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Sunday 8 August 2021

Solve puzzles See some nice puzzles that you would like to solve

Solve puzzles See some nice puzzles that you would like to solve

There is a great saying in our Gujarati language: Kalyo Koydo Kodino!
Well, now let's move on, to a little brainstorming, but without brainstorming it is forbidden to go to the answer page!

In other words, a riddle or a riddle or a puzzle seems very difficult until it is solved, but as soon as you know the answer, it happens immediately, alas! This was so easy! (What a wonderful way to screw people over and keep up the good content!) And let's get to the heart of the matter!)

Let me give you a hint at the beginning that some of the riddles given below are very easy, while some riddles are really mind boggling and… .. some riddles are just for fun

So let's start brainstorming now….
puzzle (1)
Chhagan is looking at Champa, but Champa is looking at Magan.
Chhagan is married, but Magan is not married.
Now you have to say is the married man looking at the unmarried man?
Choose your answer from the following options.
1) Yes
2) No.

puzzle (2)What is the surname that if we write in Gujarati it is two (2) letters, but if we write it in English it becomes nine (9) letters?

puzzle (3)
There is a frog in a 10 feet deep well. It climbs 6 feet during the day in an attempt to get out, but descends 8 feet at night. So how many days will this frog come out of the well?

puzzle (4)
A square notice board measuring 3 'x 2'. A craftsman comes to paint it. After a little work, when he goes to eat, he realizes that the part he has painted is square in shape. Also, half of the total size is painted, that is, 4 square feet. Now the size of the part that has been painted is measured from top to bottom and is also measured from right to left. So how is this possible?

puzzle (5)
If you take three out of five apples, how many apples do you have?

puzzle (6)
One basket holds 3 apples. How many apples can you put in such an empty basket one by one?

puzzle (7)
I will give you 5 gold coins
Hey, be happy! You are getting gold coins!

Each coin weighs 10 grams, but one of them weighs 5 grams. Now you have to find out which coin weighs less.

For this I give you a simple weighing fork, although there are no weights. Also this trajectory can only be used twice.

So now find me one of these 5 coins that weighs less, using only the scales and also using it twice.

puzzle (8)You own a gold coin factory. Happy !! Well, now read on
One of your artisans makes gold coins weighing 10, 20, 20, 20 and 30 grams on a machine.

Now you have a complaint that this artisan makes one of these five types of coins weighing less than 1 gram. That is 3 grams instead of 10 or 15 grams instead of 20, etc.
Now you have to find out which of these five coins of this artisan weighs less.
For this you have an electronic weighing fork, which shows the weight of the coins placed on it, but the condition is that this weighing fork can be used only once.
So find out which of the five baskets full of these five coins weighs less, using the weighbridge only once.

puzzle (9)
There are three bulbs in a room and three switches of these three bulbs are placed outside the room. The windows of the room are closed so that it is not possible to see which bulb is on from outside.

Now you have to find out which bulb has which switch. The only condition is that the switch cannot be turned on and off once you have entered the room. Although you can turn the switch on and off as many times as you like before entering the room, no bulb or light will appear at that time.

So now tell me which bulb has which switch, how do you find it?

puzzle (10)
The first part below is arranged in a sequence of four parts of the Ramayana, the second part above it. The thickness of each text is 5 inches, besides the cover page (upper and lower volumes) is 0.6 inches thick.

Now a worm starts carving these texts and carves the pages from the first page of the first part to the last page of the last part.
So now you calculate how many inches this worm would have carved in total?

puzzle (11)
A scientist has discovered a species of insect that doubles the next day. Now if we put such an insect in a jar, then on the 100th day this jar is full of insects.

So now you show which day this jar will be half full?

puzzle (12)
It takes 3 seconds for a clock to strike at 7 o'clock. So how long does it take for 10 o'clock to fall?