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Sunday 7 May 2023

Gujarat Tourist Places near Ahmedabad : Superb one-day picnic spots 100 km from Ahmedabad: Kids will have fun

Superb one-day picnic spots 100 km from Ahmedabad: Kids will have fun

Today let us look at some of the places worth visiting within 100 to 150 kms from Ahmedabad which have waterfalls, forests and campsites.

AHMEDABAD: Spend a fun-filled time with the family by organizing a day picnic in the vicinity of Ahmedabad at low cost. 

So while reading this you must be thinking that there are many places around Ahmedabad where we can plan a picnic for a day, so today let's see some places worth visiting which are at a distance of 100 to 150 km from Ahmedabad including waterfalls, forests and campsites. 

Let's look at the areas.

Vijay Nagar – Polo Forest

Vijayanagar is a historical place for a day picnic. 

It is also known as hollow forests. 

The beautiful Polo forest of Vijayanagar is spread over an area of ​​3 to 4 km. 

Monsoon is considered the best time to visit here. 

In the monsoons, nature can be seen in full bloom here. 

From Ahmedabad via Himmatnagar province, you can reach Vijayanagar Polo campsite from Eider. 

This place is located at a distance of 110 km from Ahmedabad, it takes 2 to 2 and a half hours to reach here from Ahmedabad. 

You can also stay in the forest department's campsite, for which you have to talk to the forest department in advance. 

Shooting, photography becomes fun here. 

There are very ancient half-timbered temples in the middle of the Adabid forest on the banks of Harnao river. 

People from Ahmedabad, Idar and Himmatnagar have been visiting this place. There are many temples of Solanki era from 15th to 1st century to see here. 

Vanaj Dam and a beautiful campsite for trekking are also located here. 

You can visit this place even outside monsoons as trekking enthusiasts frequent here. For a day you can come for a pam picnic outside monsoons to experience the serene atmosphere of the forest.

Thol Bird Sanctuary:

Thol is a bird sanctuary in Ahmedabad district, thousands of migratory birds come to Thola during winter to rest. 

In both these sanctuaries, the birds take shelter for three-four months, getting water and food during the winter and they leave here as soon as the winter is over. 

So now that the end of winter is still near, you can plan a day picnic at this place as well. 

Here you can enjoy the natural environment from morning to evening, there is also a canteen facility so that breakfast and water are available here, although you can also arrange it from home. 

A huge lake has come here which we call Thola Sarovar. 

Where migratory birds have arrived during the winter. 

The sound of these birds can be heard echoing in the calm environment. 

Apart from this, people come here for photography. 

You can travel here in just 4 to 5 hours. 

If you want to enjoy the quiet environment away from the noise of Ahmedabad, then you can visit Thola. Except in winter, birds do not come here, but the lake is full of water and the many trees here add to the beauty of this lake.

Bayad : Zanzari Falls

Located about 80 km from Ahmedabad, Zanzari Falls is an important religious and well-known tourist spot on the banks of Vatrak river near Dabha village in Bayad taluka in Aravalli district. 

This is a scenic one-day picnic spot, about 12 km from Byad, about 7 km on the southern side of the Byad-Dehgam road. 

The waterfall in Vatrak river is the center of attraction of the excursion. 

There is also a temple of Ganga Mata near this place which is said to have been abhishek of Lord Shiva for 24 hours through a spring in the past. 

Many tourists come from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana to enjoy and see this waterfall on Vatrak river. 

Weekends and public holidays are crowded with tourists. 

Since it is located at a distance of one and a half to two hours from Ahmedabad, you can have a day picnic here, but due to the lack of facilities nearby, you have to bring food and snacks from home to come here, here you will definitely see the view of natural surroundings.

Tirupati Rishivan-Adventure Park:

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati in Himmatnagar, this adventure park is special for children. 

This amusement park is also considered to be the largest resort spread over 150 acres. 

Rides, couple activities, jungle safari, archery, more than 25 rides in waterpark and 6D theater can also be enjoyed. 

After visiting this adventure park, you can also experience the Seven Wonders of the World. 

The tour timings are from 8 am to 6:30 pm, during this time you can stay here for the whole day. 

This place is a beautiful scenic spot located at a distance of 75 km from Ahmedabad. 

Along with the entry fee charged here, you can also take the whole package, this package includes breakfast and lunch. Moreover, if you want to go, you can call the website of this resort and get all the information. 

All these places are where you can spend a special time from morning to evening with all members of your family, small and big, these places for a one day picnic will definitely attract your attention. 

If your kids are fond of sports then they will have a lot of fun in this adventure park. 

So now when a day off comes, plan to go to these places and have fun.

Orsung Camp Resort

Orsung Camp Resort is a campsite located in a village at a distance of 164 km from Ahmedabad. 

Which is a campsite resort spread over 125 acres in Vadodara district. 

Just 57 km from Vadodara, this resort is a sight of beauty. 

A campsite is located here. 

This campsite has a lot of activities so that kids can have more fun here, Jeep Line, Bubble Bounce, Kayaking, Swing Jump, Tire Tumble, Kids Adventure Zone, Sky Walk, Rope Walk, Zig Zag, Complimentary Note Burma Breeze, Make 

Neck activities like breeze, swimming pool, mist pond, mini DJ, flying fox, fly in air, mini tire activities, swing breeze, tire walk-walk in tire, jungle trekking are done. 

In which some activities are free and some are chargeable, here it costs approximately 1200 rupees per person, along with this charge, breakfast and lunch are free and if there are small children, the ticket is also halved, along with that you 

You can also book in advance. 

As this entire Orsang camp site is located in a green area, you don't know where the whole day passes here, besides, the timings of this adventure camp are from 10 am to 5 pm, if you are staying in Ahmedabad, leave early in the morning and return home at night.