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Tuesday 27 September 2022

NASA made history! A successful mission to save Earth, the spacecraft collides with an asteroid

NASA made history! A successful mission to save Earth, the spacecraft collides with an asteroid

NASA's Dart mission successfully tries to change direction and speed of asteroid, final report pending

Today is a considered a historic day for the whole an earth . Not long ago, 4.45 hours was set by NASA. Space agency has successfully tested to protect Earth from asteroids. Under this, his Dart mission was carried out. NASA's experiment to the change the direction and speed of the asteroid was successful. However, the final report is yet to come.

NASA is convinced that the large collision was successful due to the great destruction of the asteroid . That is, NASA's Dart mission has been a success. The NASA team associated with Project Dart jumped for joy and scientists celebrated as the spacecraft collided with Dimorphos, the size of a football stadium. Scientists were watching this historic moment in space with bated breath.   

Importantly, NASA wants to see through Project Dart, whether there is any impact of the collision of the spacecraft on the asteroid or not? Does spacecraft collision affect the direction and speed of asteroids? These questions will be answered only after the detailed report comes out, but NASA scientists are sure that the impact of the spacecraft definitely had an impact on Dimorphos. Impact success also means the same, but NASA's report on how much impact has been made will come out very soon.