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Monday 25 July 2022

Sony is bringing fabulous technology, smartphone camera will beat DSLR camera

Sony is bringing fabulous technology, smartphone camera will beat DSLR camera

Japanese technology company Sony is still creating ultraexpensive smartphones with some great camera features and new advancements. Sony is n’t as big of a smartphone brand as it used to be years ago,but it’s working on advancements. A new report coming out of The Nikkei has indicated that Sony believes that its new technology will be interpose in smartphones. Indeed DSLR and mirrorless cameras will be left before in a few years. 

Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor results (SSS), said during a recent briefing that “ still prints will exceed the image quality of single- lens kickback cameras in the coming many times. ” A briefing through the briefing mention to 2024 as the timeline where Sony sees the smartphones an exceeding ILC image quality. 

It stand to be seen how Sony lives up to this claim. The company has formerly launched the Xperia Pro I with a 1- inch 20- megapixel camera detector, but due to the lack of distance between the lens and the detector, the company’s decoration smartphones generally use a 12- megapixel sensor. 

Even though the camera sensors for smartphones may not be big enough to compete APS- C cameras. Smaller sensors will be suitable to capture a lot further light in the times to come. While it isn't known when this will be in smartphones, the technology has formerly been seen in Sony’s flagship mirrorless cameras. 

The company also talks about growth in AI processing features that improve multi-frame HDR, longer zoom and advanced quality video recording. For some of the aged integrations of smartphone cameras, there has been no major change in terms of camera technology. This is because companies have reached the achromatism point. But it endure to be seen how camera technology for the smartphones expands.