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Monday 22 February 2021

Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election Results 2021 | Live election resu

 Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election Results 2021 | Live election result 2021

The results of the 6 Manpa elections of Gujarat are to be declared today. Corporations of Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar are being counted.

Results of 6 Manpa elections in Gujarat

The average turnout was 46.08 percent

Results of 575 seats in 144 wards will be declared

After the low turnout in the 6 municipal corporations of the state, the counting of votes started at 8 pm with the first ballot paper and later EVMs to be opened.

Process of counting of votes in the Corona era

Ahmedabad Police in action mode before the results of the Municipal Corporation elections: more than 200 people are in victory procession, then action will be taken

Votes will be counted from 8 am today. Voting for the Manpa election was held on 21 February. A total of 575 seats in 144 wards will be counted today. A total of 2276 candidates are in the fray for 6 Manpas.

6 How many votes were cast in Manpa?

The turnout averaged 46.08 percent. In which Ahmedabad polled 42.51 percent. Polling in Rajkot was 50.72 percent. In Jamnagar, the turnout was 53.38 percent. The turnout in Surat was 47.14 percent. In Vadodara, the turnout was 47.84 percent. In Bhavnagar the turnout was 49.46 percent.

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Results of 575 seats in 144 wards will be declared

Importantly, the results will be declared on 575 seats in 144 wards of 6 constituencies. In Ahmedabad, elections were held in 192 seats in 48 wards. A seat in Ahmedabad had previously gone unopposed. In Surat, 120 seats in 30 wards were voted. So the results of 76 seats in the 19 wards of Vadodara will be declared. The election results will be announced for 72 seats in 18 wards of Rajkot. The results of 52 seats in 13 wards of Bhavnagar Manpa will be announced. Elections were held for 64 seats in 16 wards of Jamnagar Manpa. The results of 2 vacant seats of Junagadh Manpa will also be announced.