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Wednesday 19 October 2022

Ahmedabad Government Collage Student Prepared Bricks Making Machine

Now there is no need for AC in the house even in hot summer, the brick made in a brick making machine made by a government college student will keep the temperature of the house down by 12 degrees.

You may not believe that you will not need AC in your home even in summer, but this is true. Students of Government Polytechnic College, Ahmedabad While young students are looking for various types of innovation in this age of technology, the Project and Innovation Lab of Government Polytechnic, Ahmedabad, I.C. The students of the department have made an amazing innovation.

Students have built a brick making machine. By which, if a house is made of bricks prepared from clay, an environment like AC will be found in the house. Importantly, these bricks are not prepared in a kiln but by a hydraulic press, which will also reduce pollution.

A machine was prepared for making bricks
Students of Ahmedabad's Government Polytechnic have discovered a new method of making bricks, which does not require any kind of kiln, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Also, these types of bricks are stronger than red bricks. Compared to red bricks, these bricks retain the heat of the atmosphere and keep the interior cool. A new machine has been made to make these bricks. Which makes bricks by hydraulic press.

This brick can be found in the price of normal brick

A temperature of 400 degrees is required to make a normal brick, while this brick is made with a presser. It also takes very less time to make this brick. 30 bricks are made by the machine in one minute. A normal brick can bear a weight of up to 35 kg, while a machine-made brick can bear a weight of up to 65 kg. This brick can be used for building, office or any wall or flooring. Bricks can be found at the same price as ordinary bricks.

This brick will keep the temperature of the house 10-12 degrees lower: 

Student Regarding this, student Murtaza Hathi said, this brick is made of simple clay, in which 5 percent cement has been mixed. This clay is made by applying 10 tons of hydraulic pressure. So that all the particles are bound and then dried for 20 days. Bricks made by hydraulic pressure keep indoor temperatures lower than normal by trapping ambient heat. If the temperature outside the house is 42 degrees, the temperature inside the house is felt up to 30 degrees. By which electricity is saved.

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Double strength than normal red brick
Mentor of the students, Prof. Zankhana Mehta, said that these bricks do not cause any harm to the environment as there is no emission of carbon. The wall made by these bricks does not require plaster or paint, so the use of chemicals will also be reduced. Apart from this, the strength of this brick is double that of normal red brick. This strength has been tested by the Applied Mechanics Department of the Government of Gujarat and given a certificate. An award is given every year by the Climate Change Department of the Government of Gujarat to students who create projects to save the environment. This project prepared by the students will be put to participate in it. A presentation has already been made before the department for this.

This brick can be used as: 

Architect Pradyumna Chauhan said, I have studied this brick. This technology has been used before. The method of making this brick is different. This brick can be used. I have also given the necessary inputs to make this brick. It is also an appeal to the people that if there is innovation of government college students, then this brick should be used for trial once.

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