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Saturday 14 August 2021

How To Download e-EPIC From

Learn about the complete process of downloading election cards online. Detailed information from here.

What is an election card.

Your country is a democratic country where every citizen has been granted various rights and entitlement

The Constitution of India contains various articles and paragraphs which give freedom and suffrage to every citizen. 

Here in your country there are various elections and by-elections in which every citizen has the right to vote .. All you need to vote is an election card .....


Every citizen of the country has his right to an election card but he should be 18 years old.

Every year the Election Commission announces the date for adding new names, doing nothing and amending the names. Within this time limit, every 18-year-old Indian citizen is eligible to get his / her sticky card.


At present, many places have to provide nineteen proofs. Election cards can also be given as photo proofs. Thus, in today's modern age, it is very important to have an election card and one's birthright. He should remove his ID whenever the improvement program is announced.

ચૂંટણી કાર્ડ નવું બનાવવું છે?ચૂંટણી કાર્ડ માં ભૂલ છે?નામ સુધારો કરવો?ફોટો,સરનામું બદલલાવું છે?

જાણો સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા
Vote Helpline
https: //www.nvsp.i


Voter Portal:


Voter Helpline Mobile app (Android / iOS)

More Details: Click Here

Steps to download Voter ID

Steps for e-KYC


The improvement program is involved in different parts which can be understood by the photo below

Why withdraw online.

Through the simple process as per the photo shown above, one will be able to withdraw his PVC election card online from home via mobile.

Important information for getting election card online can be obtained through the following link as well as information on how to get back the lost election card can also be obtained through another link given below. See the very useful information and get the benefit ....

Link to important
If election card is lost, get it this way immediately

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