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Friday 23 December 2022

Baba Venga's dangerous prediction about the year 2023

Baba Venga's dangerous prediction about the year 2023


Baba Venga's dangerous prophecy about the year 2023, aliens will attack Earth and babies will be born in labs, a time like no other people have ever seen.

The year 2023 is going to start. 
People are eagerly waiting for the New Year. 
Like every year, this year too Baba Venga's New Year prophecies are going viral. 
Whether Baba Venga's prediction about the year 2023 will come true or not, only the coming year will tell, but it is being said that Baba Venga has made a very dangerous prediction about the year 2023. 
According to Baba Venga, aliens may come to earth in the year 2023. 
Not only this, he has also expressed the possibility of a nuclear explosion next year. 
However, only time will tell how true his prediction will be.

Many media reports are claiming that a dangerous storm may occur in the year 2023 as per Baba Venga's prophecy. 
According to the prophecy, people have never seen such a storm in the world before. 
According to his prediction, this will be a solar storm, that is, such energy will be released from the sun, which will fall on the earth. 

Their effect will be very dangerous. 
In 2022, the tension between Russia and Ukraine came very close to a nuclear explosion. 
In such a situation, Baba Venga has also predicted nuclear energy explosion in the year 2023.

Apart from this, his prophecies claim that a major country may attack people with bio-weapons, causing thousands of deaths. 
According to Baba Venga's prophecy, in the year 2023, children may be born in experimental schools. 
This is likely to happen due to continuous development in science. 
By doing this, parents will be able to determine everything including the color of their child's skin.

Baba Venga was born in 1911 in North Macedonia and is believed to have spent most of his life in the Kozuh Mountains of Bulgaria. 
He died in the year 1996 but he has made prophecies upto 5079 years. 
According to him then the world will end. 
However, there is constant debate and research on how accurate his predictions are.

Baba Venga, a prophet from Bulgaria, is known worldwide for his prophecies. 
Many predictions of the famous Baba Venga have come true. 
Baba Venga is also known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans. 
In fact, Baba Venga was very popular from World War II until his death (1996). 
It is said that Baba Venga has given up to 5079 prophecies to his followers. 
Not only that, Baba Venga has been talking about the 9/11 attacks of terrorist organization Al-Qaeda to Donald Trump's P.M. 
prophesied to happen, which has proved true.

In fact, Baba Venga did not officially record his prophecies, so it is still debated today as to what he actually said. 
Also, some special prophecies of Baba Venga about the year 2023 are scaring people. 
One of the most alarming and scary predictions of Baba Venga for the year 2023 is a solar storm, which can cause great destruction on Earth. 
During this time, the dangerous radiation from the burst of energy from the sun will fall on the earth, which can be as destructive as billions of nuclear bombs.

Baba Venga said in his prophecy that aliens may come to earth. 
According to the prophet, the whole world will be covered in darkness. 
Also, he claimed that millions of people may die if aliens come to earth. 
Baba Venga's predictions for the year 2023 also say that the Earth revolving around the Sun may change its course. 
In fact such changes happen only once in thousands of years.

The effect of even a slight change in the Earth's orbit can be severe. 
Baba Venga has said that in the year 2023 there will be an explosion in a nuclear power plant in Asia. 
According to his prediction, it may affect India as well. 
These special prophecies of Baba Venga for the year 2023 are scaring people today, but only time will tell how true these prophecies of his are.