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Monday 27 April 2020

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Contacts

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Contacts

Recover deleted files in hindi - has your importent data been deleted from your phone? And you want to bring it back. But you have no idea how to bring it back. So friends, there is no need to worry, you have come to the right place. Because Nayaseekhon has brought a usefull information for you this time like how to Recover deleted files, with the help of which you can easily recover your deleted data. To know this, just keep reading this post till the end, you will get the answer of all your questions in this post.

Friend’s Many times our phone accidentally deletes any data (contect, music, photo’s, videos, mails, massage etc.). Or due to some technical fault, the data of our phone crashes. Because of which our important files are deleted. And we are also ready to spend money to get it back. And then we can get those lost files. But the way I will tell you that it is absolutely free, on which you will not even spend 1 rupee and you will be able to easily delete, recover the files.

By the way, many apps are available in the play store. But the app I will tell you about is quite popular and also very easy to use. The name of that app is GT Recovery. With the help of which you can recover deleted files of your android phone. But before that one important thing is that it is very important to have your phone root to use this app. If you do not know how to root the phone, then read this post.

⇒ How to Root your Android phone?

If you have this question in your mind, why is it important to root the phone for this. There is a logic behind this too. When we delete a file from our phone. So it is not completely deleted from our phone. Rather it is saved in the system folder of our phone. But we cannot see it until we root our phone. But as soon as we root our phone. So in a way we break this security. And you can easily backup these files. According to one account, all the awesome here starts only after rooting the phone. So let's now know how we can recover deleted files of our phone with the help of GT Recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Files from GT Recovery

GT Recovery recovers deleted files of our Android phone. With its help, we can backup our contact, photo’s, music, video’s, massages,.


STEP 1 👉 First of all download the GT Recovery app. You will find this app easily in the Playstore.

After opening STEP 2 GT open GT Recovery, such a page will open in front of you.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 3 👉 You will get many options in it like Recover photo, Recover sms, Recover contact, Recover txt, Recover Wifi, Recover whatsapp, etc. Now select any of your files which have been deleted.

STEP 4 👉 Now a page will open in front of you, you have to click on start new scan on it.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 5 👉 Now GT Recovery will scan your deleted files and after some time a popup will open in front of you.

Recover deleted files in hindi
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 6 👉 Now all your deleted files will appear in front of you, select the files you want to back up.

RECOVER deleted files app
Recover deleted files in hindi
STEP 7 👉 Now click on Recover deleted files, after waiting for some time, your deleted files will be recovered.

● This was the way to recover the deleted files of your android phones. If you still cannot do it. So with the help of your pc you can also recover deleted files of android phone.

Recover deleted files with computer in Hindi:
Following the some step- to recover deleted files of your phone with the help of pc

STEP 1 👉 First of all you have to take help of a computer. On which you can install this app.

STEP 2 👉 Now search on google, download recovery program by potatoshare and install it in your computer.

After installing STEP 3 👉 open it in your computer.

STEP 4 👉 Now you have to connect your android phone to computer with the help of USB cable.

STEP 5 👉 Now open the Potatoshare software in your computer. As soon as you open it, your phone will start showing in the software.

STEP 6 👉 Here you will get two options.

1} ■ Scan contacts, call history and massages.
2} ■ Scan photos, videos or other files.

● Now whoever you have to backup. Select it.

After selecting STEP 7 👉 click on start button.

STEP 8 👉 As soon as you click on select, then Potatoshare software will scan your deleted data. After waiting for some time, it will show all your lost data which was deleted in front of you.

STEP 9 👉 Now select any file you want to recover, select it and click on RECOVER BUTTON, Recover your deleted files.

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EaseUS MobiSaver - Recover Video, Photo & Contacts

What should I do to delete a photo from my mobile, how to get the deleted photo back or how to recover deleted photos, if all these questions are going on in your mind right now, then today you are at the right place because today we will give you this article I am going to tell you that apps that bring back deleted photos.

As we all know that today is the era of smartphones and more and more people like to keep their work things in their mobile, in which our photo is most important, because today whenever we get a chance, we will To make your moments memorable, take their photos in the smartphone, and make those moments memorable forever.

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And not only that, in today's time, people keep photos of every little thing needed in their mobile so that it can be useful when needed, but sometimes due to a small mistake, your memorable photos or your memory The necessary photos are deleted from your mobile, due to which you get in a lot of trouble.

Deleted photos wapas kaise laye
If something like this has happened to you too and you are worried that how do I get the deleted photo back, then you do not need to bother at all because today, you will have to tell about the app that brought back the deleted photo I am going to recover your deleted photos.

Deleted photos restorer apps
Friends, as we all know and there is no doubt that today we give more time to our phone than our work, in such a situation, sometimes our mistake or our mobile is being carried in the hands of a small child. Our important photos in the phone which we do not want to delete, but they are deleted with a small mistake.

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That is why today I am going to tell you about such android applications from which you will be able to recover your deleted photos.

1. How to get Delete Photo back from Diskdigger
Diskdigger photo recovery app is a great app to recover deleted photo, this app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on playstore so far, which shows how great this app is.

The devolopers of this app are Defiant technologies and the rating of this app is 3.9 star on the playstore, and the most important thing of this app is that it is absolutely free and your phone does not have to be rooted to recover photos from this app, But still this app works best to recover deleted photos.

This is done talking about this app, so let's now know step by step how to bring back your deleted photo from diskdigger photo recovery app.

step1. First of all, you should download the diskdigger app in your phone from playstore or download button below.

Diskdigger Download
step2. After the app is installed, open this app.

step3. When you open it, then you will get the option of Start basic Scan, click on it.

Deleted photos wapas lane ka tarika
step4. Now the Diskdigger app will start scanning your deleted photos, and your deleted photos will start appearing in front of you.

step5. When you have to recover the deleted photo and click on the button of Recover.

photo delete ho gaye hai
step6. Now you have to select the location where you have to save these photos, after clicking Recover you will see 3 options, in which you click on the other option.

photo wapas lana hai
step7. Now your memory card / phone storage folders will come, here you click on the folder in which you want to save your photos and then click on ok.

photo recover kaise kare
After clicking ok, all your selected photos will start recovering and will be saved in your selected folder.

2. Restore Image
This application is also very good to bring back the deleted photo from memory card, so far more than 10 million have been downloaded on the playstore of this app, the devolopers of this app are Alpaca soft, and this app on the playstore Has a rating of 4 star so that you can gauge the popularity of this app.

It is very easy to recover deleted images from restore image, just you have to follow some steps given below.

step1. First you download the restore image app from the playstore, or download it by clicking on the download button below.

Restore Image Download
Step 2. Once the App is installed, open it and click on Search The Image You Want To Restore button.

deleted photo recover
step3. Now all your photos will start being scanned and this may take some time.

step4. After scanning is complete all the folders will come in front of you, now you check all the folders and when you find your deleted photo, select those photos and click on Restore image.

deleted photo wapas lana hai
step5. Now all your selected photos will start recovering and all of them will be returned to your device in a while.
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G shala application

G shala application

A campus in relation to a school
Directorate of Public Education, Madhya Pradesh has taken an important step in the direction of school management under the Education Department as "One campus is one school", letter no / F 44-19 / 2018 / of MP Government School Education Department 20-2 Bhopal dated 05-09-2018 (one campus one school circular no. 1) as a school (integrated school) integrating various level schools (PS / MS / HS / HSS) operated in a campus It has been decided to operate in

Regarding the implementation of a campus one school by DPI, order number / EPES / A / C on 03-07-2019. Detailed instructions were issued by / 2019/20.

After integration, the school will be called Integrated School in the name of senior level school. Senior School means the school in which the highest level classrooms are run on the campus. The school with more enrollment (session 2018-19) in the same level school has been nominated as the main school. Instructions have been issued by the School Education Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, for maintenance of records related to operations in integrated schools, the main features of a campus - a school are as follows -
A campus - the main points of an epes
The name of the school will be the same board
Single Teacher Meeting (Staff Room)
Unified teacher attendance register
Integrated time table
Teacher sharing
Scholar Register Integrated
Integrated library
Integrated stock stock register

Detailed instructions issued by the School Education Department regarding the above arrangements are as follows -
1. Board name of the school: - After the integration of different level schools in a campus, there will be a board named after the senior level school of the integrated school in which the name of the school will be written with 'integrated school'. The board of the name of the other school will be painted white and the name of the school written on other buildings should be removed. In the integrated school board, from which class the school is operated, it should be mentioned that along with it, a school should also be mentioned on the board of the integrated school.

2. Teacher meeting arrangement: - After the integration of different level schools operated in a campus, the seating arrangement of teachers in the integrated school will be in the same room (staff room) which will be of senior level school. Similarly, the in-charge of the included schools will not have separate rooms, the senior-most level in-charge (Principal / Pr) will have only one room.

3. Teacher attendance register: A single staff attendance register will be maintained for all the schools covered under one campus in which the names of all teachers / other staff members will be written in the order of post seniority.
Example: - Lecturer, Senior Secondary Teacher, Senior Teacher (if any), Principal is a post of equivalent school, so the names of public servants coming from the appointment / promotion to the said posts should be written in the order of seniority of appointment / promotion in the said cadres. will. The same principle will apply in cases of high grade teacher, secondary teacher, teacher (if any), exercise teacher class 'B'.

Similarly, in case of integrated school, names of assistant teacher, primary teacher, assistant teacher (if any) will be written. Subsequently, the names of non-teaching staff, such as accountant, clerk, and the name of the devotee will be mentioned.

Under no circumstances, in the Teacher / Staff Attendance Register, the designation classification of teachers will not be written as Primary Department, Secondary Department, Higher Secondary Department, Higher Secondary Department, even if they teach in any kind of classroom.

4. Integrated Time Table: - Integrated time table of different level schools should be prepared in a campus, in which there will be a single time table starting from the highest level of the class to the lowest class, in which the scheduling of time blocks will be done by the Directorate of Public Instruction. According to the educational calendar issued by the state, but for classes 1 to 5 and classes 6 to 8, the time table will be followed according to the subject suggested by the State Education Center, Bhopal. Suggestive time table for integrated school from class 1 to 12 is being attached with the letter. Schools can change the time table as per their requirement.

5. Teacher Sharing: After the integration of different level schools operated in a campus, arrangements should be made for teaching work in integrated school as follows -
1. If the primary teacher / assistant teacher is a graduate, then according to the subject, from class 6 to 8, teaching work will be done as per the requirement.
2. Similarly, secondary teacher, upper class teacher will do teaching work in class 4 and 5 as per requirement.
3. Secondary teacher / Uth grade teacher will do teaching work from class 6 to 10 according to the subject.
4. Secondary teacher / Higher grade teacher / PR. If it is postgraduate, then according to the subject, from class 6 to 12, teaching work will be done if required.
5, Higher Secondary teacher / lecturer will do teaching work from class 9 to 12, teaching in class 6 to 8 as per the requirement.
According to above, the Principal of the Integrated School / Pr. This will be done keeping in view the availability of teachers in the integrated school. In unavoidable situations, the Principal / Pr. Teachers of integrated school will be able to take decisions for teaching work in any class. But before taking such a decision, it will be mandatory to take care of the prescribed educational qualifications for teaching that class.
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Photo Recovery - Ztool

Pratham Education Foundation, a survey organization on the status of education, has recently released its 14th Annual Status of Education Report (ASAR) 2019. This report focuses on pre-primary and primary level (elementary education) young children. The report covers 36930 children from 1514 villages located in 26 districts in 24 states of India. This 'Asr' report has shown that 69 percent of 4-year-old children in government pre-primary classes and 55 percent of 5-year-olds are unable to solve the puzzle In today's time, most people use mobile phones and one of the main reasons is that the use of mobiles in the easy and user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone from children to the elderly, but no matter how easy it is But mistakes are often made from human beings because it is also because the basic nature of a human being is to make mistakes.

It often happens to us that some of our important photos are deleted from us by mistake, this happens when either we are correcting the storage of the phone or albums are deleting or it is done by the hands of children Also, in a hurry, we make a mistake to delete the entire album after seeing one or two photos, but after that when our photos are not available to us, then we take them to Recover where our Photos Recover also happens.

In this way, Delete Data Recovery from Pen Drive

How to Recover Delete Photos

Today we are going to tell you one such way that you can recover all the deleted photos of your phone, for this many people say that you have to root the phone but today we are going to tell you such a way So that you can recover photos from the phone without rooting. Just make sure that the photos are deleted only and not the phone has reset.

Easily Delete Data from Memory Card Recovery

If you want to take a memory card instead of your Deleted Photos, you can also do it this way, you will have to take help of a third-party application for this, which you can download free from Android Playstore Ios Store. By doing this, you can easily recover your Deleted Photos.

This is your name Diskdigger Photo Recovery

1. You have to install Diskdigger App and open it.

After this you will see the option of “Start Basic Photo Scan” on which you have to click on it.

3. After this, the window of Scanning will come on your screen, where you can see all the photos, this scanning can take you a little time.

Kharab Memory Card Ko Kaise Repair Kare

4. Now when Scanning is going on, then you will see a small checkbox near those photos that will come on the screen, now give the checkbox on the photos that you have to restore.

5. By doing this, those photos will be selected, after that you just have to click on the Recover button above.

Deleted photos will return like this

6. Now a window will come in front of you, where you will ask for this location, now you want to save these photos wherever you have a phone or memory card, just select the location. As soon as you do this, Photo Recovery on the notification bar of your phone Notification of this will appear.

7. After this, all your photos will come in your phone's gallery.of 4 pieces. Most children in both government and private schools up to class three are 7 or 8 years old, but 46.6 percent of the 8-year-olds of class 3 cannot even read the class 1 level. The percentage of such children of 7 years of this class is 53.9. In class 1, only 41.1 percent of children can recognize a two-digit number. Even in class 3, there are 27.7 percent children who cannot recognize double digit numbers. Keep in mind, according to NCERT's Learning Outcome, children should be able to recognize numbers up to 99 in Class I itself. One of the reasons for the weak class level in the report is that the prescribed age group is not being taken care of in enrolling children.

91.3 percent children aged 4 and 99.5 percent children aged 8 are enrolled in the 26 districts covered in the survey. But children of the same age are enrolled in different types of educational institutions, such as schools, pre-primary or Anganwadi centers etc. For example, a student of 5 years of age is taking pre-primary education in Anganwadi while another student of the same age is studying in primary education in a private or government school. Admission pattern differs even among these young children. While the number of boys is more in private educational institutions, the number of girls in government educational institutions is more.

According to the image result for school student indiatimes report, about 50 percent of 4-year-old children and more than 25 percent of 5-year-old children are enrolled in Anganwadi. But these children have less developed skills and basic abilities to understand things than children studying in private school LKG and UKG classrooms. There is a clear indication towards the declining educational level of Anganwadi centers. But the reason given for this is that they are young children, who spend most of their time at home. Therefore differences in their development may be due to some domestic characteristics.

This report is very important in view of the declining level of education in the country. In view of the need to be strict in terms of age, this arrangement can be made stricter that children should be sent to Anganwadi instead of being included in primary classes before completing the prescribed age. Arrangement should be made to include all children in Anganwadis and a suitable school preparation program for three and four year olds.
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