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Tuesday 28 February 2023

If you understand the math of vat pitta couph, you will never get sick in life, symptoms and remedies of three dosh

If you understand the math of vat pitta couph, you will never get sick in life, symptoms and remedies of three dosh

According to Ayurveda, our body health depends on three main things:
1. Cough, 2. Talk and 3. Bile.
The balance of these three doshas gives us the gift of beautiful health, but an imbalance of any of these doshas creates dire conditions in the body.

Couph Dosh:

According to Ayurveda Couph, Vata and Pitta which are present in the body in the form of Vayu Tattva, Agni Tattva and Jala Tattva, occupy the body when they are in their natural state and cause disease when they are distorted, increased or decreased.
So it is necessary for everyone to know about its natural state and distorted state.
Everyone should know about kapha in winter as it has the possibility of vayu irritation in monsoon, pitta irritation in summer.

Even if the stomach is sluggish, foods heavy in digestion like sweets, bananas, ghee, gall should be eaten;
Sweet foods like sweets, sweet fruits, sugar, jaggery, sugar, milk, ghee, butter, ice-cream, peppermint, chocolate should be consumed more;
Consuming more and regular sour juices through curd, tomatoes, citrus fruits, drinks etc.;
Ghee, butter, sikhand, bananas, sweet foods should be eaten more;
Milk, sour buttermilk, kahi, sugarcane juice, drinks etc. liquid diet should be taken more;
Yogurt should be eaten daily and in large quantities;
Having a habit of waking up in the morning and going to bed in the afternoon;
20 types of afternoon sleeping due to Kapha should also be avoided and a diet with opposite properties should be consumed.
Eating pungent, sour, bitter food.

Eating dry, low and salty diet.
Eating less food, fasting, fasting, fasting, drinking boiled water and that too little by little.
Chilli, Pepper, Ginger, Garlic, Lindi, Pepper, Ajmo, Suva, Chana, Tuvar, Val, Pea, Chola, Mugh, Jambu, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Clove, Karela, Sargava, Fenugreek, Suwani Bhaji, Millet, Khakhara, Mamra
, coriander, pulses other than papad (addad), brinjal, lalol, papadi, kankoda, kalvi, gram dal, mung bean, cabbage, flower, go, var, suriya, dola, sesame oil, gashan, talja, turan nagarvel leaves, palakh,
Consuming honey, mogra, radish, rye, sindhav, suth etc.

A couph patient should sleep less, sit in the sun or near the fire, exercise, bathe with hot water, eat less.

Phlegm cold, phlegm cough, phlegm filled breath, phlegm fever, worms, phlegm swelling, diabetes, itching.
Excessive sleepiness, dry mouth, pus in the ears, sore mouth, increased salivation or phlegm, sore throat and wheezing, mental retardation, lack of energy, lethargy, lack of appetite, indigestion, diseases like increase in the amount of mucus, cold body, dampness and feeling heavy are considered to be couph diseases.

Frequent nightmares or sticky urine is considered Kapha disease. Causes of Kapha diseases To stop it, first swallow, don't eat sour, sticky, cold, etc. food.
All sweets, all fruits (jambu, amla, pomegranate), all sweet things, all dishes containing sour milk should be avoided.

Clean the stomach daily with substances like harde triphala.
Rest and indulgence are disease aggravators for a Kapha patient.
Fan wind, ventilation, cooler, cold water bath, swimming etc. are harmful.
Such a patient should drink little water.
A little warm drink will be more beneficial.
If it boils, add a piece of sunda or ai while boiling.

Common remedies and home remedies for all cough patients are as follows.

Ginger: Take its powder 1-1 teaspoon morning-evening-night with warm water or pure honey.
(Do not take in constipation. )

Pepper: Take 1-1 teaspoon of powder as above.

Pepper: Take 1-1 gram of Lindypepper powder with honey.

Try: Take 1-1 teaspoon of the powder with warm water.Try chewing orally.

Trikut Churna: Take equal parts of cinnamon, pepper, pepper powder in a small spoon morning-evening-night with pure honey or warm water.

Tulsi: Drink the juice of Tulsi three times a day with a big spoon, its roots and leaves can be chewed.

Ardusi: Drink fresh juice of its leaves with pure honey or water three times a day for half a cup.

Lakshmivilas : Tribhuvan Rasa, Kapha, Kuhar Rasa, Kaftu Rasa, Panchkol Guni, Dhara Kar Rasa, Var, Valeh, Vasarishta, Bal Chatubhai Churn etc.
The patient should not suffer.
Practicing celibacy.
Avoid sour foods completely.
Do not eat sticky substances.

Vat Dosh

In Vat Dosh, the patient has less sleep.
How to pass the time of the night is a mistake.
Suffering from insomnia.
Strong desire to eat hot and sour foods.
Faeces become black and do not come out clean, have to force.
Dryness of the body.
A rash occurs in the skin, which is painful.
Sometimes the skin turns black.
Weakness and laziness play an important part in it.
Yawning and hiccups are frequent.
Deafness occurs in the ears.
Vata dosh causes tingling in the body.
Shivering, cramping, empty stomach.

A part of the body becoming motionless or powerless and bending, and the body becoming stiff, gassy, ​​stomach upset - rheumatism etc. are said to be symptoms of dosha.
Sweet, salty and sour juices destroy vata dosha.
A person with Vata prakriti should completely eliminate cold water, cold food, fried food, consume hot food.

If the three dosh combine together in the body, it brings dire results.
To make efforts to go through the paralysis of health by sensibly removing the distorted dosh.

Pitt dosh

Such a native will have inflammation in the body, hysteria, excessive thirst, sweat, fever, fainting, excessive urination and smelling, cold air, cold food should not be eaten.
Eyes, skin, nails turn yellow in this dosha.
Sometimes the urine is yellow or red.
Thin diarrhoea, inflammation of the throat and chest, acidity, vitiligo, jaundice and various types of jaundice etc. occur.
To remove this dosh, use tura, bitter, sweet juice.
Do not eat sour-fried foods.