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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

10 Best Tracker App

 10 Best GPS Tracker App


1. FamiSafe GPS Tracker App



FamiSafe is a safe tracking app and child surveil instrument. With app you can track the GPS location of your children and also location history where they hang out.


  • Accord location history and very accurate location.. 
  •  Gives alert messages when your child is at very far away location.
  •  Mainly it works Android device. 
  •  Block third party apps and websites like porn or gamble. 
  •  Precised Content Discovery on the social media platform.

2. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is one of the popular Android tracking app. It is very easy to use. You just have to install the phone on your child and your mobile to see the real-time locations of your child.

  • Easily access GPS location of your children.
  • Notification alerts when your kids go far away from house.
  • If your device is lost you can track it with the app.

3. Family Locator - GPS locator

Family Locator is an ameliorated GPS Tracker app that permits you trace the location of your children and insure their safety. It's the most dependable GPS tracker Android that enables parents to set cautions for when their children get through at certain places, for example, school or home. also, you can track your all family exercising a single account. 


  • Enhanced GPS tracking features for accurate tracking.
  • Notification alerts when your kids go far away from house and gives real-time location.
  • In case of troubleshooting problems customer support available.
  • Track more than one people.

4. My Family GPS Tracker

My Family GPS tracker is a versatile GPS tracker which permits you to track your loved ones. It is a safe, dependable and easy to use GPS tracker. Also you can chat with your kids with built-in chatting service.


  • Check the exact location of your child.
  • It has a Kid Mode so your child doesn't  disable location services.
  • It also has a premium feature in which you can use the mic of the child's phone.

5. Find My Kids - GPS Tracker

Find My kids is a complete tracking app that is very useful to keep a eye on the location of your kids. Its astonishing features really come to power when you are lost.


  • Notification alerts when your kids go far away from house and gives real-time location..
  • Checks the battery level on the kid's device.
  • No need of registration.

6. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control is an enhanced child monitoring application that helps you to track the exact location of your kids. Access to their location history as well as track other functions of the apps. Among the parents it is very useful.


  • In detail location history reports.
  • Check the Web history and application utilization of your kids.

7. Family Locator & Safety

It is one of the most versatile GPS tracker which not only shows you the real-time location of your kids and also make sure that your kids stay safe at all times. It has a panic button that if child activates means they are in danger.


  • Notification alerts when your kids go far away from house and gives real-time location..
  • Useful feature -Panic button.
  • Not excessive battery usage.

8. MMGuardian Parent App

MMGuardian Parent App is a parental control app that similarly works as a GPS tracker app for parents to continually stay informed of their kid's position. It tracks and displays the location of your child's device on a chart and gets updates about their location. 


  • Get the exact location of kids.
  • Set screen time for less device usage.
  • Block SMS and calls.
  • App and website blocking.
9. Kids Phone Tracker

Kids Phone Tracker is an app for parents who seek to know the location of kids at all times. Parents can also use to get a detailed report of the places they gone without telling them. 


  • Notification alerts when your kids go far away from house and gives real-time location..
  • User-friendly and clean interface.
  • Track app other device functions.

10. SeTracker

SeTracker is also a good choice of  tracking apps that permit users to monitor the GPS location of their kids or other family members.


  • Get real-time GPS location with longitude and latitude numbers.
  • Access the location history of your kids.