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Sunday, 27 November 2022

Sankat Sakhi Application Free Download

Sankat Sakhi Application Free Download | Many schemes related to women are run by various departments in Gujarat government. A separate department has been created by the government for the up liftment of women. Named as Women and Child Development Department. Many schemes for development, empowerment, security and safety of women have been made by this department.

Sankat Sakhi Mobile App

Ganga Swarupa Remarriage Yojana, a widow assistance scheme for resettlement of women, is run by WCD Gujarat. In order to increase the number of women in the state, the Vali Dotti Yojana, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao has been implemented. In addition, schemes are also run for the safety and security of women, such as 181 Women Helpline, Police Station Base Support Center (PBSC), Sakhi One Stop Centre, Nari Kendra and Sankat Sakhi Mobile Application etc. Today we will get Sankat Sakhi Mobile Application information through this article.

Sankat Sakhi mobile application is developed by Department of Women and Child Development. This application is designed to help women. In today’s digital age it is very important to have all the help at finger tips. With that in mind, Sankat Sakhi Mobile Application has been created. Which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

Purpose of creating this app

This app is designed to make women aware, aware of their officials and provide information and help related to safety and security to women at their fingertips.

What services can be availed from Sankat Sakhi app?

One can get a lot of information and help online through this app made for women. Information about women’s rights, safety tips, women’s policies and women-oriented schemes can be obtained from this application. Can get information and contact numbers about the nearest police station in difficult circumstances or situations. And they can also directly call 181 women helpline for help. Also, can get information on women’s help centers.

વિદ્યાસહાયક ભરતી ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ જુઓ અહીંથી

Detailed information of schemes

Through the Sankat Sakhi mobile application, one can get detailed information like scheme information, help center information, FAQ’s and Safalya Gatha. Information about the following schemes can be obtained through the application.

  • Police Station Based Support Center (PBSC)
  • Sakhi One Stop Center (OSC)
  • Women’s Defense Home/ Centre
  • Swadhar Griha Yojana
  • Working Women Hostel Scheme
  • “Help” in Sankat Sakhi application

On the option named “Women’s rights”, information about the types of violence against women will be found. In which, by clicking on the type of part, as per the photo shown on the side, complete information related to that part will be seen.

Sankat Sakhi Application Free Download
Clicking on the option named “Nearest Police Station” will show the screen as shown in the adjacent photo. In which the location of all the police stations near that area will be seen.

After clicking on the option named “Help” on the screen of the mobile, click on the button named “ALLOW” and give permission to call. Women helpline numbers can be contacted as mentioned on the side giving permission.

By Clicking on the option named “Safety Tips”, information on what precautions women should take will be found.

Clicking on the option named “Women Oriented Policies” will show the policies made by the state for gender 

How To Download Sankat Sakhi App?

  • This application made for women can be easily downloaded in mobile. Let’s get information on how to download this application step by step.Go to Playstore.
  • Then type “Sankhat Sakhi” in its search box.
  • Now you will see the official “SankatSakhi” application of Government of Gujarat.
  • Finally, you have to click on “Install” button to download the Sankat Sakhi mobile application.
  • Sankat Sakhi Application Free Download

Sankat Sakhi Application Free Download Click Here
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Saturday, 26 November 2022

This one remedy will provide relief from joint pain caused by uric acid, 100% never to be faced again in life.

This one remedy will provide relief from joint pain caused by uric acid, 100% never to be faced again in life.

Friends, generally when the uric acid level in our body increases with age, people face various problems. 

In which problems like rheumatism, joint pain, rheumatism etc. trouble a person for the rest of his life. 

In such a situation, in today's article we are going to tell you about some home remedies, which have the power to reduce elevated uric acid levels.

Increased uric acid levels can be reduced if you include walnuts in your diet. 

Let us tell you in this order that if you consume fiber rich food, the uric acid level starts to decrease due to which you can get relief from pain.

You can also reduce elevated uric acid levels by using baking soda. 

For this you should start consuming baking soda by adding it to water and consume 7 to 8 glasses of baking soda water during the day.

If you eat foods rich in vitamin C, it has the potential to lower uric acid levels and cause uric acid to pass through the toilet without causing pain. 

You can also try using uric acid.

You should also use lemon to control the increased uric acid levels in the body. 

Because lemons are rich in vitamin C. 

For this you have to squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and consume it.

Apart from this, a spoon full of linseeds and chewed after meals can also remove increased uric acid levels. 

You should include more fruits and vegetables in your meals. 

Along with this, eating outside should be avoided as far as possible.

Apart from this, try to avoid ghee and fried food to control the increased level of uric acid. 

Because it contains omega 3 fatty acids, which can control the rising level of uric acid.

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How to use 5G in Mobile? / How to use 5G In Mobile? /What to do to change 5G setting? full detail with step

How to use 5G in Mobile? / How to use 5G In Mobile? /What to do to change 5G setting? full detail with step

5G setting in Mobile: How to use 5G In Mobile: JIO has started 5G network in all cities of Gujarat. Airtel has launched 5G network service in 8 major cities of the country. These include Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Siliguri and Kolkata. Other companies are also ready to offer 5G services in the coming days. Some users are buying 5G phones to experience 5G and some users already have 5G supported devices. Redmi phone 5g setting,samsung phone 5g setting

Note that currently, even if you have a 5G phone, you cannot use this service. For this you have to do some settings in the phone. Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea (Vi) users have to follow a few steps to activate the 5G network on their phones.

5G setting in mobile

5G setting in Redmi phone, 5G setting in Samsung phone, 5G setting in Oppo phone, 5G setting in Vivo phone, 5G setting in OnePlus phone

First of all, check with your SIM operator whether there is a 5G network in your area or not. You can call the customer care number of Jio, Airtel or Vi to get the information.

If there is a 5G network in your area, check if you have a 5G support phone provided by Jio, Airtel or Vi.

Now go to the settings of your 5G smartphone and then click on the mobile network option.

You have to select the operator for which you want to set up 5G connectivity.

Click on either SIM 1 or SIM 2 and scroll down to get pewferred network type.

Now select the option from 5G/4G/3G/2G (Auto). So that your smartphone can automatically detect the 5G network running in your area and make it the default data connectivity option in your phone.

You may need to update the 5G software version in your phone. For that, go to the settings and check if there is any feature or update related to 5G.

Now restart your phone. If the 5G software version is available in your area, it will start working.

5G Recharge Plan

Airtel 5G Recharge Plan, jIO 5G Recharge Plan, VI 5G Recharge Plan

The price of the 5G plan is not disclosed

The speed of 5G will be 10 times faster than 4G, so it is assumed that it will require more bandwidth. Currently, the company has not announced the pricing of the 5G plan. Hopefully the price will also be introduced soon.

Recharge Plan Important Link

Airtel Recharge Plan Click Here

Jio Recharge Plan Click Here

BSNL Recharge Plan Click Here

VI Recharge Plan Click Here

Steps to use 5G in mobile

If you want to use 5G in your mobile. Then this article will be very useful for you. 5G network has been launched in some cities recently. If there is no information about its settings, today we will tell you that by changing the settings in the mobile, you will be able to use the 5G network. Airtel, Jio, Vi users follow these simple steps

After the 5G launch, if you also want to use the 5G service in the phone, then you have to follow some steps. Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea (Vi) users have to follow a few steps to enable 5G on their phones.

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Another epidemic crisis: Risk of Disease X after Corona, the eyes of 300 WHO scientists, let's know what this disease is

Another epidemic crisis: Risk of Disease X after Corona, the eyes of 300 WHO scientists, let's know what this disease is

Corona epidemic has completed 3 years. Millions of people have lost their lives in Corona. So in between, another disease is taking its toll. The World Health Organization has said that such types of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are being diagnosed, due to which there may be a risk of serious illness or epidemic in the future. A team of around 300 scientists from around the world has been formed in this project.

Many pathogens included in the list

According to WHO, the list published since 2017 includes many dangerous pathogens. It also includes Corona virus, Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Lassa fever, Nipah virus, Zika virus and Disease X. Pathogens are organisms that cause many diseases. This can make any tree, plant, animal or microorganism sick.

Disease X can be monitored

The WHO team is going to keep a special eye on Disease X. Currently, this is a completely unknown disease. Scientists say that this disease will prove to be extremely dangerous for humans. So this disease can also take the form of an epidemic. Whatever virus or bacteria this disease is caused by, its infection will spread faster than Corona. That is why it is important to find it in time.

Research will help in the cure

After updating the list, WHO scientists will start searching for successful treatments for these diseases. By identifying the risk of bacteria and viruses ahead of time, tests and vaccines can be developed to avoid them. Pathogens that have the ability to rapidly spread infection will target their entire family.

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Special Scheme / You Can't Think: 39 Months FD is getting Mind-Blowing Interest, Benefit Only Benefit

Special Scheme / You Can't Think: 39 Months FD is getting Mind-Blowing Interest, Benefit Only Benefit

Bajaj Finance has increased the interest rate on Fixed Deposit (FD). Bajaj Finance has made this change due to the increase in the repo rate by the Reserve Bank.

Bajaj Finance hikes interest rates on FDs

Bajaj Finance launched a special FD scheme of 39 months

Interest rate hiked by 0.25 percent on 39-month FDs

Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) Bajaj Finance offers great interest rates on Fixed Deposits (FD). Bajaj Finance has launched a special 39-month FD scheme offering interest at 7.85 per cent to senior citizens. At the same time, common people will get interest at the rate of 7.60 percent on investing in this scheme. Senior citizens are getting the highest interest on 44 months fixed deposits. He is getting 7.95 percent interest on this scheme. Similarly, general public will get interest rate of 7.70 percent on this scheme.

Sachin Sikka, Executive Vice President, Fixed Deposits and Investments, Bajaj Finance, said, "Earlier we used to change the FD interest rate once every 6 months. This time we made a quick improvement. He said that the increase in the FD interest rate was due to the increase in the repo rate of the Reserve Bank. The interest rate on 39 month FD has been increased by 0.25 percent.

The company has a depositor base of Bajaj Finance's Fixed Deposit Scheme. In which the average ticket per depositor is 3.5 lakhs. The company has a base of over 10 lakh FDs and 4.25 lakh depositors. A company may also cross sell financial products to its customers.

The repo rate was hiked by 0.50 percent in June, taking the repo rate to 4.90 percent. In August, the RBI again hiked the repo rate by 0.50 percent to 5.40. In September, it increased once again by 0.50 percent and the repo rate stood at 5.90 percent. Overall, the repo rate has increased four times this year so far.

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Friday, 25 November 2022

Vastu Tips / Doing this remedy in the south direction of the house brings prosperity, deva and freedom from poverty

Vastu Tips / Doing this remedy in the south direction of the house brings prosperity, deva and freedom from poverty

Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance in human life. Be it the house or the belongings kept in it, if kept in terms of Vastu, there will never be any disturbance. By which the blessing of Lakshmi is received and the blessing is preserved.

Do this remedy in the south direction of the house

You will get blessings of Lakshmi

Get rid of debts and quarrels

Arrange the house in Vastu terms

If there is no happiness, peace and blessings in the home, the hard work done by a person has no meaning. He tries a lot for peace and harmony in the house. Even doing puja-recitations, but the desired fruit is not obtained. It is necessary that the house is organized in terms of Vastu. Which brings happiness and prosperity in the house, but also freedom from debt, poverty and calamity. Vaastu Shastra has mentioned many remedies for south direction of house.


There is always conflict and conflict in the house. Due to which there is an atmosphere of unrest, then keep the broom towards the south direction. By doing this, the unrest in the house is removed and brings happiness. However, the broom should never be kept in the north-east direction.

The bed

In the bedroom of the house, the head of the bed should always be towards the south direction. Due to which, even after sleeping, sleep will be good and bad thoughts will never come in the mind. In Vastu Shastra, it is said that it is auspicious for a person to have his head in the south direction and his feet in the north direction while sleeping.


If the house is full of negative energy and due to this many kinds of problems are being faced, then put photos of phoenix bird in the south direction in the living room of the house i.e. sitting room. By doing this, negative energy is removed and positive energy is channeled.

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Thursday, 24 November 2022


BSNL Jobs Vacancy and BSNL Recruitment Advertisement Details: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) career opportunity for ITI, Diploma and Graduates. Government Jobs seeker get Latest BSNL Recruitment Notifications free jobs alert in this page. The BSNL is a schedule 'A' Public Sector company under the administrative control of Government of India.

BSNL Recruitment: Overview

  • Name of the Organization : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
  • Name of the Post : Apprentice
  • Number of Vacancies : 03
  • Starting Date of the Application : 17-11-2022
  • Last Date of the Application : 07-12-2022
  • Application Mode : Online
  • Job Location : Yavatrnal, Amravati, Akola – Maharashtra
  • Official Website portal. :

The Application Process has already started on 17-11-2022, Aspirants can Apply before the last date of the Application 07-12-2022. From this Article, candidates will get all the necessary information about this Recruitment Such as Eligibility Criteria, Vacancy Details, Salary, Selection Process, Application Process, and many more. all the Applicants are Requested to Read the Full Article For Detailed Information.

BSNL Recruitment: Eligibility criteria

Applicants Who Want to Apply for this Recruitment Should be Aware of the Vacancy Details of this Recruitment. From the below table, Candidates will know the All Vacancy Details.

Educational Qualification
  • Applicants should have completed a Degree from any of the recognized boards or universities.

Age Limit 
  • Age Limitation Depends on Companies Rules and Regulations.

  • Applicants will get Rs 1,23,100 – 2,15,900/- Salary Per Month.

Application Fees
  • No Application fees are Required For this Recruitment.

Selection Process
  • Applicants will be Selected on the basis of the Interview.

How to Apply ?
  • First, visit the official website @
  • And check for the BSNL Recruitment or Careers to which you are going to apply.
  • Open the Apprentice Jobs notification and check Eligibility.
  • Check the last date carefully before starting the application form.
  • If you are eligible, Fill out the application form without any mistakes.
  • Pay the application fee (If applicable) and submit the application form and capture the Application form number/acknowledgment number.

Important Link:
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