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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Powerful medicine of Ayurveda that expels gas in the body, 100% guarantee to eliminate gas, acidity and BP for life.

Powerful medicine of Ayurveda that expels gas in the body, 100% guarantee to eliminate gas, acidity and BP for life.

The hinge comes in two varieties. Fragrant and smelly. Fragrant hing is white anjudan gum and foul-smelling hing is black anjudan gum. Both species have a wide range of habitats. Odorous hing, which has a clear, transparent, bluish odour, becomes milk-like when immersed in water.

Light quality hing is green in color and smelly. Asafoetida grows in Afghanistan, Punjab etc. I cut the asafetida tree and extract the juice from there in the form of gum. That hing is the true hing. This hing is very fragrant. Keeping it in the mouth like a mustard grain causes a lot of burning and swelling.

This asafetida is used in medicine. We also use asafetida a lot in spices. Now we will know in detail about the use of hing and its benefits. Asafoetida stimulates heat, flatulence, worms, stomach and intestines. It is a good digestive. Stimulates the uterus and has great effect on the nerves. It dilutes the phlegm.

Hing is used to cure stomach worms, it is used in good digestion and gastrointestinal medicine. Kaj is used in cholera medicine because it is very good. Hinge is also used in the treatment of hysteria.

Asafoetida is a good remedy for complaints of pain, flatulence, colic, indigestion, nausea, chest tightness etc. Consumption of asafoetida in arthritis like sciatica, vomiting, convulsions, stress or paralysis has many benefits. Hingvashtak churna is famous for flatulence.

Take camphor and asafoetida in equal quantity and make a small tablet in its honey. This tablet is cured by taking one to two tablets in hysteria, especially in bronchial diseases especially abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, heart disease etc.

Digestive medicines contain Hing. Drinking asafetida is beneficial in cold mind diseases like apathy etc. Mixing asafetida with olive oil and putting it in the ear cures all ear diseases. Drinking asafetida soaked in water clears the voice. Using asafetida with figs also provides relief in jaundice.

Asafoetida, black pepper, parsley, body parsley, sanchal. Take 15 grams of shahijiru, ginger, black pepper and also make its powder by taking 10 grams. Consumption of this powder ends stomach cramps. It gives relief in flatulence, it also has a good effect in indigestion and vomiting. Having colic seems to be of great benefit.

Make a powder by taking equal quantity of asafoetida, paprika, black pepper, body parsley, cumin, cumin and rock salt. Consuming this powdered ghee and rice together at the time of meal provides great relief in diseases like indigestion, anorexia, moch, pandu, mango and gulm.

Take ten grams of roasted asafetida, mountain root herb, coriander, chitrak, kachuro, carom seeds, ginger, black pepper, black pepper, basil, cumin, Vaj, Sajikhar, Javakhar, Sindhlun, Sanchal, salt etc. Taking this powder before or between meals is beneficial.

In case of cholera epidemic, mix camphor and mango in equal quantity in the juice of mint leaves. Taking this mixture in the form of a pill is beneficial. Taking 15 grams asafetida, 20 grams honey, 10 grams sindhav in ghee and drinking it with water is beneficial in case of constipation or piles. Any kind of vomiting stops by giving Hing tablet.

Take a piece of roasted asafetida and ginger with butter before eating. This will increase your appetite. Eat asafetida in food or drink it mixed with water. Both are beneficial for your body. Asafoetida water controls blood pressure in the body.

Hinge is beneficial in dog bite. Taking Hing PC in water and applying it on the dog bite area is beneficial. Mix asafetida with warm water and massage it on the ribs. It gives relief from pain.