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Saturday 13 August 2022

Never make this mistake while charging the phone, otherwise you will regret it

Never make this mistake while charging the phone, otherwise you will regret it

Are you one of those people who charge their smart phone anywhere. In that case, your handset can be hacked anytime. The reason is Juice Jacking. This term was first coined in the year 2011.

Do you charge your phone this way too?

Your phone can be hacked anytime

Hackers hack your entire charging socket

Know what is the case of hacking with charger

Because battery backup is always a problem with smart phones. In that case, you can be a victim of this type of hacking anytime. Let's know what is the whole case of hacking with charger. Do you also charge your smart phone in a public place? However, the chances of this happening are very low. Because you have to get a big battery in a smart phone. So there are still battery backup issues with some phones. This problem is a bit more especially with iPhone and premium Android smart phones.

Public charging ports are available here

Cities have public charging ports to overcome this kind of problem. Like railway stations, malls, airports, metros and bus stands, you will find public charging sockets easily.

Calling should not be charged anywhere

In such cases, most people use public charging sockets. But what if someone hacks your phone using this charging socket. This is not a fictional event. But it has happened many times. Hackers don't hack your phone, but the entire charging socket. Like you plug your smart phone into a hacked charging socket for charging. Hackers hack your phone.

How is it implemented?

Security firms have given information about this many times. Your device will be affected as soon as you plug the phone into the hacked charging socket. This happens not only with charging sockets, but also with public Wi-Fi.

Source : Vtvgujarati News