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Sunday 27 March 2022

12 does not ring in this country's clock

We have been looking at the numbers in the clock from 1 to 12 o'clock since childhood. The hands of the clock tick between 1 and 12 for 24 hours continuously. Our daily routine also runs according to this clock. But if you are told that one hour from the clock will be reduced forever, you will feel that one hour will be deducted from your daily life.

A country that never even has 12 o'clock on its clock, goes straight to 1 o'clock after 1 o'clock, because if you know, the brain will go crazy.

The number 12 is generally considered inauspicious in our country. That's why so many people seem to be saying, "Why are 12 slaps on your face?" But you would be surprised to know that there is a clock in the world that never even strikes 12. You too will be amazed at the fact behind it.

12 does not ring in this country's clock

This weird clock is HÌÌO RIÈZhi (Switzerland Solothurn City) in Switzerland. There is a clock on the town square of this city. That clock has only 11 digits per hour, 12 of which are missing. Also, there are usually many clocks, in which there is never 12 o'clock. The biggest feature of this city is that the people here are very emotional with the number 11. The design of everything here is around number 11.

Find out why the clock does not strike 12

You may be surprised to know that there are 11 churches in this city. Apart from that, the museum, historical fountains and towers are also number 11. The number 11 is also given prominence in the main church of St. Usurus here. In fact, the church was built 11 years ago. Here is a set of three CDs and each set has 11 rows. Apart from that, there are 11 doors and 11 clocks. People here are so emotional with the number 11 that they celebrate their 11th birthday in a very special way. Gifts given on this occasion are also associated with the number 11.

There is a centuries-old belief that people are so fond of the number 11. It is said that at one time the people of Solothurn worked very hard, but nevertheless happiness did not come in their life. After a while the elf started coming from the hills here and it increased the courage of the people. The arrival of Elk brought happiness to the lives of the people there.

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In fact elf is heard in German mythology. It is said that they had these supernatural powers and elf means 11 in German, so the people of Solothurn associated the elf with the number 11 and since then the people here have started giving importance to the number 11.