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Saturday 6 May 2023

Eye Test App – Check Your Eyes By Your Mobile Phone

Eye Test: If you feel that your eyes are getting weak then you can check it at your home itself. You can estimate at home whether you need to see an eye doctor or not.

You can use TV to test your eyesight at home.

Often people feel that perhaps their eyes have become weak or their vision has become weak. In such a situation, you can do a test sitting at home and find out whether your eyesight has become weak or not. Also, you can do this test in a few days and find out whether your eyesight is correct or not. For this, we talked to an eye expert and a senior doctor about this, who told how you can do an eye test…

Apart from this, the doctor knows when you should contact the doctor so that there is no problem in your eyes. Come, every thing related to eye care and eye health….

Can you Check Your Eyes at Home?

By the way, for eye examination, you should contact the doctor and get the examination done there. However, if you want to get tested at home, Dr. Sameer Sood, co-founder and medical director of Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals, says, ‘You can get tested at home. For this, you should watch the TV set from one corner to the other in the house from 10 feet away i.e. in a normal room. If you are able to read the ticker headline running at the bottom of the TV, then there is no problem. It is believed that the one who reads it from 10 feet away, his eyes are considered correct.

How do Doctors Check?

You must have seen that doctors make you read letters on a board from some distance, due to which your eyes are examined. On this, Dr. Sameer told TV9, ‘Doctors call it the rule of 6 by 6. In this, you are seated at a meter distance from a board, which is about 20 feet. There are 6 lines written on that board, which are in order from largest to smallest. If you can read even the smallest line from a distance of 6 meters then it is considered fine. This rule is followed for the eye test. After this, if someone is not able to read the short line, then the fifth line and then the fourth etc. are read, by which the sight of the eyes is estimated.

When is it necessary to see the doctor?

Dr. Sameer told, ‘By the way, if there is any problem in the eye, the doctor should be contacted. It is not right to promote any disease. For example, if water is falling from someone’s eye for more than a few days, then in many situations it is not a big problem, but in many situations, water falling for one day can also be a big problem. That’s why you should contact the doctor immediately as soon as there is a problem.

Doctor Tips for Eyes

The doctor told, ‘Every person should try to get their checkup done by the doctor in a year and children’s eyes should be checked every 6 months. If you do this then you can be very effective in keeping your eyes healthy. It is possible that many times you do not feel the symptoms, but there may be a problem in your eye. That’s why you keep contacting the doctor and get your eyes checked, so that you will be able to avoid many diseases.

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