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Tuesday 16 November 2021

BSF Recruitment 2021:

BSF Recruitment 2021: 

BSF Recruitment 2021: This is a very good opportunity for candidates getting jobs in Border Security Force. Border Security Force (BSF Group C Vaccancy) has issued recruitment for Group C post. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for this post. All candidates can apply for the advertised recruitment in Border Security Force from this website. Applications can be made online within 45 days of the announcement in the employment news.

BSF Recruitment 2021

Total Post: 72

Post Name:

Constable (Sewerman): 2 posts,

Constable (Generator Operator) No: 24

Constable (Generator Mechanic): 28

Constable (Lineman): 11

ASI: 1

HC: 6

Educational Qualification :

According to the official notification, for recruitment to the post of constable, the candidate should have passed standard 10 from a recognized board

Candidate is also required to have post related ITI certificate.

The age of the candidate applying for the post should be between 18 to 25 years.

Candidates in the reserved category will be given relaxation in the age limit as per government rules.

Candidate can check the official notification for detailed information

Application Fees

Gen/ OBC/ EWS: Rs. 100/-

SC/ ST/ FEmale/ ESM: Rs. 0/

Mode of Payment: Online

Age Limit

18-25 Years (As on 29.12.2021)

[Age Relaxation as per Rules]

Read Notification

Apply Online

Selection Process:

This job of BSF will be based on physical ability and written test. Criteria including height are given for male and female candidates for physical fitness. Candidates should definitely look at the recruitment advertisement once and then apply.

How to Apply

Check the eligibility from the official notification

Download the application form from the link given below

Fill the application form, attach the required documents, and send it to the given address.

Important Dates

Apply Start: 15.11.2021

Apply Last Date: 29/12/2021

Exam Date: Notify Later

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Thursday 11 November 2021

The magical benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel

The magical benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel

In Ayurveda and also in many natural therapies or elders it has been said that drinking water in a copper vessel has many health benefits to the body. Drinking water from a copper vessel flushes out toxins from the body. Which is commonly referred to as talk, cough and bile. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel develops the body's ability to control these three defects and it is because of these three defects that the body becomes diseased. Water stored in a copper vessel is also known as copper water. Drinking water kept in a copper pot, jug or glass for at least eight hours is extremely beneficial for health. So know today its many benefits.

Eliminates bacteriaThe nature of copper is known as oligodynamic (the effect of sterilization of metals on bacteria) and regular consumption of the water contained in it can easily destroy the bacteria in the body. Drinking the water in it kills the germs of diseases like diarrhea and jaundice. But one thing to keep in mind is that the vessel should be filled with clean water.

Regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland
According to experts, water with a touch of copper metal normalizes the body's thyroid gland and also regulates its functioning. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel controls the disease, just condition that the water and the stored copper vessel should be clean.
Relieves joint pain, soreness and swelling
Drinking water kept in a copper vessel is very beneficial in joint pain and diarrhea. Copper utensils have properties that reduce uric acid in the body and eliminate joint problems.

આને પણ વાંચો

બદલાતી ઋતુમાં ગળામાં દુઃખાવા જેવી સમસ્યા પરેશાન કરે છે ગળામાં દુખાવો થાય તો અપનાવો આ અસરકારક આયુર્વેદિક ઉપાયો

Makes skin healthyWater kept in a copper vessel makes the skin glow. Drink water kept in a copper vessel and stay healthy in the morning to make the skin shiny. Apart from this you can also kill the peel on the eyes with this water and also wash the mouth with it. Skin problems will disappear.

Fixes digestionIn case of acidity or gas or any other common stomach problem, drinking water kept in a copper vessel gives relief. According to Ayurveda, if you want to get rid of toxins from your body, drink water kept in a copper vessel for at least 8 hours. This will eliminate the problems.
Prevents aging

આને પણ વાંચો

No one likes growing old, as many problems start with it. Both men and women want the signs of aging to remain hidden. Then drink copper water regularly if you want to. Drinking this water removes wrinkles, loose skin etc. This type of water also removes dead skin and new skin comes.

Helpful in weight lossAnyone who wants to lose weight should drink water kept in a copper vessel. Drinking this water reduces the extra fat in the body and does not cause any deficiency or weakness in the body. Water kept in a copper vessel also provides relief to the body.
Eliminates anemia

Copper is essential in most body processes. It works by absorbing essential nutrients for the body. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel cures anemia and disorders.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી
Supporting the fight against cancerIn case of cancer, you should always drink water kept in a copper vessel. Because the water kept in the copper vessel eliminates the problem of bile and phlegm. This type of water is rich in antioxidants which provide strength to fight against this disease. According to the American Cancer Society, copper helps cancer patients in many ways. This is a beneficial metal in which retained water provides the most benefits. Which has anti-cancer effect.
Eliminates anemia
This fact about copper provides the most surprises. Copper is very necessary and beneficial in most of the body's processes. This works to absorb the essential nutrients in the body. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel eliminates the problems of anemia and blood disorders.

Heals the heart and relieves hypertensionIf a person suffers from heart disease or has any kind of heart problem, he should keep water in a copper jug ​​at night and get up in the morning and drink it. It is important to do this regularly. Drinking such water every morning makes the heart strong and healthy. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel improves blood circulation throughout the body. Apart from this the problem of hypertension also stays away from it.
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Wednesday 10 November 2021

Google Family Link for Parents App

Google Family Link for Parents App 

Who gets depression? Depression is a very common disease. Depression can affect anyone - male or female, child or elderly, educated or uneducated, poor or needy. Depression usually starts between the ages of 30 and 40. Every hundred and twenty women and every hundred men get depression sometimes during their lifetime. According to the World Health Organization, depression will be the second leading cause of illness in the world by 2020.explore the art, history, people and wonders of our world.

With Family Link parental controls, you can:

Symptoms of depression: - The patient of depression is constantly feeling sad. He doesn't seem to mind anything. Symptoms include depression, helplessness, and anger. If you have any of the following four or more symptoms, it is advisable to seek treatment from a psychiatrist.

Identify Depression and Treat it for Depression

Sleep disturbances, late sleep, occasional eye openings, sleep deprivation two to three hours earlier than usual, refreshing, deep sleep or excessive sleep.

Loss of appetite, weight loss.
To be depressed, not to indulge in activities of interest,
Feeling weak, tired soon.
I'm of no use. Such an adenoma.
Constant frustration.
I have done nothing wrong, I have committed a great sin, the wrong feeling of being guilty
Lack of concentration, difficulty in making decisions.
Speak-walk-think become dull or become fast, gossip
Constant thoughts of death, thoughts of suicide or attempt.
Other Symptoms 12% of patients with depressive disorder have strong beliefs that cannot be dispelled by arguments, despite giving false evidence. E.g. My brain is rotten. My heart is pounding, I have committed unforgivable sins, I am of no use, I have become a beggar wandering in a poor way, etc.

Physical symptoms: such as pain in different parts of the body - head, body, chest, back pain, weakness - weakness, etc., patients go to the doctor for depression. The medical examination does not reveal any physical cause for these symptoms. In our country, especially all patients with depression go to the doctor with the same physical symptoms. If a proper diagnosis is not made, the patient has to undergo various tests. Many ineffective drugs are given, a lot of costs are incurred but the problems do not go away.

The above mentioned physical and mental symptoms persist for about twenty four hours in depressed patients. Sadness cannot be removed from any good occasion or good news. Some patients are reluctant to go to the doctor for treatment as they feel a burden on their family.

The biggest risk of depression is suicide. Depression accounts for more than 90% of all suicidal deaths. The first ten most important causes of death include suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four. 17% of depressed patients die from suicide.

Contrary to popular belief, most suicide attempts and suicide attempts are committed by friends, doctors or family members. If someone talks about suicide, it should be taken seriously and diagnosed and treated by a psychiatrist as soon as possible, so that the risk of suicide can be avoided. The higher the risk of suicide, the higher the risk of depression in two stages: helplessness, depression, etc., when the patient is recovering from depression during treatment. .

Types of depression

Depression can be diagnosed if the symptoms persist for more than two weeks in a row. The more serious the depression, the greater the impact on daily life. As the severity of the disease increases, it becomes impossible to enjoy even the activities you like. Only with successful treatment can most patients recover completely.

Many patients have only one attack of depression and never experience depression again. But most patients have frequent seizures. The disease becomes chronic in fifteen to twenty percent of patients. These long-term patients may also have more severe depressive attacks.

About half of all patients recover from a second attack in five years. The period between two attacks is usually exactly the same person. They can handle work, social and economic responsibilities. No one even realizes that. That he had a disease before this. Fifteen to twenty percent of patients develop depression, which lasts for more than two years.

The onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. Such abrupt changes in mood are due to chemical changes in the neurons of the brain. About 90% of these patients can be completely cured with treatment and the symptoms of most patients can be controlled.

Depression in women

Depression is more common in women than in men. Physical as well as social factors may be responsible for this. The dual responsibilities of home and business, not having a husband, the responsibility of caring for children or elderly parents can be stressful. Endocrine changes during the life cycle - Changes during menstruation, miscarriage, postpartum, and around menopause increase a woman's risk of depression. .

It is common for many women to experience fatigue, restlessness, boredom, nausea, irritability, insomnia and crying in the immediate days after delivery. Treatment of depression only becomes necessary if multiple symptoms of depression last for more than fifteen days at a time. About 15-20% of women develop depression within a month of childbirth. In addition to treatment, help and guidance from the family in caring for the newborn is important.

Depression in men

Men also get depressed but they can't accept it. Abroad, four times more men die of suicide than women. Instead of despair or helplessness, men are more likely to be irritated or angry. They also consume excessive amounts of alcohol or other drugs or are constantly on the move. Depression is a real disease that needs treatment.

Depression in old age

Most seniors are satisfied with their lives. Aging should not be considered as depression. Older people with depression typically complain of physical problems: sleep, hunger, pain, tingling, or poor memory. They don’t talk about sadness, not being happy, mourning for a long time after the death of a loved one, and so on. Depression can be accompanied by physical illness or depression. Aging can also be an effective treatment for depression. .

Depression in children and adolescents

Depression can also occur in children and adolescents. The child refuses to go to school, makes various physical complaints, stays attached to the parents, worries that something will happen to the parents, stays behind in teaching or the parents do not obey the teachers. Psychiatry is especially effective in treating depression in children. .

Why does depression occur?

Not one but various factors are responsible for depression. Depression is more common in some families. .

Some changes are seen in the brains of depressed patients. The brain is made up of countless coils of millions of interconnected nerves. Proper functioning of biochemicals, known as neurotransmitters, is used to communicate between them. Deficiency of serotonin and norepinephrine in these chemicals can lead to depression. Some physical ailments, such as hypothyroidism or drugs used to treat other physical ailments, can cause depression.

Any change in life especially a negative incident e.g. Money, prestige, loss of a loved one, etc. are often associated with the onset of depression. Depression often occurs after childbirth. Depression is especially common among single-parent mothers who are struggling to cope with financial difficulties, raising young children and raising a family.

Depression often begins after a stressful event. The sadness that results from a social situation is a common experience. E.g. If this happens after the death of a relative, will there be sadness? Are considered and are not treated. Many people in society face traumatic situations. But not everyone gets sick. Sometimes depression starts even if there is no stressful incident. Depression does not start with the wrath of mantra-tantra or gods and goddesses.


The doctor usually performs a thorough physical examination. Performs laboratory tests as needed. Checks for any physical ailments or medications for them that are responsible for depression. It asks the following questions. .

What's wrong?

Since when is the problem? How did it start
What is the effect of symptoms on life?
Has this happened before?
Was there any treatment for it?
What was the treatment? How much did it benefit?
Thoughts of suicide come?
Alcohol or other drugs?
Has any family member ever had such a problem?
What treatment did he receive? How much did it benefit?


Depression is caused by physical, mental and social factors. Therefore, medication, electric shock treatment, psychiatry and the support of relatives are also important for treatment. With medication alone, up to 90% of patients with severe depression can recover in four to six weeks. Electric shock shakes benefit 5% of patients. Different types of psychiatry help more patients.

If a family member of a patient is depressed and has benefited from certain medications, the patient is more likely to benefit from the same medication. .

Depending on the possible side effects of the medication, the physical ailment and the medication given for it, the doctor will prescribe the safest and most effective medication for depression in a particular patient. .

Google parents app નો ગુંજ ઠક્કર નો વિડીયો અહિંથી જુઓ

Medications are usually started with low doses. But the drug is increased until the effective dose of the drug is beneficial. Some of the symptoms of depression, such as sleep, appetite, etc., improve rapidly. Sadness is finally removed from Sai. It can take up to three to four weeks (in some cases two months) for the drugs to get the most benefit. It just so happens that there is a slight benefit from the medication now that it feels better. If it works without medicine or if there is no benefit, then there is no benefit from the medicine. Thinking this, the patient stops the medicine on his own. This is not right. It is important to take regular medication long enough for the full benefit of the medication. Often side effects of the drug appear before the drug can be used. .

Once effective, the effective medication should be continued in the same dose for at least one year

Comes here. If the drug is stopped earlier, the symptoms reappear. Usually the drug is stopped by slowing down the dose, not completely. Medications should not be stopped manually without consulting a doctor. Medications have to be taken for life if there are frequent seizures or if the depression lasts for more than two years. .

Depression medications are not the only sleep medications. Moreover, these drugs do not become addictive. The doctor will examine the benefits and side effects of the medication. If a person suffering from depression suffers from any physical ailment, the doctor should be informed about the antidepressant medication he / she is taking during the treatment. Anti-depressant medications are safe in themselves but can have the opposite effect if taken with other medications. Alcohol consumption is not advisable.

Anxiety medications are not antidepressants. But sometimes doctors also prescribe antidepressants, along with antidepressants, in the early stages of treatment for insomnia. Anxiety medications alone do not completely cure depression. .

Drugs called lithium, diavalprox and carbamazepine are effective for bipolar disorder. In addition to these drugs, antidepressants need to be given for depression in bipolar disorder. .

Depression medications can have side effects just like physical illness medications. But these side effects are short-lived and mild. A doctor should be consulted immediately if side effects of the medication affect daily life.

In psychiatry the depressed patient meets with a trained psychiatrist and the depression is eliminated through communication. Different types of psychotherapy can be effective. Psychiatry is usually done along with medications or electric shock shakes. Psychiatry alone is not effective in severe depression. Psychiatry alone can be effective in less severe depression. In psychiatry the patient is given an understanding of the disease. It is hoped that successful treatment will be provided. The patient is trained to discern negative thoughts, challenge them and replace them with realistic ideas. The psychiatrist promotes the expression of emotion and establishes a warm supportive relationship.

Electric shake treatment

Electrical shake treatment is given in cases where there are constant suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, drugs are not safe or the drugs have not benefited. The patient is injected and made unconscious. Then a mild electric current is passed through his brain. So that comes in wi. Such a shock comes.

Such treatment is usually given two to three times a week. About 5 to 20 such treatments are given until the patient recovers or seems to be ineffective. This treatment is completely painless, safe and effective. Sometimes he saves lives by eliminating suicidal thoughts. In some patients the memory of recent events is weakened enough for a few weeks. But this is not permanent. Medications need to be continued for up to a year even after the electric shock has healed. About 20% to 5% of depressed patients benefit from electric shock treatment.

How can relatives help a depressed person?

Self-help can help a person with depression to be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Patients with depression are reluctant to go for treatment because of negative thoughts and disability that nothing good is going to happen. With the insistence and help of relatives, they can be ready for treatment. According to the doctor's instructions, they should take the medicine exactly until the symptoms of depression go away (6 to 8 weeks). Once cured, the patient can take the medicine on his own. A person with depression needs support. It requires understanding, patience, love, and encouragement. It is important to talk to the person who is suffering from depression and listen carefully. Do not deny the feelings he expresses, but tell what the reality is and give hope. If he does not accept your invitation, insist again. Try to engage him in hobbies, sports, religious or cultural activities. But don't push too hard in this matter. Excessive pressure can also make me feel like I have failed. The depressed patient needs change, needs your support. You pretend, you are lazy. The mind becomes firm, what sadness comes? Don't say etc. Most depression is cured by treatment. Remember to tell the depressed patient for sure that the treatment and help will get better over time.
What do you do if you have a depressive disorder? It seems. It is very important to know that these negative thoughts and feelings are a symptom of depression. These thoughts and feelings will gradually subside when the treatment has a good effect.
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Tuesday 9 November 2021

If your lips are chapped in winter, try this homemade recipe.

If your lips are chapped in winter, try this homemade recipe.

Always remember to use lip gloss when applying makeup. In addition, if the lips are more chapped, apply lip moisturizer and lip balm 3-4 times a day.

Lifestyle Desk: With the onset of winter, health as well as beauty can sometimes be a problem. The effects of winter are beginning to show. Then some people have the problem of cracked lips. The lips become dry. At such times, even if there is no desire, the tongue often starts moving on the lips and the saliva absorbs the moisture of the lips. Which causes the back to freeze on the lips. And it seems to explode. Then what will you do to make your lips beautiful pink at such a time .. We have brought his household tips for you.

Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil or fresh cream at bedtime. It will soften your lips. Always remember to use lip gloss when applying makeup. In addition, if the lips are more chapped, apply lip moisturizer and lip balm 3-4 times a day. Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil or fresh cream at bedtime. It will soften your lips. Always remember to use lip gloss when applying makeup. In addition, if the lips are more chapped, apply lip moisturizer and lip balm 3-4 times a day.

Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil or fresh cream at bedtime. It will soften your lips. Always remember to use lip gloss when applying makeup. In addition, if the lips are more chapped, apply lip moisturizer and lip balm 3-4 times a day.

Eating and drinking also play a special role behind chapped lips. Lips do not dry out and do not crack if certain care is taken in eating and drinking. There should be enough nutrients in your routine. Eat vitamin C, vitamin E, green leaf hair, vegetables and fruits according to the season. Eating and drinking also play a special role behind chapped lips. Lips do not dry out and do not crack if certain care is taken in eating and drinking. There should be enough nutrients in your routine. Eat vitamin C, vitamin E, green leaf hair, vegetables and fruits according to the season.

Eating and drinking also play a special role behind chapped lips. Lips do not dry out and do not crack if certain care is taken in eating and drinking. There should be enough nutrients in your routine. Eat vitamin C, vitamin E, green leaf hair, vegetables and fruits according to the season.

Make a cream by mixing a little honey, sugar and lemon juice. Keep this cream in the freezer. Apply this mixture on the lips. Your lips will not crack. If it is torn, it will soon turn pink. Make a cream by mixing a little honey, sugar and lemon juice. Keep this cream in the freezer. Apply this mixture on the lips. Your lips will not crack. If it is torn, it will soon turn pink.

Make a cream by mixing a little honey, sugar and lemon juice. Keep this cream in the freezer. Apply this mixture on the lips. Your lips will not crack. If it is torn, it will soon turn pink.

Home Remedies:

Increase the use of green vegetables, butter, cucumber, papaya, soybean and lentils in the diet to eliminate the problem of chapped lips. All of these things eliminate vitamin deficiencies and prevent our lips from cracking. Apart from this, while massaging the oil in the morning, dipping 3-4 drops of oil in the navel in the morning does not cause chapped lips.

અહીંથી વાચો હેલ્થ ટિપ્સ ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 1

અહીંથી વાચો હેલ્થ ટિપ્સ ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 2

અહીંથી વાચો હેલ્થ ટિપ્સ ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ 3

For lip care, mix one and a half teaspoon of castor oil, two teaspoons of boric Vaseline and apply it lightly on the lips at least twice (before going to bed at night and before taking a bath in the morning).

Apply butter on the lips for one minute before going to bed at night. This keeps the lips soft and does not crack.

Mix three to four drops of glycerin in a teaspoon of rose water and apply it on the lips three to four times a day. This will heal chapped lips.

નોંધ:- અમારો હેતુ માત્ર આપને સારી માહિતી આપવાનો છે કોઇપણ સારવાર એક્ષ્પર્ટ ની દેખરેખ હેઠળ કે આપની તાસીર મુજબ કરવી.

Mix 25 gms of coconut oil, 25 gms of castor oil, 30 gms of white wax, 15 gms of olive oil, mix all these well and make an ointment by heating the wax lightly. Applying this on the lips before going to bed every day keeps the lips soft.

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Monday 8 November 2021

Amazing Photography

Amazing Photography

You have accidentally deleted important photos but there is no way to recover them. Do not worry, Photo Recovery is diskdigger gives you free scanning capabilities, you can view photos and restore them for free.20+ categories in your own language.

Special and exclusive data recovery application that accomplishes data recovery tasks that other applications can not even think of - this data recovery application quickly finds and recovers files that have been delete that the other recovery applications are not found and you do not need root your original cell phone.

Here are some key features of Photo Recovery (diskdigger):

1. Easy, safe and fast recovery process.
The application provides users with a sophisticated, modern interface that is easy to interact with. With just a few clicks, you can perform the entire restore process yourself. 100% recovery process is safe. Do not be shy! Choose the fastest way to recover photos from your SD card and mobile device.
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Its powerful scanning engine scans effectively and previews your deleted or deleted images quickly. DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them.
3. Guaranteed
Recover your lost or deleted photos safely and without causing any changes to your data.
4. Easy
It's as easy as enjoying music or eating bananas, just a few clicks and you'll get your data back.

Use Photo Recovery safely and without risk. The application performs READ-ONLY operations on your device and memory card. It does not move, delete or modify data on the device to avoid further damage or overwriting. It restores photos from the source and saves them to your collection.

Application Features:

- Recover deleted photos
- Scans all previously deleted or displayed photos on your device by diskdigger.
- Restore photos to user-selected folders
- Share photo recovery
- View detailed photo recovery information
- Permanently delete the photo from the recovery list

Download Photo Recovery now for free. Photo Recovery automatically scans and displays all of your deleted image data, allowing you to restore photos and recover photos instantly to your Android phone. You can keep your personal photos safe!

View Amazing Picture

Simple and useful photo recovery. Just open the Photo Recovery - diskdigger app and wait for the app to scan the entire image, then select the deleted image to restore and click restore - it will appear right on your device's gallery. We will be updating a backup of all deleted photos, images, videos, documents, and more in the future.
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Thursday 4 November 2021

GCERT Text book Download Std 10

GCERT Text book Download Std 10

GCERT Text book Download Std 10
Gujarat state Textbook Mandal was established in AD 1969 on 21st October. Since 38 year mandals main target. High quality textbooks are published and to Gujarat students they're easily available at reasonable prices.

Truecaller may be a smartphone application which has features of caller-identification, call-blocking, flash-messaging, call-recording, Chat & Voice which uses the web . The service requires users to supply a typical cellular mobile number for registering with the service. It was developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB. The app is out there for Android, iOS,[2BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone.

Through Mandal Std. 1-12 Gujarati Medium textbooks are published. Thereafter in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil Language also text books are published.

Hiring a mesothelioma firm like Sokolove Law to represent your legal interests is a crucial decision. During challenging times like these, it’s vital you specialise in the important things in life: the health and well-being of you and your family.

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Four of Stanford University’s seven schools offer undergraduate and graduate coursework, and therefore the remaining three function purely graduate schools. Graduate programs include the highly ranked School of Education, School of Engineering, School of Law, School of drugs and grad school of Business. The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment oversees collaboration between environmental research, teaching and outreach. Stanford features a number of well-known theatrical and musical groups, including the Ram’s Head Theatrical Society and therefore the Mendicants, an all-male a cappella group. Notable Stanford alumni include former U.S. President Hoover , Hall of Fame NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver and golfer Tiger Woods, who played collegiately at Stanford.

Truecaller database formed by its user, if the user features a Truecaller app in order that its contacts get to store within the Truecaller database with the amount and its name, so if you've got also truecaller and someone calling you, which is stored within the truecaller database by the opposite users, that name are going to be visible to you.


Download Maths TExt book
Download Gujarati text book
Download Science text book
Download English book from here
Download Social Science Text Book

CSUN is accredited through the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). WSCUC may be a regional accrediting agency serving a various membership of public and personal education institutions throughout California, Hawaii, and therefore the Pacific also as a limited number of institutions outside the U.S. Through its work of referee , supported standards agreed to by the membership, the Commission encourages continuous institutional improvement and assures the membership and its constituencies, including the public, that accredited institutions are fulfilling their missions in commission to their students and therefore the public good. The WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as certifying institutional eligibility for federal funding during a number of programs, including student access to federal aid .
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GCERT Text book Download Std 9

GCERT Text book Download Std 9

GCERT Text book Download Std 9
GCERT Text book Download Std 9
Gujarat state Textbook Mandal was established in AD 1969 on 21st October. Since 38 year mandals main target. High quality textbooks are published and to Gujarat students they're easily available at reasonable prices.

Mesothelioma Lawyers

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U of T offers its students many undergraduate, graduate

Through Mandal Std. 1-12 Gujarati Medium textbooks are published. Thereafter in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil Language also text books are published.

The University of Maryland, College Park is that the state's flagship university and one among the nation's preeminent public research universities. A global leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation, the university is home to quite 41,000 students, 14,000 faculty and staff, and 377,000 alumni all dedicated to the pursuit of Fearless Ideas. Located just outside Washington, D.C., we discover and share new knowledge a day through our renowned research enterprise and programs in academics, the humanities and athletics. And we are committed to social entrepreneurship because the nation’s first “Do Good” campus.

Harvard President Larry Bacow announced Friday that the University’s 369th commencement are going to be postponed indefinitely. The move is a component of Harvard’s ongoing effort to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandem


Download Maths TExt book
Download Gujarati text book
Download Science text book
Download English book from here
Download Social Science Text Book

With health officials anticipating large portions of the nation’s population becoming infected within the coming months, Bacow said the choice to postpone was the sole thanks to help make sure the safety of the thousands of members of the Harvard community who gather on campus for Commencement Exercises each May.

As per Syllabus accepted by Gujarat Government Std. 1-12 besides Gujarati Medium other in 7 mediums – Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil good quality text after being prepared having printing then at reasonable price is available to all students in time in such manner distribution is to be done.
. Teacher work books, self work books and other educational things to be prepared.
. To improve primary, secondary and higher level course for it researches are conducted and it is encouraged.
. For primary secondary and higher medium standard students for prepared for complementary reading.
. Primary, Secondary and Higher Education progress and quality improvement assistance and to give it force.
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Gcert textbook 2021 pdf std 1 sem 2

Gcert textbook 2021 pdf std 1 sem 2

GCERT New book 2021

Gujarat Board STD 1 to 12 New Syllabus Textbook Through Mandal Std. 1-12 Gujarati Medium textbooks are published. Thereafter in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil Language also text books are published.

Latest sale depo format aims

In state schools and students number by increment progress being kept in mind latest multi various facilities containing sale depot need is satisfied.

To make textbook distribution facility easy and quick.

Textbook online

State primary secondary and better secondary similarly for education spread for state level office at Ahmedabad as forum facility is raised.

Schools institution and students can obtain textbooks easily.

Mandals prakashans, NCERT, CBSE and other states textbooks Mandals prakashans collection is made .

Textbook gujarat

Textbook and Mandals other prakashan handwritten formation Mandal officers, writers and investigators sit to collect in order that in gives deadline work is completed such latest meeting facility is fulfilled.

ધોરણ 1  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ 1  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

 Gujarat School adhyayan nishpatti std 1

In Mandals work shop from whole nation invited members resident facility is out there .

To develop quantitative textbooks for hand written formation library’s optimum facility is out there .

Ohio Christian University (OCU) may be a private Christian college in Circleville, Ohio. the varsity is denominationally affiliated with the Churches of Christ in Christian Union.

GCERT Books | GCERT Board Textbooks are vital

The school was founded in 1948 as Mount of Praise Bible College, which met at the Mount of Praise Campground, where the Churches of Christ in Christian Union held annual revivalist camp meetings.
the first objective of the bible college was to coach ministers for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union denomination. It later became Circleville Bible College. In 2006, the school changed its name to Ohio Christian University and received regional accreditation

Over the past several years, the University has seen tremendous growth. In Fall 2011, total enrollment reached 2,382 with about 600 on campus and therefore the rest online or at satellite locations.


The school offers the Bachelor of Arts, Associate of Arts and Master of Arts in professional fields of study. It also offers an Adult and Online course of study . Their online counseling degrees are the foremost affordable within the us . it's accredited by the upper Learning Commission of the North Central Association of schools and Schools.

Ohio Christian University's Adult and Online Degree Programs offer associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees. OCU offers online education and evening or weekend classes at campuses in Ohio and Georgia. Ohio campus locations include Dublin, Columbus, Pataskala, Grove City, Lancaster, Circleville, Chillicothe, Nelsonville and therefore the campuses of Southern State junior college in Wilmington, Washington Court House, Hillsboro and Sardinia. The Georgia campus is found in Milner.

The Student Activities Council (SAC) offers activities throughout the varsity year. Among the more popular activities are Friday Night Live, a live variety written and performed by students. Performed in Detty Chapel, the night is typically hosted by an alumnus or academician . Another popular activity is midnight breakfast, an occasion scheduled at the start of ultimate examinations week, catered by favorite staff and school .

ગણિત ગમ્મત પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

કલરવ ગમ્મત પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

કલકલીયો પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

Chapel is housed within the Ministry & humanistic discipline Center and is obtainable twice weekly (usually Monday and Wednesday). Students come to worship with a live student band and listen to a message by the chaplain or special guest. Gcert textbook pdf Download 2020 std 2 sem 2
there's a required number of times that each student must attend while enrolled at Ohio Christian.

A Student Development Center houses dining facilities, the office of Student Development, the department of psychology, and a number of other classrooms. additionally , there's a full Christian bookstore, a cafe , and an arcade.
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Gcert textbook pdf Download 2021 std 2 sem 2

Gcert textbook pdf Download 2021 std 2 sem 2

a number one publisher of trusted science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences research, Taylor & Francis is committed to helping public health authorities, researchers, clinicians and therefore the general public contain and manage the spread of COVID-19.

This microsite provides links and references to all or any relevant COVID-19 research articles, book chapters and knowledge which will be freely accessed on Taylor & Francis Online and Taylor & Francis ebooks in support of the worldwide efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into COVID-19.

As signatories to NIH’s Access to Research initiative, along side the Wellcome Trust’s coordinated action on sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak, Taylor & Francis has been working with WHO to make sure this content is clearly signposted. We also are aligning the OSTP’s initiative to centralise resources on PubMed and are currently working with them to make sure rapid human and machine-readable access (where possible) to research articles and data through the NLM’s LitCovid portal.

ધોરણ 2  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ 2  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

 Gujarat School adhyayan nishpatti std 2

Information for college kids

You can recommend a textbook to your librarian for access to Cambridge Core. Simply navigate to the Textbook you're curious about and choose recommend to a librarian on the highest right of the page.

If your institution has already adopted a textbook on Cambridge Core, your access will have already been found out via your library. If you experience any technical difficulties please visit the contact us page or speak to your librarian administrato

Information on our textbook programme


Developed and designed with learning and teaching in mind, we partner with leading instructors and educators to supply pedagogically focused and up-to-date textbooks, with scholarly rigorous content at the core of our publishing. Cambridge textbooks are developed with authors performing on the newest research and technological developments, to enable our titles to deliver stimulating and forward-thinking material for brand spanking new curriculum topics. Many of our textbooks feature online ancillaries and resources, to further support the requirements of the instructors and students globally.

ધોરણ 2 પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF ::

ધોરણ ૨ ગણિત ગમ્મત પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

ધોરણ ૨ બુલબુલ પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

ધોરણ ૨ કલ્લોલ પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF

Key features of textbooks on Cambridge Core:

Unlimited concurrent users, meaning any number of readers can access the resource simultaneously
Textbooks are available title-by-title to your institution - without the necessity to lease a bigger collection or package
New editions are available on publication, ensuring users can access current and up-to-date learning materials
Key textbooks available from across our programme, within physics, natural science , bioscience , mathematics, engineering, and therefore the social sciences and humanities
Easy navigation to the content you would like at book and chapter levels
Users have the power to save lots of their searches and content to their bookmarks for straightforward access at a later date
Extensive bibliographic reference functionality; fully referenced content with all references displayed, OpenURL compatible and linked online through CrossRef.
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Gcert textbook pdf 2021 Download std 3 sem 2

Gcert textbook pdf 2021 Download std 3 sem 2

Gcert textbook pdf As COVID-19 spreads across the planet , information about the disease, messages on preventive measures, news of cures within the process of development, of these are of prime importance.

The Hindu has published an e-book on essential COVID-19 information which will be available for free of charge download from our site.

The Hindu is additionally making available here translations of this e-book in multiple languages. the interpretation into Tamil was coordinated by The Hindu Tamil. The translations into other languages were coordinated by Confluence (a web-forum of Indian Academy of Sciences).

These translations are available under CC-BY-4.0. meaning you'll use it / post it anywhere (no permissions needed) as long as you set the subsequent statement on your website and put the link mentioned below:

The original content for this ebook was created by The Hindu. the interpretation was coordinated by Confluence (Indian Academy of Sciences). the first version are often found here.

Reserve Textbooks within the Library

Although physical access to textbook reserves is currently unavailable, library staff are accepting requests for scans of chapters or sections of reserves textbooks. Use the links below to look to ascertain if the library currently has your textbook then place an invitation for scans.

Pearson eText is an easy-to-use digital textbook that students can buy on their own otherwise you can assign for your course.

ધોરણ ૩  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૩  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૩  અંગ્રેજી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૩  પર્યાવરણ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

 adhyayan nishpatt std 3

It lets students read, highlight, and take notes beat one place, even when offline. Creating a course allows you to schedule readings, view reading analytics, and add your own notes directly within the eText, right at the teachable moment — motivating students to stay reading, and continue learning .

The Board of education Manipur (BOSEM) Thursday launched an e-textbook for college kids in school I to X, which can enable them to download the study material online. After Assam, Manipur is that the second state within the NorthEast to launch e-textbooks for college children.

The state Education Minister Th. Radheshyam said as many as 71 books are going to be uploaded initially, of which e-books for sophistication VIII to X are uploaded, adding that the remaining are going to be uploaded in another fortnight . Books of Tribal dialects too are going to be uploaded subsequently.

“The non availability of the textbooks in electronic form has hindered within the development of e-content as study material by various stakeholders, availability of textbooks sometimes of crisis like present Covid-19 etc,” he said.
Gcert textbook pdf 2021 edition


The textbooks are going to be available from the web site also as through mobile application “Bosem eBook” which may be downloaded from Google Play store. The education minister said, that the online page will produce other features in days to return like year-wise instruction to examiners, blue print, teachers guide book and scanned copies of answer scripts of student achievers.

The higher and technical Department of Education of Manipur has also issued instruction to proportion their online teaching-learning procedure.

ધોરણ ૩ પાઠયપુસ્તક PDF :

ધોરણ ૩ પાઠયપુસ્તક ગણિત PDF

ધોરણ ૩ પાઠયપુસ્તક પર્યાવરણ PDF

ધોરણ ૩ પાઠયપુસ્તક ગુજરાતી PDF

The department asked all colleges and universities to make sure that study materials are made available on their respective institute’s websites or groups besides uploading lectures on Youtube.

All educational institutes within the state were suspended indefinitely on March 13 thanks to Covid-19 outbreak. However, with growing apprehension from parents and students thanks to the prolonged closure, online classes for post-graduate students began on April 6 through ZOOM App ‘MOODLE’.
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Gcert textbook pdf Download 2021 std 4 sem 2

Gcert textbook pdf Download 2021 std 4 sem 2

Gcert new textbook 2021 : The coronavirus outbreak has an unprecedented impact on education, putting particular strain on academics and their students. within the midst of much uncertainty and rapidly changing information, we all know many educators are working to form the transition to a virtual classroom environment, finding ways to interact with students online and confirm they have the resources they need to continue their studies. to undertake and ease the tremendous pressure which is being placed on academia immediately , Springer Nature has made a variety of essential textbooks from all disciplines freely available to assist support students and instructors worldwide.

These days we are taking our victories wherever we will find them (usually wherever we will find an honest WiFi connection!). Maybe you’re grading papers from your sofa or trying to seek out a quiet corner of your house to offer a video lecture.

you would possibly be juggling the requirements of your relations while trying to form yourself available for office hours. there's tons to think about on a day to day but one thing you ought to not be worried about is access to learning materials and knowledge for your students.

Educational resources are critical immediately for anyone trying to review , teach, or work remotely and that we hope that increased access will make even one a part of your day a touch bit easier. You and your students are now ready to access quite 500 key textbooks across Springer Nature’s eBook collection, including English and German titles, through a minimum of the top of July. you'll download the books from the list of titles we've made available to read on your computer or mobile device.

ધોરણ ૪  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૪  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૪  અંગ્રેજી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૪  પર્યાવરણ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૪  હિન્દી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ 

 Latest adhyayan nishpati std 4

If you're struggling to realize access to other content remotely, you'll also find more information about how your library can confirm users are found out for remote access by visiting our site for library resources to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Gcert 2021 textbook pdf Download

When watching the tutorial semester ahead, we could never have anticipated what proportion the planet would be collectively handling at this particular moment in time but we are united by the necessity to change our plans and make space for flexibility within the face of uncertainty. As a trusted resource for the research community, we feel the responsibility to support you now quite ever both inside and out of doors the classroom.


As Springer Nature continues to form thousands of research articles on the coronavirus liberal to read, also as a rapid prototype report of coronavirus research, we also are sharing tips and advice for balancing work remotely. we all know this is often a difficult time for the research community and that we are right there with you, working remotely at kitchen tables from ny , London, Heidelberg, Dordrecht, Beijing, Tokyo, New Delhi and lots of other locations across the planet . Education and research must keep it up and that we are here to assist you are doing just tha

This is an inventory of newly opened content during the COVID-19 closure period. Please visit often as this list is subject to vary .

In order to support institutions and students moving to remote instruction & learning, many publishers are offering some or all of their e-resources freely for a period of few months. Below may be a list of publishers/resources that are made freely available during this era of COVID-19 (Date format: dd/mm/yyyy).







The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) community has issued a “Statement on the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on Library Services and Resources.” ICOLC is additionally maintaining a running tally of all adjustments that vendors are making to the accessibility of their content thanks to COVID-19. The public-facing list is out there here.
American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Extending grace access for content hosted on our platforms (including MathSciNet).
As courses transition to online, we will provide complimentary electronic “reserve” copies of our textbooks for college kids who don't have access to our print books. Please contact us through the “request desk copy” link on the precise textbook page
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Gcert textbook pdf 2021 download std 5 sem 2

Gcert textbook pdf 2021 download std 5 sem 2

Download GSEB Class 7 New Syllabus Textbooks, Download GSEB Gujarati Medium, Hindi Medium textbooks, English Medium textbooks. GSSTB (Gujarat State Board of faculty Textbooks) Standard 7 Gujarati, English, Hindi, Medium semester 1 and semester 2 textbooks are available on this page. Gujarat State Board of faculty Textbooks or Department of Education - Government of Gujarat STD 7 Textbook 2020-21 | GSEB Class 7 New Syllabus Textbooks PDF for Gujarati Medium Download Here. Gujarat Pathya Pustak Mandal Std 7 Textbook PDF is announced in online mode Official website at

Gujarat State Department of Education has published online PDFs of your textbooks from standard 1 to eight and standard 9 to 12. These textbooks are available in Gujarati Medium, English Medium, Hindi Medium. (Gujarati, Hindi, English, Science, science , Sanskrit, education , Languages, Self-taught, Teacher Edition) of these books are often downloaded for free of charge .

ધોરણ ૫  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૫  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૫  અંગ્રેજી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૫  પર્યાવરણ અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૫  હિન્દી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ 

 Gujarat School adhyayan nishpatti std 5

GSSTB, GCERT, NCERT | Textbook |
New Syllabus 2020-2021 for STD 1 to eight And 9 to 12 All Subjects/Medium

Download GSSTB, GCERT, NCERT Textbooks PDF for brand spanking new Syllabus 2020-2021. STD 1 to eight and STD 9 to 12 New Textbooks for All Subjects or All Medium (Gujarati, Hindi, English, Science, science , Sanskrit, Kalrav, Kunjan Ganit, Paryavaran). Download STD 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 New Textbooks altogether Languages and every one Medium Like - Gujarati Medium, English Medium, Hindi Medium, Urdu Medium
Princeton University may be a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1746 in Elizabeth because the College of latest Jersey, Princeton is that the fourth-oldest institution of upper education within the us and one among the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution . The institution moved to Newark in 1747, then to the present site nine years later. it had been renamed Princeton University in 1896.


Princeton provides undergraduate and graduate instruction within the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. It offers professional degrees through the Princeton School of Public and world affairs , the varsity of Engineering and engineering , the varsity of Architecture and therefore the Bendheim Center for Finance. The university also manages the Department of Energy's Princeton physics Laboratory. Princeton has the most important endowment per student within the us .







As of March 2020, 68 Nobel laureates, 15 Fields Medalists and 14 Turing Award laureates are affiliated with Princeton University as alumni, faculty members or researchers. additionally , Princeton has been related to 21 National Medal of Science winners, 5 Abel Prize winners, 5 National Humanities Medal recipients, 209 Rhodes Scholars, 139 Gates Cambridge Scholars and 126 Marshall Scholars.

Two U.S. Presidents, twelve U.S. Supreme Court Justices (three of whom currently serve on the court) and various living billionaires and foreign heads of state are all counted among Princeton's alumni body. Princeton has also graduated many prominent members of the U.S. Congress and therefore the U.S. Cabinet, including eight Secretaries of State, three Secretaries of Defense and therefore the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Staff.
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Gcert Textbook pdf download 2021 std 6 sem 2 Gujarati medium

Gcert Textbook pdf download 2021 std 6 sem 2 Gujarati medium

Gcert textbook pdf 2021 : Gujarat state Textbook Mandal was established in AD 1969 on 21st October. Since 38 year mandals main target. top quality textbooks are published and to Gujarat students they're easily available at reasonable prices.

Through Mandal Std. 1-12 Gujarati Medium textbooks are published. Thereafter in Hindi, English, Marathi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit and Tamil Language also text books are published.

Board Committees

Mandals whole management is completed properly; it decided objectives are fulfilled for that Board Committee is made as below.

(1) General Board (2) Director Board (3) Working committee (4) Educational committee (5) Production committee (6) Research committee.

Above mentioned all committee’s administration works properly regarding that advise suggestions are given.

Printed textbooks are distributed in whole Gujarat at Government level working organizations through them with district distributor textbook are sold in retail for that employment distributors are hired. Retailers registration is completed in mandal.
In Ahmedabad also Ahmedabad has its own selling centre. (Sale Depot, Godown no. 9 below Asarva Bridge, Ahmedabad – 380016, Ph. 22133920) is there. At any institute or personal level to any student from this sale centre textbook are often availed at retailing std. from outside Gujarat through postal order or banker's draft also textbooks are often obtained.

The University Book Center, operated by Barnes & Noble College, is that the official bookstore for the University of Maryland. The Book Center is that the only store that carries textbooks for all of your classes. the shop features a large selection of used, digital, and rental textbooks that are available in many courses. General-interest books, literature, technical books, and best sellers are often found on the lower level of the shop . The Book Center also carries a good selection of faculty supplies, and imprinted sportswear and related items. The Book Center's hours of operation and an entire listing of their products and services are often found at

ધોરણ ૬  ગુજરાતી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૬  ગણિત અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૬  અંગ્રેજી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૬  વિજ્ઞાન અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૬  હિન્દી અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ 

ધોરણ ૬  સામાજીક અધ્યયન નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ

ધોરણ ૬  સંસ્કૃત   અધ્યયન  નિષ્પતિ ડાઉનલોડ 


 Gujarat School adhyayan nishpatti std 6

Course Materials for Undergraduate Classes

At UMGC, you'll complete most undergraduate degrees without purchasing textbooks, because of electronic resources that are available at no cost, are immediately available through your online classroom, and are always up so far .

Depending on the course, these open educational resources may include electronic textbooks, lectures, websites, and selected documents and media. Program chairs and school members have customized these materials to be more relevant to your course and to incorporate the newest industry information.

Some courses do require the utilization of specific software or content that can't be accessed for free of charge . once you register for a course, check the specified course materials listed within the Interactive Undergraduate Schedule of Classes to work out whether you'll got to purchase any course materials. These materials aren't included on your student account or added together with your tuition and costs and must be paid out of pocket.

Course Materials for Graduate Classes

You can complete your graduate degree without paying for one textbook. We’ve replaced nearly every textbook for graduate courses with no-cost electronic resources. like undergraduate course materials, these electronic resources are tailored to every course and are immediately available through your online classroom.
Gcert textbook pdf new edition 2021


Started in 2013 as a collaboration between the University System of Maryland’s Kirwan Center for tutorial Innovation and therefore the system-wide student council, M.O.S.T. was charged in 2017 by the state legislature with supporting and scaling the adoption of “openly licensed, fully accessible” instructional materials across Maryland public education institutions.

As a part of a primary wave of latest services, the M.O.S.T. initiative has launched the M.O.S.T. Course Hub to support Maryland faculty find easy-to-adopt, high-quality OER.

Explore MOST Course Hub

Discover OER Course Materials in M.O.S.T. Course Hub

Explore the M.O.S.T. Course Hub to seek out curated course materials to exchange expensive textbooks in many college courses. These learning resources:


ગુજરાતી સેમ.-2 TEXTBOOK PDF

હિન્દી સેમ.-2 TEXTBOOK PDF

સામાજીક વિજ્ઞાન TEXTBOOK PDF

અંગ્રેજી સેમ.-2 TEXTBOOK PDF

સંસ્કૃત સેમ.-2 TEXTBOOK PDF



Are openly licensed and fully accessible.

Include comprehensive learning content like text, video, slide decks, test banks, assignments, auto-graded homework for quantitative subjects, then forth.

Easily integrate into your learning management system (LMS).
Are simple to customize, to support your students’ learning.

Provide students with day one access to learning content.
Allow students to retain copies in fact materials forever

University of Maryland Sell Textbooks

Selling University of Maryland textbooks is simply a simple click with the Uloop online bookstore! Sell your University of Maryland textbooks, find a textbook buyback, sell college books, and find more options in and around College Park, MD. Compare University of Maryland textbook selling prices from Amazon and Chegg to seek out the simplest price for all of your old college books. Boil things down with filters to refine your University of Maryland textbook buyer results and enhance your search experience. Let assist you sell your used textbooks at University of Maryland today!
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