April. That means you can still benefit from this donation for 11 days.

Cylinder for Rs 809 Rs only

 LPG Booking and Payment Paytm has presented the best offers to its customers. For this offer, customers will receive a cylinder of Rs 809 for Rs 9. only of them will be able to spend money and will be refunded Rs 800.

How to book

 To access this offer, you must first download the Paytm application to your phone. Later you have to book a cylinder at the gas company. After going to Paytm, click on Show More and then click on Recharge and Pay Pay Bills. Later you will have the opportunity to book a cylinder where you have to choose a gas supplier. FIRSTLPG promo code must be entered before booking. You will receive a refund scratchcard within 24 hours of booking and you must use this debit card within 7 days.

How to get your money back

 If you also want to take advantage of this gift from Paytm, you must book a cylinder on April 30th.

One thing to keep in mind is that this offer is only for those who book a cylinder at Paytm for the first time. This offer will be used for a minimum payment of Rs.500.