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Thursday, 10 March 2022

How to find your stolen phone in India

 How to find your stolen phone in India 

Way to find recover a lost Smartphone and how to track 


Track your lost or stolen phone, So, the one thing you dread has eventually happened – you've lost your phone. We've each been there. It can be truly disquieting to realize as it leads to a feeling of being cut off from the world. And also there’s the prospect of someone gaining access to your phone and data. 



Still, there are ways in which you can track a lost Smartphone now. In numerous cases, you can indeed recover a phone indeed if it's stolen by a purloiner. Both Android and iOS have the capability to track lost smart phones erected in to the system, so you do n’t indeed need a special app for this presently, We bat about the find your lost or stolen phone 

Without wasting any further time, let’s get to chancing your lost phone. Note that these styles only work as long as your phone is switched on. 

 How to track a lost Android phone 

On Android, you can simply open the Find My Device runner to track all your connected smart phones. 

Open the Find My Device runner and sign in to your Google account. 

Google will list all your smart phones including the Wi-Fi network it's connected to and the battery position. It will also show the position of your phone on the map. 

The Find My Device runner has three options – Play Sound, Secure Device and Abolish Device. 

Still, click on Play Sound, If you suppose you’ve simply lost your phone. Your phone will ring loudly for 5 beats indeed if you have set it on silent mode. 

The Secure Device option signs out of your Google account on your phone and locks it. This helps in securing the data on your Google account. You can also choose to display a communication or your phone number on the cinch screen, so anyone who finds your phone can get in touch with you. 

The Erase Device option removes all the data on your lost Smartphone. You won't be suitable to descry it using Find My Device after you opt this option, so be truly careful when you use it. We guide you to use it only after you have tried the first two options. 

 How to track a lost iPhone 

On iOS, Apple has provide Find My iPhone app that can be used to track your lost iPhone. 

Open iCloud in any cyber surfer and login to your account. 

Click to Find my device option. 

Apple will now list all the iOS bias connected to your iCloud account. It will also show the last time the device was located, in addition to the position of the device on the map. 

Just like Google, Apple also has three options – Play Sound, Lost Mode and Abolish Device. These features are exactly like the bones on Android