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Sunday 9 October 2022

'World Famous Modhera For Sun Temple To Be Known As Solar Village', Know Full Details With Project Highlights

'World Famous Modhera For Sun Temple To Be Known As Solar Village', Know Full Details With Project Highlights

Modhera got a new identity with the solar plant

During his visit to Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today visited Modhera and announced Modhera as a solar powered village.

Modhera in Gujarat, world famous for its Sun Temple, has now become the country's first 24/7 solar powered village. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the guest of Gujarat today. So today they have declared Modhera as a solar powered village. In all the houses of the village including the Modhera Surya Mandir located in this village, all the work will be done with the energy of the sun. This solar village has been built in two phases by the central and state governments.

Modhera village in Mehsana district is famous in the country and the world because of the Sun Temple. Due to the sun temple, people from all over the world are drawn here to see Modhera village and the temple. So Modhera village is also getting a new and unique identity. While Modhera village has now become the country's largest solar plant running village. The country's first solar project has been commissioned at a cost of Rs 69 crore. Through this project, the entire Modhera village and Surya Mandir will run on solar energy. The solar energy generated by this solar project will provide solar energy day and night to a total of 1610 houses in Modhera village and to the Surya Mandir. Installation of one kilowatt rooftop system has also been completed on 271 houses out of the total number of houses. The electricity which will be distributed to the house owners grades

Know Full Project
Central Government and Gujarat Government launched 'Solarization of Modhera Sun Temple and Town' at Sajjanpura, Mehsana, about 6 km from Modhera Sun Temple to provide 24 x7 solar energy to The Modhera through Integrated Solar Power Project with The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). . Gujarat government has allocated 12 hectares of land for the development of this project. The central government and the Gujarat government will spend Rs. 80.66 crore has been spent. That is, in the first phase (Phase-1) Rs. 69 crores and in the second phase (Phase-II) Rs. 11.66 crore was spent. More than 1300 rooftop solar systems of 1 KW have been installed on houses. Power is the supplied during the day by solar panels. While evening BESS supplies electricity to households.