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Wednesday 10 March 2021

Now with this decision of Modi government, your salary slip will change after April 1

 Now with this decision of Modi government, your salary slip will change after April 1

The new Pay Code Bill has been passed by Parliament and preparations are now underway to implement it. Which will lead to a big change in salary.

  • Modi government brought new rules
  • Celery slip will be replaced from 1 April
  • Basic salary will change

The new wage code bill will apply, so PF, gratuity and fare allowance as well as travel allowance figures will also change.

All allowances shall not exceed 50%

The new labor law states that all allowances, including inflation, travel and rental accommodation allowances should not exceed 50 percent of the total. Your CTC should not be more than 20 thousand rupees.

eBasic salary will increas

As per the new rules, the share of basic salary in your CTC should be 50% or more. If the base salary is less than 50 percent in your salary statement, it will change soon. As soon as the new rules are implemented, your CTC will increase.

Celery in hand will give less

Home salary can be reduced under the new law. Because when the basic salary is up to 50 percent, then 12 + 12 = 24 percent will go to your account.

PF will increase

As a rule, 12% of your basic salary is deposited in PF. The contribution of 50 percent of the original sales CTC will also increase. If your CTC is 20 thousand rupees, then 10 thousand will be the basic salary and 12 percent i.e. 1200 rupees will go to the PF account.

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ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Rules will change after 73 years

For the first time since the labor law came into force after independence, the government is going to make some changes. In view of the demand of the time, the government is justifying it. The government is claiming that both the company and the employees will be taken care of.