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Friday 11 March 2022



Kotak Mahindra Bank is the second largest Indian private sector bank by request capitalisation. A many months back, the bank launched its zero- contact, videotape KYC Kotak 811 Digital Bank Account. Then, I'll tell you each about Kotak 811 Savings Account (Kotak Zero Balance Saving Account). 

Kotak 811 Savings Account 

The Kotak 811 saving account is a digital savings bank regard that you can open online right from the comfort of your home. Kotak zero balance saving account available to everyone (Resident Indian individualities only). 

You can choose between Kotak zero balance saving account and Kotak Edge saving account grounded on your requirements. The Kotak 811 zero balance account helps you save as well as grow your plutocrat with its varied investment immolations. You can transfer finances, pay bills, and do more fluently.

Features of Kotak 811 Digital Bank Account 

1. Instant Account Opening 

No need to visit any bank branch or leave your home. Just open your Kotak 811 Zero Balance Account on a smartphone or through a cybersurfer incontinently. 

2. No minimal yearly balance demand 

With zero charges onnon-maintenance of balance, you can enjoy no minimal yearly balance demand. 

3. Kotak 811 interest rate up to 4 per annum 

Kotak 811 interest rate is over to 4 per annum on your account balance. This way your bank account earn further plutocrat. 

4. Auto Sweep in Facility 

You can set a reach- heft and reach- eschewal limit and see your finances being converted into an FD incontinently. 

5. Banking results at a single touch 

Using the 811 Mobile banking app, you can open your investment account or book TD/ RD in a single click from. Also, enjoy numerous further benefits of a savings regard. 

6. Virtual Disbenefit Card 

You can check the virtual card details within the safety of your app. Use it for online payments like shopping, paying bills,etc. 

7. Overlook and Pay 

You can pay with the Overlook and Pay point for all you ’re shopping, pictures, groceries, and much further. 

8. Shop, Travel, and Further 

With Kotak Mobile Banking App, you can protect on Flipkart, bespeak your flight and hospices on Goibibo, or train tickets on IRCTC at the stylish rates. 

9. Free Finances Transfer 

You can transfer finances online for free using NEFT or IMPS or RTGS installation. 

10. Physical Disbenefit Card 

You can request for a physical card and get it forRs. 199 per annum. 

Kotak 811 Saving Account Variants 


Kotak 811 Variants 

1. Kotak 811 Limited KYC Account 

You can open this account with a Visage card and Aadhaar card. You'll get up to 4 per annum interest in this 811 Limited KYC account. 

2. Kotak 811 Lite Account 

You can open this account using your Visage card only. This is a introductory position digital savings regard from Kotak Bank. 

3. Kotak 811 Full KYC Account 

You can open this account with full KYC formalities and document submission at the time of account opening. You'll also get Kotak 811 interest rate of over to 4 per annum in this 811 Full KYC account. 

4. Kotak 811 Edge Account 

This is a regular bank savings regard. And, the AMB ( Average Minimal Balance) demand isRs. per month in this account. 

Kotak 811 Saving Account Interest Rate 

W.e.f. December 11, 2020, Kotak 811 interest rate are as 

1. An interest rate of3.50 sire on balance up toRs. 1 lakh. 

2. Kotak 811 interest rate is 4 per annum on balance aboveRs. 1 lakh up toRs. 1 Crore. 

3. An interest rate of3.50 sire on balance aboveRs. 1 Crore. 

Eligibility Criteria 

The aspirant must meet the following eligibility criteria to open Kotak Mahindra Zero Balance Account 

1. Individual of age 18 times and over. 

2. He/ she must be a resident Indian. 

Documentation required

To apply for Kotak 811 zero balance account you need to have the following documents 

1. Visage Card 

2. Aadhaar Card 

How to open Kotak 811 Savings Account 

As explained over, Kotak 811 saving account is a digital zero balance savings regard that you can open online. The process of opening the account is indefectible, zero- contact, and takes only a numerous beats. 

Download and install the Kotak mobile banking app. Just complete a numerous way to open the account online from the comfort of your home or office. Just keep your Visage card and Aadhaar number handy for this. 

Once video KYC is completed, you can use your bank account with no restrictions on deposits or regard balances.