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Monday 14 March 2022

Top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india

  Top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in india

Top Fleet Tracking Software The 10  Stylish GPS Tracking Systems and Apps to Manage, Streamline and Track Your Fleet 

For companies with a line, no matter the size, knowing where your vehicles are, when they bear conservation, and how to reduce trip time and energy costs is critical to your undermost line. Fleet shadowing software systems give you the visibility you need to track and manage your line efficiently while streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and adding profit. A numerous times agone, line shadowing was an precious investment only made by enterprises; moment, there is line shadowing software suitable for companies and lines of just about any size. We have rounded up the top line trackers available moment to help you save time and capitalist and increase customer satisfaction. 

 Our top picks for line shadowing software results and systems deliver the line intelligence your business conditions. Multitudinous of our top picks are customizable and include the features you need to keep your costs low and your profit high. Multitudinous also offer line shamus apps for your smartphone. No matter which line shadowing system you choose, you will get the real- time visibility you need to keep your line in top shape and your operation running fluently. Please note, we have listed our 50 top line shadowing software systems also, in no particular order. 

Stylish Fleet Management Software 

1. Stylish GPS Tracking System for Small Business Rhino Fleet Tracking 

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 Rhino Fleet Tracking delivers affordable line shadowing bias and services in order to help businesses in adding profit. Their line and asset shadowing result provides real- time line shadowing and gives businesses the capability to easily cover vehicles and outfit. It also makes it possible for drivers, directors, and staff to meliorate their communication and, in turn, increase earnings while maintaining a high position of security. 


 Crucial Features 

  • Make deliveries within an distributed time 
  • Track your line and drivers using a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone 
  • Detailed field reporting 
  • Measures and reports on stop times 
  • Fleet shamus dashboard shows line data in a single position 
  • Cost Contact for a citation 

 Cost Contact for a citation 

2. Stylish Affordable Fleet Management Software One Step GPS Fleet Tracking 


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One Step GPS offers affordable GPS line shamus for a line of any size. Track vehicles and see the trip history, admit cautions for bad driving habits, and more with One Step GPS Fleet Tracking. 


Crucial Features 

  •  See vehicles turn-by- turn 
  •  Cautions for speeding, fast acceleration, sharp deceleration, machine footling, after-hours driving, and more 
  • Factory on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon 
  • 100 web- predicated line shamus affect with no software downloads demanded 
  • Vehicle conservation cautions predicated on days or country country miles driven 
  • Cost$13.95/ month with free device; Upon activation, first month, last month, and$ 20 activation figure are demanded – Must return bias at the end of the subscription term 


Cost$13.95/ month with free device; Upon activation, first month, last month, and$ 20 activation figure are demanded – Must return bias at the end of the subscription term 



3. Stylish Fleet Tracking App ClearPathGPS 

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ClearPathGPS gives businesses a GPS line shamus with full control. This easy-to- use web- predicated software includes free mobile apps for iOS and Android bias and includes full- service installation and onsite support. Businesses love ClearPathGPS because it requires no contracts. 

 Key Features 

  •  30-alternate updates with Verizon responsibility 
  •  Flexible attack purchase options 
  •  Professionally installed and fully warrantied 
  •  Suspend service any time 
  •  Increase productivity, reduce your trouble, control labor charges, and track conservation 

Cost :-

  • Standard Subscription $20/ month (powered means),$ 15/ month (non-powered means) 
  • Pro Add On$ 5/ month 

To learn further about the benefits and challenges of line operation, read our composition named “ What's Fleet Management?” 

4. GPS Insight Tracking Solution 

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GPS Insight offers GPS line shadowing andE-Log results that give important line intelligence for businesses. GPS Insight is available for small businesses as well asmid-size companies to enterprises. When you choose the GPS Insight Tracking Solution, you will appreciate the software’s benefits and features that break your precious business challenges. 

Key Features 

  •  Real- time line visibility 
  •  Control footling, speeding, unauthorized use, and conservation schedules 
  • . Increase overall effectiveness and productivity 
  •  Automate electronic reporting to count time- consuming paperwork 
  •  Meliorate réponse times, give better ETAs, and prove job completion to enhance customer service 
  • . Ensure quick theft recovery by knowing when vehicles or means are being stolen 


  •  GPS Insight Standard, for small lines of 1-25 vehicles Communicate for a citation 
  • GPS Insight Pro, for businesses with 26 or farther vehicles Communicate for a citation 
  • GPS Insight Enterprise, for large lines of further than 500 vehicles Communicate for a citation 

5. ManagerPlus by iOFFICE 

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ManagerPlus conservation software is easy to use and helps companies manage means and increase their ROI while reducing costs of operation. Their line conservation programs enable you to manage your line and outfit more effectively by handling an unlimited number of precautionary conservation schedules for every vehicle in your line. 

 Key Features 

  •  Descry early signs of outfit and vehicle fatigue 
  •  Spectators performance predicated on energy and/ or oil consumption 
  •  Spot implicit issues before they come serious problems 
  • Automatically creates work orders for precautionary line conservation and documents conditioning to help you anatomize trends and descry a pattern of problems 
  •  Examiner conservation by odometer, hours, days, schedule dates, days of the week, or tire depth 


  •  Lightning Plus$ 85/ month per user for the core full- featured SaaS result 
  • Lightning Experience$ 125/ month per user adds fresh collaboration and intelligence tools 

Teletrac Navman is a leading provider of web- grounded GPS line shadowing and robotization results. Teletrac Navman tracks further than a half million vehicles and means around the world, and their result helps businesses direct their line and mobile workforces using a single platform. This line operation and GPS line shamus result drives effectiveness for further than businesses around the globe. 

Key Features 

  • Maximizes productivity to help diligence more serve guests 
  • Adapts to the requirements of lines of any size 
  • Reduce functional complexity and increase overall profit 
  • Influence the technology that formerly exists in your vehicles 
  • 24/7 access to data to help druggies make perceptive opinions snappily with minimum threat 
  • Mapping, routing, vehicle analytics, connected workflow, and much further 

Cost Contact for a quotation 


Agile Commander is fleet-footed shadowing software for managing your line, anyhow of its size.  Agile Commander is the result for participating vehicles, assaying vehicle application, managing vehicles, and getting your line the perfect size. 

Key Features 

  • Simplifies line operation and shadowing 
  • Track conservation, energy, accidents, and more 
  • Conservation dashboard automatically updates and provides a summary of conservation conditioning 
  • Click on any piece of information in the conservation dashboard and  Agile Commander drills down and provides you with indeed further information, preventative conservation tasks, repairs, corridor, labor, and more 
  • Web- grounded 
  • Automated conservation monuments can be transferred to a variety of people 
  • Reports help you spot trends, costs, and strengths and sins in your conservation program 
Cost Contact for a quotation 


Azuga empowers line directors and businesses to track vehicles, motorist scores, prices, diagnostics, conservation requirements, and much further. Important and easy to use, Azuga reduces energy, repairs, and decoration costs. Azuga is a line shamus that covers everything from moment- install OBD plug-in bias to cloud- grounded software complete with smartphone apps. 

Key Features 
  • Unique motorist prices program 
  • Improves decision timber by furnishing more accurate information 
  • Captures vehicle data up to 10 times more constantly than other line shadowing software 
  • No termination freights 
  • Mobile app shows motorists real- time safety scores and prices high- performing motorists with major- brand gift cards that can be delivered directly to their smartphones 
  • Reduces distracted driving and enables directors to cover texting and calling while in stir 
  • Top-rated GPS shadowing and monitoring provider delivers data, history, pars, and admonitions on speeding, hard retardation, hard acceleration, inordinate footling, and other safety and performance pointers 

Cost FREE trial available; Contact for a quotation 

A ultramodern, web- grounded line operation platform, Fleetio makes it simple to manage and track vehicles and outfit from anywhere. This software result makes shadowing, assaying, and perfecting line operations more manageable, anyhow of the size of your line. Fleetio offers an each- by-one line operation software for lines of all sizes that are made for collaboration with erected-in robotization and a mobile-first design. 

Key Features 

  • Software erected to support integrations 
  • Fleetio iterates snappily with software updates 
  • Mobile-first approach to line shadowing 

Cost FREE trials available 

  • Fleetio Pro Plan$ 5-6/ vehicle/ month 
  • Fleetio Advanced Plan$ 7-8/ vehicle/ month 


Geotab is an award- winning provider of secure open platform telematics technology that helps line directors ameliorate productivity, motorist safety, and compliance via Big Data. Their MyGeotab is a web- grounded line operation software that delivers vehicle and motorist information in one place for making better business opinions. 

Key Features 

  • Scalable for lines of all sizes 
  • Important tools for generating new openings for growth and savings 
  • Eliminates the complexity associated with data collection and transforms it into useful practicable information for businesses 
  • Vehicle Shadowing incorporates a rules feature to help line directors in measuring events in five core area productivity, safety, line optimization, compliance, and expandability 
  • Advanced reporting, motorist geste operation, robust machine data reporting, GPS vehicle shadowing, route optimization, machine health and conservation, and much further 
Cost Contact for a quotation