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Monday, 27 July 2020

09 results of search of sea routes

09 results of search of sea routes
The discovery of new sea routes to reach many countries of Asia, Africa and American continent heralded many immediate and far-reaching changes in the life of Europe, a new movement began not only in Europe but in the whole world. The countries of Europe turned a kind of commercial and cultural invasion of newly discovered territories, their colonization and exploitation began a long-term cycle, in the name of pseudo spread of modernity, many countries of Asia, Africa and America continent Shreeless On the other hand, the economic prosperity of the countries of Europe increased greatly, there. The colors of consumer lifestyles changed, the dominance of commercialism and capitalism, the imperialist. The rivalry began, the final culmination of which is in the war of bloodshed and bloodshed. , The only happy result of this process was that world knowledge expanded, as a unit. The whole world was identified, and the countries of the world progressed to the sunrise of modern consciousness. There were reactions against new areas, their self-respect arose, there were liberation struggles, and they gradually established their identity as independent nations.

01 Herald of the Business Revolution

Sea routes to many countries in Asia, Africa and American continent paved the way for commercial and commercial revolution in Europe. The discovery of diverse new areas increased the consumption and demand for merchandise greatly, and opened up a new sky for the possibilities of expanding business. Many big trading companies were established in countries of Europe, such as Dutch East India Company, British East India Company etc. Spices, cotton cloth and silk were increasingly imported from the Eastern countries, gold and silver from the American continent began to be exploited, ending the monopoly of Italian merchants in Europe on the trade of goods in the East. Now the center of trade was established in the area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Mediterranean. The commercial importance of the medieval trading centers - Florence, Genoa, Venice, Alexandria, etc., now became very less, and Antwerp Lisbon, London, Cardige, Seville, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. became new centers of trade. Until the founding of the Suez Canal in 1869, the main route of trade between the eastern and western countries passed through the Uttamaha space at the tip of southern Africa. This trade route was discovered by Vasco da Gama.

02 Metallic wealth and commercialism
From the newly discovered geographies, sailors and traders of Europe accumulated a large amount of precious metals gold and silver, which led to a sudden increase in the metallic wealth of Europe. During the medieval period, the amount of gold and silver in Europe was very less. In the new geographical areas of the American continent Mexico, Peru, etc. there were huge reserves of gold and silver mines. European countries, especially Spain, established their military and political supremacy over these areas. From here they collected huge quantities of gold and silver and took it to their country. In the countries of Europe, on the basis of rich wealth of gold and silver, it was easier to issue more currency, due to which the monetary economy got a big boost. Capital became the mainstay of the economy and capitalism began to develop. The kings of European countries supported the new business class to further encourage the trends of the arrival of gold and silver in their country. In the words of Lucas, 'This alliance of autocratic princes and commercial interests led to a policy called commercialism that marked the beginning of the reincarnation and the modern era, which retained its hegemony in the areas of war, diplomacy and colonization in the following centuries.'

03 Changes in Europe's Consumer Lifestyle
After the discovery of new regions of Asia, Africa and the American continent and the beginning of trade relations with them, many new things came in the consumer life of Europe, like tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, chocolate, sugar, sugar, Ceramic, indigo etc. Due to the economic prosperity of Europe, the demand for luxury goods also increased greatly among the people. The result of all this was that there was a big change in the lifestyle of Europeans; He became materialistic and luxuriant.

04 Development of colonialism

In view of the commercial and commercial gains that are due to the newly discovered geographical regions, European countries began to establish their military and political dominance in these regions to keep the process of economic gain uninterrupted. In this way, the European regions started the colonization of the newly developed areas of Africa, America and Asia. European countries formed their own settlements in these areas, and established their control over local administration and economy on the basis of their military skills and diplomatic tact. Thus began the era of colonialism. In the colonization, Portugal and Spain took the initiative of leading geographical discoveries. Later, other countries of Europe - France, Holland, England, Italy etc. also joined the competition to establish colonies.

05 imperial aspirations and rivalries