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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Watch Shivmahapuran part 1 to 16 Online HD Video

Watch Part 1 to 16 of Shiva Mahapuran online from here.

Dear friends, the auspicious Shravan Mass has just begun, and we know that Shravan Kero Mans means the glory of Lord Shiva, the auspicious occasion of worshiping Lord Shiva.

In this holy Shravan, devotees are immersed in the praises, hymns, hymns, etc. of Shivaji.

Here, our team has specially presented the entire journey of Shiva Mahapuran in the form of a mega collection through YouTube video keeping in view the worship of Shiva in the holy Shravan Mass of Shivaji.

In the complete Shiva Purana of Shivaji, the complete journey from the creation of the entire universe to the destruction of the universe is done in a dam HD collection.

Below are the different parts of Shiva Mahapuran which can be watched live video by touching the part you want to watch ...

In each part of the Shiva Purana, the part number as well as the details of the episode are given above the photos so that it is easy for the Shiva devotees to understand the Shiva Purana as well as the part they want to see.

The first 1 to 4 parts of Shiva Mahapuran are given here in which respectively

  • Creation
  • Sati was born
  • Shiva Sati marriage and 
  • Shiva is shown about Sati Milan. Let's understand those parts in detail here.
1. Creation

Here is the description of the way in which the first creation was created by Shivaji, in which the first man was created from Agni Maa, a lamp form of Shivaji, who was Vishnu, hence he is known as the first man. In chanting the name Omkar, the whole body of Vishnu in the form of the sound of jam became the ocean of origin of Mathibapani in which we get the form of Vishnu called Sayan by Shivaji to sleep with Vishnu. Today, at the time of Vishnu's sleep, a lotus flower became a lotus flower coming out of his navel.

Brahma originated as the second man by Shivaji and he becomes Biraj Mana on the lotus pupa coming out of the navel of Vishnu. .

Thus the origin of the universe is initiated by Shivaji which is the beginning of the whole matter Shiva Mahapuran.

2. Birth of Sati.

The second part of Shiva Mahapuran shows the story of Sati's name.

3. Shiva Sati marriage ...

The whole story of the penance of Sati for marriage with Shivaji as well as the complete story of Shiva Prasanna is shown here in the third part.

4. Shiva Sati Milan

Here is the story of Shiva Sati's Milan in the fourth chapter of Shiva Mahapuran after the marriage of Shiva Sati 

Our team has made an immortal effort to convey the glory of Shivaji to the people in an interesting way in Shiva Mahapuran about the story of various forms of Lord Shiva and various occasions here. After watching the above four parts here Raise the end of glory ... Jai Shiv Sambhu Om Namah Shivaya ...

Here are the different occasions of Shivaji in 5 to 10 parts in which 

  • Origin of Nandeswar
  • The fall of Indra
  • Churning the sea
  • Mohini Avatar
  • Yaksha and 
  • Establishment of Somnath Jyotirlinga ...

In today's modern and fast age there are many ways for bhajan, adoration, praise etc. of Lord Shiva in which people can watch live darshan of temples all over the world from their mobile phones at home.

If we go further in the saga of Shivpuran, after seeing the above 10 parts, the following 11 to 16 parts in which 

  • Sati sacrifice
  • Shakti Peeth established
  • Dev Rishi Narad Moh
  • Narad Moh Bhang
  • Maha Kaleshwar Jyotirlinga established ....

 The story of etc., the matters of occasions are shown.

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Except Om Namah .... Har Har Mahadev