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Saturday 1 January 2022

Now you can download my govt corona vaccine certificate on whatsapp

 Now you can download my govt corona vaccine certificate on whatsapp

New Feature: Now your WhatsApp account can be connected to up to 4 devices simultaneously without the hassle of internet, even if it is not linked to a smartphone

Until now, a WhatsApp account could only be connected to another device if the smartphone was on and had an internet Pconnection.
Now in the new update user will be able to access WhatsApp account in other device even if it is not linked to mobile

Finally, WhatsApp has launched its most awaited feature 'Multiple Login'. This feature is currently in beta. Users will now be able to access their single WhatsApp account on 4 different devices. That means it will be able to log in with the phone on laptop, desktop and tablet at the same time.

Until now, a WhatsApp account was only turned on on a device when your smartphone was on and there was internet connectivity. There will be no headaches in this new update. Now you can multi-device login of the smartphone. This feature will keep the message end-to-end encrypted across all devices. The effect of one device will be seen on all. This means that if a chat is deleted from one device,  the message will be deleted from the other 3 devices as well.

WhatsApp's head Will Cathcart tweeted about this feature. It describes the old and new processes of multiple connections. Android and iOS WhatsApp beta users should have downloaded the latest update for the multi-device login feature. The company may soon launch it for all users.

New feature for WhatsApp Web
The company has rolled out this feature to the WhatsApp web. The View Once feature has been offered with update 2.2126.11 of the WhatsApp app web. This button will be visible to users when they share media content with a web client. This feature has been rolled out in beta. It will be launched globally soon.