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Saturday 15 October 2022

દિવાળી મીઠાઇ ક્વોલીટી ચેક / દિવાળી પર મીઠાઇ ખાવાના શોખીન હોય તો ખાસ વાંચજો. આ રીતે કરો ક્વોલીટી ચેક Diwali 2022 sweet quality check

દિવાળી મીઠાઇ ક્વોલીટી ચેક / દિવાળી પર મીઠાઇ ખાવાના શોખીન હોય તો ખાસ વાંચજો. આ રીતે કરો ક્વોલીટી ચેક Diwali 2022 sweet quality check

Diwali Sweets Quality Check: Diwali is a festival of crackers and sweets. Every house eats sweets on Diwali. Check before eating such sweets, are you not eating some fake sweets? Artificial colors and chemicals are added to methaioma these days.

The festival of Diwali is incomplete without sweets

Is the sweets that come home during the festival worth eating?

Check the quality at home like this

Diwali sweets quality check

The festival of Diwali seems incomplete without sweets. At the time of Diwali, just hearing the name of sweets makes the mouth water. In cities, people buy and eat sweets from the market itself. But don't know whether cleanliness has been taken care of while making this dessert or not. Suitable ghee-oil has been used in sweetmeats or sweetmeats have been made by mixing fragrances with rotten oil.

Sometimes old ingredients are also used in sweets. Due to which many people get upset stomach. So before eating this poisonous sweet, know for sure whether the sweet is good or bad. With these simple steps, you can also find out whether artificial colors and chemicals have been added to sweets. Silver work and mav are also genuine or fake.

Adulteration in sweets

Artificially colored sweets

These colorful sweets seen at the market stalls are enough to make you very sick. The sight of them makes our mouths water and we immediately rush to the shops to buy them. But let us tell you that harmful chemical food colors are mixed in these sweets. Due to which there is a risk of skin allergy, kidney disease and serious diseases.

According to experts, the amount of colors in dessert should be up to 100 ppm. If more colors are used than this, sweets can prove harmful to health.

Sweets made with fake silver work

Silver work is used a lot on Diwali to give sweets an attractive and royal look. Due to this, the shine of the dessert increases and people buy it immediately, but let us tell you that nowadays in the era of inflation people put aluminum work instead of sticking silver. It is almost fatal.

To identify it, remove the aluminum work from the sweet and rub it on your hand. If small pellets start to form from this work, then understand that aluminum is pasted on the sweet, not silver.
Apart from this you can burn the silver work by placing it on the spoon. Let us tell you that where silver leaves its shiny residue, aluminum work burns to ashes.

Sweets mixed with mava

Sweets made from mava are considered purest in India. But you know that most of the cases of adulteration are also mother's. So it is necessary to check the purity of the womb.

If you are also buying sweetmeats or mavo from a shop, first buy only one sample and bring it home. Now put 2 to 3 drops of iodine on this sample.
After this, if the color of the mother turns blue, it can be understood that the mother has been contaminated.

Apart from this, many people also sell milk powder along with mava.
To identify it, one can tell the difference between genuine and fake by taking a small piece of fruit in hand and smelling it or tasting it.