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Thursday 12 January 2023

This medicine works to connect broken bones very quickly

This medicine works to connect broken bones very quickly

A panacea is a remedy for quick healing if it works to bind broken bones very quickly

This plant called Astisamhara looks like Thor. 

This plant is very useful and got its name from Bon meaning bone. 

Osteonecrosis is called Hadijod in Hindi. 

Osteonecrosis is the most widely used medicine in Ayurveda for bone healing. 

Apart from this it is also useful in the treatment of stomach problems, piles, leucorrhoea, sprains, ulcers etc.

The plant is a climbing vine with quadrangular and columnar leaves, about 8 meters tall. 

Older branches are leafless. 

It is used in the treatment of diseases related to bones. 

This is the botanical name of the plant. 

Which is called bone setter in English, while in the local languages ​​of Gujarat it is known as Harsankal. 

Here we will tell about the diseases that can be cured by treatment of osteonecrosis. 

Let's know about the benefits of consuming Ashadishara.

To join broken bones: Proper use of osteoclasts allows broken bones to join together. 

Applying osteoclast caulk to a joint for a broken bone provides quick relief. 

10 to 15 ml of osteoclast juice mixed with ghee and linseed oil mixed with linseed oil and applied to the fractured area breaks bones. 

Grind some urad dal with dry anesthetic herb to make a paste, apply this paste on the broken bone and tie a clean cloth over it.By applying this paste continuously for one month, you will recover quickly.

Prepare a paste by grinding the leaves and twigs of Ossa Sahara very finely, applying this paste on the broken bone will gradually reduce the pain and swelling of the broken bone. 

Before using Asthi Sahara, be careful not to consume it raw as it irritates the mouth and causes mouth ulcers. 

That is why Asthi Sahara is roasted in ghee and consumed. 

Regular consumption of bone broth for at least 15 days cures all types of bone diseases. 

It relieves knee pain, joint pain, back pain, lower back pain etc.

Bleeding: If there is bleeding from injury or abrasion, try an ostomy. 

Applying osteophytic juice stops bleeding when injured. 

Apart from this, drinking 2 to 4 ml juice of its twigs and roots cures diseases like bleeding teeth, nosebleeds, dysentery and piles.

Digestive power: Oatmeal has carminative properties so it helps in increasing digestive power. 

It is a herb of digestive nature, hence increases appetite. 

Adequate consumption of Ashtasnahar Churn and Suntha Churn increases the digestive power in the stomach.

Bronchial Asthma: Medicinal properties of osteoclasts prove beneficial in bronchial asthma. 

Drinking 5 to 10 ml of osmaria juice warm helps in breathing. 

This medicine is very effective in asthma.

Stomach problem: If eating spicy food or unseasonal food causes stomach problem. 

Medicinal properties of osteoclasts are very useful in home remedies. 

Drinking 5 to 10 ml of leaf juice mixed with honey improves digestion and relieves stomach related problems.

Syphilis: Sores in the reproductive tract are syphilis, but they are not painful. 

To cure this disease, taking half of Akra, half of Ashtasar, one fourth of cinnamon and two parts of sugar with milk for 14 days in the morning and evening is beneficial. 

Consuming the stem juice of Asthahar is beneficial in diseases like syphilis.

Body aches: Consuming ossahashara relieves body aches. 

It has pain relieving properties. 

Due to which, after its use, the pain is relieved within a short time. 

So, take 1 to 2 grams of cinnamon, black pepper and osteonecrosis proroh lap.

Ulcers: Ulcers sometimes take a long time to heal. 

Sometimes, after the wound dries up, another wound appears next to it. 

In such a situation, the study of osteoclasts can be of great benefit. 

Applying osmosis root juice on burns or insect bites is beneficial.

Tumor Va: If you are suffering from joint pain with increasing age then consuming osteoclast can provide relief. 

Udd dal and a part of Udd dal, ground with peel and strained in sesame oil, made into pills and consumed cures diseases. 

Consuming it for 15 days in the form of bone-destroying food etc. gives quick benefits in bone fracture or fracture disease.

Apart from this, the medicinal properties of osteoclasts are very beneficial if there is pain in the spine. 

Roasting osansher leaves with heat reduces the pain. 

The number of cancer patients in the world is increasing day by day. 

Therefore, consumption of bone marrow can prevent cancer. 

Its medicinal properties prevent cancer from spreading. 

Piles is caused by spicy food and spicy fried food. 

This disease can be cured by using osteoclast as a home remedy in Harsamsa.

Thus this osteoclast is a very useful drug. 

It binds broken bones very quickly. 

Also, it has an important place in many other diseases, so it is included in 64 herbs in Ayurveda. 

Hope the information about Ayurvedic properties of osteoporosis will be very useful for you and your family and you will be able to stay disease free. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have any other disease, consult your doctor before consuming Osteoclast.