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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Know Complete Information about RTE Admission

Know Complete Information about RTE Admission

Know Complete Information about RTE Admission

RTE Admission 2023: Every parent dreams of getting their children educated in a good school and beyond, but due to the current inflation and very expensive fees of private schools, many middle class and poor people are sending their gifted children to their favorite schools. They can’t, and they suffer from it for the rest of their lives. A scheme has been implemented in the education sector by the government to enable middle and poor students to get admission in good schools of their choice and pursue further education. This scheme stands for RTE (Right to Education). The biggest scheme in the education sector is Right to Education, under this scheme children are given free education in private schools from class 1 to 8. Every year RTE admission is released by Sarkarshree, when will RTE Admission 2024 forms be filled for the current year 2023? What is the process of RTE Admission? And who can get benefit in RTE Admission? Detailed information about all that is given here. So every parent is kindly requested to read the article till the end and further share.

RTE Admission 2024.

Department Education Department

Post Title RTE Admission 2024

Scheme Name Right to Education

Eligible Benefits

Totally Free Study in Private Schools from Class 1 to 8 Apart from Scholarship of 3,000 per year)Website
Free Admission in Private Schools

by Sarkarshree Under this scheme free admission is given to poor and weaker section students in class 1 every year in every private school on 25% of its total seats. Under this scheme, the private school in which the student gets admission is provided free of charge education from class 1 to 8, that is, the student’s parent will not have to pay any fee for education from class 1 to 8 to the private school. Apart from this, the student will also be given 3,000 as a scholarship every year from class 1 to 8.

When will the RTE admission form be filled?

Every year the poor and middle class parents eagerly wait to get their child admitted in a private school under RTE, this eagerness of the parents is just about to be fulfilled. The date for applying for admission under Right to Education in the state has been announced.

Children can attend private schools for free

Every parent wishes to provide their children with excellent education. However, due to the financial situation of some families, they feel confused if their children do not get admission in a good school. For this, under the Right to Education Act in the state, any child can study in a free private school from class 1 to 8. Children can be educated in private schools at government expense. For this online form has to be filled. Every child in the country has a right to education. So some seats in private schools are reserved for children under RTE.

RTE Admission 2024 લિંક

The form can be filled from the official website,

for this the date for filling the online form has been announced. Parents have to apply for admission under Right to Education from April 10 to April 22. Parents have to fill the form for RTE from the official website, for this the website is and all the necessary supporting evidences have to be submitted while filling the form on the website.

Know RTE Admission Complete Process

Complete process of RTE Admission is as below phase wise Every year education department announces complete admission process for RTE admission process in news papers in April month
Official website https://rte in RTE admission dates announced by Govt. The online form has to be filled at

After filling the online form, this form is not deposited anywhere in hard copy but the verification of the form filled online by the district office is done only on the online website and the duly filled form is approved. And if there is any query in the form, it is rejected.

After completion of form filling and verification of form, merit list is prepared through software and RTE admission rounds are released based on merit.

Students selected in the RTE admission round have to download the admission letter online and go for admission to the school from the selected school list where they have got admission.

List of documents required for RTE Admission.

Proof of residence Aadhaar card / passport / electricity bill / water bill / election card / ration card (any one)In case none of the above proof of residence is available, registered rent agreement must be given as proof of residence (noto rise rent agreement will not be considered valid here in Gujarat Rent agreement registered as per Stamp Act 1958 will be considered)Caste certificate of guardian Caste certificate of guardian (issued by Mamlatdarshree or Social Welfare Officer, Taluka Development Officer or Competent Authority)Child’s date of birth template Panchayat / Municipality / Municipal Corporation / Hospital Registration Certificate / Anganwadi / Kindergarten Registration Certificate / Notarized Affidavit of Parents or Guardian Photographs Passport Size Color Photographs Income Certificate of Two Parents Copy of Income Issued by Hon’ble Authority (Certificate of Mamlatdar Shri or Taluka Vikas Adhikari Shri will be accepted)Basis of being in BPL list (score 0 to 20 ) Parents falling in BPL category ranging from 0 to 20 marks will have to produce the example of Taluka Development Officer or Director District Village Development Agency for rural area while in case of urban area / Municipal Corporation the example of Deputy Municipal Commissioner or the competent authority authorized by the Municipal Corporation has to be produced. Example of Chief Officer and Chief Executive Officer or Administrative Officer in the notified area has to be produced. In urban areas the beneficiaries of BPL category with score 0 to 20 in urban areas are not included in the BPL list.BPL Ration Card will not be accepted as BPL Aadhaar નોમાડિક

Exempt Tribes : Certificate of Mamlatdar Shri or Social Welfare Officer, Taluka Development Officer or Competent Authority

Orphan Child : Certificate of Child Welfare Committee of that District

Child in Need of Care and Protection : Child Welfare of that District Committee Certificate

Child Home Children : Certificate of Child Welfare Committee of that District

Child Labor Migrant Labourers : Certificate of Labor Officer of Labor and Employment Department of that District

Children with Cerebral Palsy : Certificate of Civil Surgeon

Children with Special Needs (Divyangal) : Certificate of Civil Surgeon (Minimum 40 %)
Children undergoing Anti-Retro Viral Therapy: Certificate of Civil Surgeon

Children of Martyred Soldiers: Example of Competent Officer of the Department concerned
Only Daughter among Children: Talati Rank Minister in Rural Area Chief Officer in Municipal Area and Competent Officer in Metropolitan Area Mr. Example of having only one daughter (single girl child).

Children studying in an Anganwadi have studied in a Govt Anganwadi for at least two years and the names of students registered in the icds cas web portal have been certified by the concerned Anganwadi worker or competent authority as decided by the Govt from time to time. Copy of child’s Aadhaar card Copy of child’s Aadhaar card

Parent’s Aadhaar card Copy of parent’s Aadhaar card

Bank details Copy of child’s or parent’s bank Account passbook.