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Monday 14 March 2022

Benefits of paying credit card bill through cred app

Benefits of paying credit card bill through cred app

Great for the Good: Here’s everything you can do with CRED

When Jim Sarbh told you that the prices on CRED are as unbelievable as Rahul Dravid’s outrage, he was n’t exaggerating. CRED, the members- only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for paying their credit card bills on time, can make paying your bills an enjoyable exertion. By partnering with brands that you love, CRED brings you the feeling of unlimited choice at the end of every credit card payment cycle. When you are doing good by paying bills on time, why not let CRED spoil you with prices for it? 

How does it work? 

CRED is only for the most creditworthy, i.e., only people with a credit score advanced than 750 can join the community. For those who do not have this minimum score, you will be added to the waitlist and given advice on how to meliorate yourcreditscore.However, you can come a CRED member by downloading the app on your iOS or Android phone, If you have a credit score over 750. Not sure about your credit score? CRED will check it for you and let you know directly. CRED saves the credit card details when you register on the platform. Every time you add a credit card, it will deposit INR 1 to the separate card to validate it. 
Over5.9 million people have come CRED members in under two times and these are the features that are largely contributing to its popularity 
CRED RentPay allows you to pay your monthly rent with their credit cards, directly from the CRED app. With the option of paying rent on credit, you can avail benefits analogous as free cash flux, interest-free credit period, price points on credit card dedication programs, and a CRED coin for every rupee of the bill that they pay back on CRED. You can also use your CRED coins to get cashbacks on the rent paid each month. 

CRED Cash is the fastest, most indefectible and fully digital way to get credit, without the tedious operation and verification processes generally associated with loans and at an interest rate at one-third of typical credit card interest charges. You can be precipitouslypre-approved for an active credit line of over to INR 5 Lac with no hassles like long, complicated forms, phone calls or physical visits. 
CRED Store allows CRED members to shop through their in-appe-commerce immolation that's home to a selection of culled, curated products as well as trip gests of luxurious destinations across India and the world at member-exclusive prices. The app has over brands, with 500 active at any point, including popular civic, decoration and DTC brands similar as Starbucks, Boat, Noise, TMC, Mamaearth, Lifelong, Beardo, Ustraa, Bombay Trooper, Neemans, Jimmy's Amalgamations, Elementary, Whole Verity, Sleepycat and numerous further. 
CRED Travel Store has added more exclusive destinations for you to‘ buy now and travel subsequently’, like luxurious stays at Ayatana Coorg, The Serai, Hard Rock Goa, Centara Ras Fushi Maldives and Kempinski Seychelles. The‘ buy now, and trip subsequently’ option enables future expedition for members when they can venture out safely. CRED has also associated with Mastercard to give members with an exclusive range of prices and decoration packages across taverns analogous as Taj, ITC and Lalit. 

CRED Pay is a new payment experience for members on select trafficker platforms. It offers you a safe and pleasurable one-click checkout experience using credit cards formerly saved on CRED. By using CRED Coins during checkout, members can mileage abatements on an array of products from over 300 cherished brands like Dineout, Ixigo, The Man Company, Zoomin, Neemans and Bombay ShavingCo., and others. 

In addition, CRED has patronized this edition of the Vivo IPL 2021, where you stand a chance to win a 100 cash- reverse and get featured in a live match telecast when you pay your credit card bills on CRED during the Powerplay overs of any Vivo IPL 2021 match. Not just that, CRED coins earned by paying your credit card bills can be used to claim the CRED jackpot that gets uncorked daily during the 13th over of every Vivo IPL 2021 match.

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What are CRED Coins and how can you use them? 

 As a CRED member, you do n’t just make timely credit card bill payments, but also get awarded for it-with CRED coins. You earn one coin for each rupee paid off on the bills and can use these coins to collect colorful prices made available on the platform. These prices include abatements while shopping from partnered merchandisers promoting their goods, services on the app, as well as rubbish and jacks. You can use your coins to share in mega jackpot events like the jackpot week passing from 27th to 3rd May 2021. 

CRED also gives good Samaritans the occasion to fluently contribute to betterment of the society, by exercising their coins for a variety of causes similar as erecting playgrounds (they ’ve pledged to make 52 across metropolises), giving masks, or financing children’s education. 

You can also redeem CRED coins for factual cash in the‘Kill the Bill’ section which is a cash back offer. The cash reverse is transferred automatically to the separate credit card, against which you have redeemed CRED coins. 

Also, CRED Gems is a referral program where for every person that you relate to CRED who makes a bill payment, you earn cashbacks or stand a chance to win prices like iPhones and Macbooks. 

How can CRED help ameliorate your credit score? 
On your CRED app dashboard, you can see your repayment score and credit operation health. These are critical factors to meliorate your credit score and CRED helps you to continuously cover these vital scores. The vacuity of your credit score report enables the app to contemporize you with the guidelines to follow to meliorate your credit score. There is a useful‘Refresh Score’ option, to track the diurnal ups/ down in the score and is nearly an exclusive point to this app. Scrolling further, you will find all the factors that are making your score high/ low. You can work-on LOW scoring rudiments to meliorate your overall Credit score. 

The app also analyses your monthly credit card spends and gives you a reality check. But it will bear you to authorize CRED to pierce your emails and so, this point is made voluntary. It also sends cautions if there are any suspicious exertion on your credit card, notifies you about charges, or unexpected freights on credit card bills, sends due dates on WhatsApp, collects credit card bill details and the pretenses to be paid. 

Yes, looks like CRED is on a charge to celebrate and award credit-good individualities. It's a transparent and fully digital platform of largely trusted individualities, brands and institutions. Its compassionate approach to design makes financial opinions visible, enjoyable and satisfying for its members, easing access to a better life in the form of exclusive prices and exploits. Talking of that, the CRED app has a new design experience, predicated on neuromorphic design principles and a brand-new design system developed by CRED. 

Check your credit score for free with CRED’s Credit Score Calculator