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Thursday 29 September 2022

Big update on Jio Phone 5G, leaked price, know when the launch will happen

Big update on Jio Phone 5G, leaked price, know when the launch will happen

Jio 5G service is going live next month. Soon the company may share data prices, plans and other details. On the other hand, new information has come out about the company's 5G phone. The latest details are linked with the price of the phone.

Jio can launch a cheap phone 

According to reports, the brand may launch a budget phone with powerful features. Jio 5G service is not long to be launched. Initially, the company will provide its services in metro cities like Delhi-Mumbai. Which will be spread across the country. This was stated by the company in its AGM 2022. In the AGM, Reliance Jio also gave information about its 5G phone. Now new information about the brand's cheap 5G phone has come to light.

Jio Phone 5G price less than 12 thousand rupees

According to reports, the price of Jio Phone 5G will be less than 12 thousand rupees. If the brand comes out with a phone at this price, it will be one of the cheapest 5G smartphones. So now that 5G smart phones are starting to come in this budget, Jio has to do something different. The brand's latest phone Jio Phone Next has not received a great response.

How much can the price be?

In that case, the company will definitely adopt a different marketing strategy for the 5G phone. The latest details related to the price of the smartphone were shared by Counter Point in a report. However, the report has now been removed by the company from its website. According to a newspaper report, the handset could be priced between Rs 8,000 and Rs 12,000. According to the report, Jio may launch a cheap 5G mm Wave + sub-6GHz smartphone by 2024.