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Friday 26 March 2021

Get a cheap 800 cylinder for only 119 rupees

Indane Gas booking missed call booking number

  • Cylinders can be booked by missed call on 8454955555
  • New connections can also be booked by missed call

Inden Gas customers can now book a gas refill cylinder with just one miss call. This facility is available to all Inden gas customers in the country. For this the government has issued a new number 8454955555. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the service in Bhubaneswar on Friday.

There seems to be no charge

The company said in a statement that customers do not have to pay any charge for this facility, while booking a cylinder by phone is charged as per the normal call rate. According to the company, the missed call feature will get rid of the long wait for customers on the phone and book the cylinder quickly. According to the company, the service will benefit rural customers who cannot book a cylinder by phone call.

New connections can also be booked

According to the Union Minister, bookings for new connections to Inden can be made by missed call. It started from Bhubaneswar. The service will soon be rolled out across the country. According to him, under the Prime Minister's Digital India Vision, customer-centric LPG refill booking and new connection registration facilities have been launched. Customers will get the service for free through this facility.

ગુજરાતીમાં ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ અહિંથી વાંચો

Second Phase Rollout of Octane-100 Premium Petrol

In addition, the Union Minister rolled out the second phase of India's world-class premium grade petrol (Octane-100). This petrol (XP 100) is being made available for high-end cars from Indian Oil. In the second phase, the petrol will be available in Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Indore and Bhubaneswar. It started from the capital Delhi last month

In today's world of automation can be a difficult task. Then a gas cylinder of Rs 800 will be available for only Rs 119.

  • Get gas cylinder cheaply
  • 800 cylinder only Rs.
  • You can avail this offer till 31 March

Online payment app paytm is once again making a big comeback on booking gas cylinders. Under which a cylinder of Rs 819 can be purchased for Rs 119. You can avail this offer till 12 noon on March 31.

   Book like this

  • To avail this offer, you will have to download the Paytm app in the mobile phone. Later you have to open this app and click on Book Gas Cylinder.
  • Where you will get the option of Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane.
  • Select the company to which you are a customer and book by the consumer number or mobile number.
  • After entering the details, do the process and when the complete information comes to you, you will get a cashback of Rs 700.

How to use cashback

Keep in mind that this offer can be availed when booking a cylinder from Paytm for the first time. Pay first to claim the cashback and later you will get a scratch card which you will get cashback on opening the card. If you forgot to open this scratch card, you can use it by going to the Cashback and Offers section. You can use this scratch card for 7 days.

Prices rose 4 times in 2 months

Currently, the price of 14.2 kg gas cylinder in Delhi is Rs 819. There are 845 in Kolkata, 819 in Mumbai and 835 in Chennai. In February, prices tripled.