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Friday, 4 November 2022

A proud moment for Gujaratis, cricket anthem song in Gujarati language for the first time, will make your fur stand up.. Watch

A proud moment for Gujaratis, cricket anthem song in Gujarati language for the first time, will make your fur stand up.. Watch

For the first time in the Gujarati industry, the Gujarati Cricket Anthem "Jite Abha India" which made the furrows rise to the tune of foreign music was released, see

You will find cricket fans everywhere and even if there is a match between India and Pakistan, then the whole country is under curfew. We all know the craze about cricket among Gujaratis. Currently, the Indian team is playing the T20 World Cup in Australia and is also doing a great performance in it.

Then, to double the enthusiasm of Gujaratis, a cricket anthem song has been launched for the first time in Gujarati language, which will make anyone's hair stand up on hearing it. Till now we must have heard many cricket anthems in Hindi language, but coming for the first time in Gujarati language is also a proud moment for Gujaratis.

The special thing about this song is that it is composed on Budapest Orchestra. Until now the Budapest Orchestra has been giving music on European songs, but this is the first time that a Gujarati song has been given music by the Budapest Orchestra. Then this song will be a great souvenir for Gujarati industry as well.

Another special feature of this song is that the song is sung by a single singer bringing more singers together and popular singer Vyi Kumar who is known worldwide for his voice and his voice alone has been chosen for this song Char Chand. Got it.

Not only in singing but in all aspects of this song many legends have worked. Who has spent many years in the film industry. With the cooperation and hard work of all these, a very fun and explosive Gujarati song "Jite now India" has been made. Gujarati industry will also get a height through this song.

The idea of ​​composing this song came to Gujarati singer and music composer Kushal Choksi, when he went on a tour of Europe in 2022. In the meantime, he heard European music on an orchestra in Budapest and was fascinated by it and thought of composing a Gujarati song on this music and now this banging song is standing in front of everyone.

If we talk about the acting in this song, actor Mitra Gadhvi, who ruled the hearts of Gujaratis with the film "Chello Divas", is seen in the lead role. In this song he is playing the role of a young man named Dhawal. Who is the son of a martyred father and to fulfill his dream by playing cricket in the street moves forward. He plays for Team India and wins the match is

This is not just a song but a story. Many emotions are also hidden in it. Along with patriotism, you will find a thing of realizing the dreams of the youth very beautifully woven in this song.

Child actor Vishal Thakkar will also be seen in this song. Who did a great performance in the web series "Vithal Teedi".